80 beautiful short love poems to dedicate in 2022

Since time immemorial, poetry has been one of the most effective conquest strategies, since it gives words a special and irresistible touch. That is why, in this article, I have decided to share with you the most beautiful short love poems , ready to dedicate and reach the heart of your loved one.

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special recommendations

  1. Recognize the ideal moment: For that poem you want to dedicate to be effective, you must try to do it at the right time. The result and reaction of that special person for you will depend a lot on this.
  2. Analyze if it is the ideal poem: Make sure you choose the poem with the precise words, those that express what you feel.
  3. Do you have everything ready?: If you want things to be perfect, try not to leave anything to chance and take the reins yourself.

Now yes, here you have the short love poems !

short romantic love poems


Who would not like to receive beautiful phrases of true love and even more so if they come from their loved one? Well, the following poems will inspire you!


“You have what I’m looking for…

What I want, what I love, you have.

The fist of my heart is beating, calling.

I thank your mother and your father,

and to death that has not seen you.”


“Give me your hand and we will dance, give me your hand and you will love me.

We will be like a single flower, like a flower and nothing more.”


“The truth,

everything is simpler

what long explanations

tricky metaphors,

round and round.

Think about you,

and I smile.

Simple as that.”


“Because without looking for you

I’m meeting you

everywhere, mainly

when I close my eyes.”


“I think of you very slowly,

as if I drew you inside of me

and you will be recorded there.”


“To touch you is to undo sadness

and live without you

a springboard to nothing.”

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Short love poems to fall in love

Words have the power to fall in love, that’s when poetry works magic and conquers hearts.

These poems will awaken many feelings of love in the man you like. Also consult the article short love phrases, you will surely love them!


“My soul woke up again:

and again you appeared,

like a fleeting vision, like a genius of sublime beauty…”


“Hurry love! that to my life

he needs to love you. And it’s not that I’m

in a hurry, it’s been a long time

I’m waiting for you.”


“You are to blame for reviving the butterflies in my stomach.

Those that I had already dissected and kept in a drawer.”


“My strategy is

that any day

I don’t know how I don’t know

under what pretext

you finally need me.”


“I was not born except to love you;

my soul has cut you to its measure;

by habit of the soul itself I love you;

how much I have I confess I owe you;

I was born for you, for you I have life, for you I will die and for you I die.”


“I just want to take

with you the first coffee of the

Tomorrow, that’s enough for me.

But it has to be every

tomorrow, for the rest of

our life. You fancy?”

To discover more poetry and beautiful verses, keep reading!

cute short love poems


Short love verses will be the best detail for your loved one, it doesn’t matter if it’s not a special date, surprise him and remind him how important he is in your life!


“I felt like writing to you to tell you that in

This first hour of solitude I think of you.

Just for that. to tell you again that

I love you with all my soul, I love you with

all that I am, that I am yours.”


“You know well that as long as you are you, I will be yours.

That I revolve around you, that only in you have I found peace and joy.

And that many times I leave, just because I want to return.”


“Meeting you could be

matter of luck

or a simple coincidence,

but I prefer to interpret it

like a gift of life.”


“I didn’t ask to feel

this for you, you left

slowly inserting and

now i don’t know what to do with

that, with this need

to know about you, about

to think of you, to feel you, of

loving You…”


“A whole life I would be with you,

I don’t care in what way

neither where nor how,

but next to you

a whole life I would be pampering you,

I would be taking care of you

how do i take care of my life

I live it for you.”


“I here wanting to

lock yourself in me

unstable universe and you

out there forming

galaxies with only


poetry for your husband

If you are wondering: where can I find the most beautiful anniversary phrases for my husband, the most romantic messages of love for my partner or short heartfelt poems?

Good news, you have come to the right place! Here you will find a list that you cannot miss.


You light me up every morning

you color all my days,

That’s why I dedicate these words to you

I love you, my love.”


“How could I not think of you,

if i miss you?

How could I not dream of you,

if you are my guardian angel?

How could I not want you?

If I only feel love for you?


“The little birds are sad

when the sky is cloudy.

The same happens to me

when I’m not by your side.”


“Don’t forget that day, don’t forget that moment,

from our first kiss,

in my heart I carry you inside.”


With you my heart will die

because the only thing capable of making it beat

is your beautiful love.”


“Love is expressed with seven letters.

It is not necessary to write them, nor shout them,

Just whisper them in your ear…

I love you.”


“Your look makes me smile, your lips make me dream, your kisses make me feel

and your soul allows me to love.

Don’t ever go away from me.”


“In a beautiful sunset

I saw myself reflected in your eyes

it was from that moment

that I fell in love with you.”


“My love for you is an infinite dream,

from which I don’t want to wake up,

your skin leaves me breathless,

I don’t want to get away from this fantastic world.”


“Every sunrise you light me up with your gaze,

I sigh, smile and give thanks for sleeping

with you under the same sheet.”


“My tactic is to stay in your memory,

I do not know how

I don’t know what pretext

but stay in you.”


May death

cover me with its funereal crepe;

but it can never be extinguished in me

the flame of your love.”


“Be with you

It’s like touching the sky with your hands

like just a first day of summer, like in a story, being with you.”


“My land? My land is you. My people? My people are you.

Banishment and death for me are where you are not.

And my life? Tell me, my life, what is it if it is not you?


“Give me your hand and we will dance; Give me your hand and you will love me.

We will be like a single flower, like a flower, and nothing more…”


“To love is to perceive, when you are absent,
your perfume in the air I breathe,
and to contemplate the star in which you walk away
when I close the door of the night.”


“There are perfumed kisses, warm kisses

that throb in intimate yearnings,

there are kisses that leave traces on the lips

like a field of sun between two pieces of ice.”


“Love me day, love me night…

And early in the morning at the open window!…

If you love me, don’t cut me:

Love me all!… Or don’t love me “

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Poems to dedicate to your partner


Take a look at the poems that I propose below and make your boyfriend or husband feel unique and special!


“Then I saw you

and all the love songs

they made sense”


“Dedicate me that minute you have busy.

Give me that kiss you don’t want to give.

Invite me to that coffee you don’t fancy.

Give me that love that is not born to you.

Make me your exception.”


I can’t escape what I feel

If you are my only thought


“You are worth the joy,

the wait, the distance,

the moments, the tears,

laughter, days and nights.

You are worth everything to me”


“The day I met you

I was afraid to look at you

the day i kissed you

I was afraid of loving you

and now that I love you

I am afraid of losing you.”


“I love you without knowing when, or how, or from where, I love you directly without problems or pride:

I love you that way because I don’t know how to love any other way.”


“You are not the love of my life,

you are the love of my days,

the love of my nights, the love of my hours, the love of my joys.”


“I love you to drive us crazy with laughter,

drunk on nothing and strolling leisurely through the streets,

yes, holding hands, rather… from the heart.”


“Your chest is enough for my heart, my wings are enough for your freedom.

From my mouth it will reach the sky

what was asleep on your soul”


“I want to be the sun.

that arises in your thoughts

every morning.

And it lies in your heart always.”


“I am not satisfied with a kiss,

your body and one night.

I’m satisfied with your life

and I pay you with mine.”

Short love poems for your crush

In case you like a boy and you don’t know how to let him know, look in the article for phrases to dedicate to your crush or choose one of the following poems.


“I love you enough to go for a walk, talk about love,

while kicking pebbles

I love you enough to listen to your laugh all night. I love you enough to never let you go.”


“I know little about myself,

and of you I only know that

you do magic with

just smile,

and that is enough for me.”


Two red tongues of fire

That to the same trunk linked

They approach and, kissing,

they form a single flame.”


“I dont know your name,

I only know the look

how do you tell me?”


“I love you as they love each other

certain dark things,


Between the shadow and the soul.”


“The soul that can speak with the eyes,

he can also kiss with his eyes.”


You will meet the love of your life

when i hold your hand

and feel that it holds your soul.”


“If my lips cannot tell you that I love you,

I want my heart to repeat it

How many times do I breathe?

Short distance love poems


Is your loved one miles away and you want to remind him how much you love him? Send him a few text messages to make him miss you or one of these poems:


“I think of you every minute. I love you every day.

I dream of you every minute.

I need you in every place.”


“More than kissing, more than sleeping together, more than anything else,

he shook my hand

and that was love.”


“Distance can prevent a hug, a kiss,

but never a feeling.”


“I only sleep

to be able to dream with you.”


We are thousands of miles

one from another,

but i feel you

millimeters from my soul”


“I met you when I least expected it,

but you came to me when

I needed it more.”


“Long distance love is not

a love of three or four.

It is a love of two;

of two brave men fighting

with the distance and have

the great value to be able

face this kind of love.”


“Hurry up my love! that to my life

he needs to love you. And it’s not that I’m in a hurry,

is that a long time ago

I’m waiting for you.”

sad short poems

If you are going through a difficult time emotionally, this list is perfect for you!


“The little birds are sad

when the sky is cloudy,

The same happens to me

when I’m not by your side.”


“Even knowing that you were fleeting,

I loved you with all my strength

as if you were forever.”


There is a place where no one

can take me away from you

A place where you belong to me:

it is called thought.”


“Distance is not a problem.

The problem is us humans

that we do not know how to love without touching,

without seeing or without hearing.

And love is felt with the heart,

Not with the body.”


“I looked at him…

And I can swear that I had no desire

to look at anyone else.

In this precise moment,

I understood that the eyes,

always belong to the person

that makes them shine.”


“If you see me for

any of your thoughts

Hug me I miss you.”


“If I had to go back

to start my life,

i would try to find you

long before.”


“More than kissing, more than sleeping together, more than anything else,

she shook my hand

and that was love.”


“Because without looking for you,

I’m meeting you

on all sides,


when I close my eyes.”


“I love you without compromise,

without demanding anything in return,

I simply love you

of my own free will

and under my responsibility.”


“Nothing lasts forever,

That’s why I want you to be my nothing.”


When I thought I had all the answers

about love,

changed all the questions.”


“I love you, yes, I love you,

but as much as i love you

they are doing to me

words are unnecessary.”


“Your love torments me

that does not serve as a bridge,

why a bridge

it does not stand on one side.”


“If I never see you again

I will always take you with me

inside, outside, on my fingers,

and at the edges of the brain,

in centers of centers,

of what I am and of what remains.”

short love and friendship poems


Both love and friendship deserve signs of love, so the following poems will help you dedicate them to a friend or the love of your life.


“Just imagine how precious

what can be risk

and that everything goes well.”


“Maybe I don’t know where to go,

but if i could one morning

open my eyes and see yours,

I would know where to stay.”


“I wish you would come to me

as often as you come

to my mind.”


“There are people who offer you the stars

and others that take you to them.

-That’s the difference between who wants

and who loves.”

Now that you have the best collection of short love poems , choose the best ones and dedicate them to your partner, you will surely make that special man fall in love even more!

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