80 Best Flirty TikTok Pick Up Lines

In Tik Tok, you can find content for any, even the most perverted, taste. There are enough funny videos on the platform, as well as absolutely indigestible pranks, from which pretense emanates from a mile away. 80 Best Flirty TikTok Pick Up Lines.

There are a lot of insanely aesthetic videos that you want to watch or even put on your desktop as live wallpaper (yes, the application has such a function). And also a lot of content, after watching which you want to go back in time and stop yourself from a fatal mistake.

A lot of attention is paid to sketches and “training” videos on the relationship between the sexes and the pickup. Also popular are videos in which guys and girls roll up to their friends or randomly selected people on the Web or on the street. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s cute, and sometimes you feel exactly what is called “Spanish shame”.

In our selection, you will find the most interesting, indecent, elegant, weird, and flirty TikTok pick-up lines tackles to girls, taken from videos and comments on TikTok.

80 Best Flirty TikTok Pick Up Lines

● “You are like the first car on credit – I want to blow the dust off you.”

● “I accidentally dropped something. His view of you.”

● “You are like a bathrobe and slippers from a Turkish hotel – I would take you home.”

● “Can I take a picture of you so that there is something to show Santa Claus?”

● “If you were my homework, I would do you every day.”

● “Your figure is like the Constitution – does not need amendments.”

● “Hello! Can I come in without knocking? Into your heart. ”

● “Of course, you are not a shirt, but you would look good on me.”

● “You don’t seem to be the car key, but why are you turning me on?”

● “If angels have wings, then where are yours?”

● “You have such beautiful eyes, but they lack my reflection.”

● “You, of course, are not a painting, but I would have pinned you against the wall.”

● “You, by any chance, are not the time? Then why do I miss you all the time? ”

● “Are you, by any chance, a coronavirus? Then why did I get sick with you? ”

● “The glasses on my face look good, but you would look better.”

● “You know the Pacific Ocean? For your sake, I reassured.”

● “You’re not Google, by any chance? Then why is there everything that I was looking for in you?”

●  “What can I do to keep our toothbrushes in one cup?”

●  “Girl you dropped… Your mood.”

● “Your father, by any chance, is not a boxer? Because you are a complete knockout.”

● “Don’t you have an inhaler? You take my breath away. ”

●  “I am not a genie, but I can fulfill any of your wishes.”

● “Do you like water? Then you already love me 80%.”

●  “For proving the theory of your improbability, I would have received the Nobel Prize.”

●  “I have no chair, but I can offer my face.”

80 Best Flirty TikTok Pick Up Lines.

●  “I’m not a convertible, but I lost my roof because of you.”

●  “If I were an octopus, all three of my hearts would beat for you.”

● “Do you know what is faster than the speed of light? My heart when I think of you.”

●  “You’re like a bank loan – I can’t stop thinking about you.”

●  “I have not stolen anything in my life, but I would have stolen you.”

● “Your father, by any chance, is not Zeus? Then where did he get such a Greek goddess?”

● “Do you have a map? I am lost in your eyes.”

● “I drag along you like a hose through the garden.”

● “Are your parents astronauts? Then where did they get such an asterisk?”

● “Aren’t you a blanket, by any chance? Then why can’t I sleep without you?”

●  “Of course, I’m not an artist, but I’ll paint a smile on your face.”

● “Your parents, by any chance, are not bakers? Then where did they get such a cinnamon bun? ”

● “Does it seem to me or is it too dark outside? Probably because the brightest star is in front of me.”

●  “I, of course, not a rubber duck, but I would take a bath with you.”

●  “You are like an execution in the Middle Ages – I am losing my head from you.”

● “Do you want to tell me a secret? I cannot swim and am afraid to drown in your eyes.”

●  “I wish I could be a contact lens so you can’t take your eyes off me.”

● “Are you, by any chance, my phone charger? I just can’t live without you.”

● “Imagine, I’m moving. Into your heart.”

● “I got burned. On your hot body.”

● “Do you know why you still don’t have a boyfriend? Because you didn’t ask me to meet.”

● “Are you, by any chance, an energy drink? Then why does my heart beat faster from you?”

●  “The cherry looks good on the cake, and you look good on me.”

●  “If you were Skittles, I would taste the rainbow.”

● “Why does everyone say that Disneyland is the most beautiful place on earth? After all, I am happiest next to you.”

● “They say that kissing is the language of love. How about a conversation?”

●  “If I were a judge, I would sentence you to house arrest in my bedroom.”

● “Sorry, did you talk to me? Not? Then it’s time to start.”

80 Best Flirty TikTok Pick Up Lines.

● “I envy your heart. It is in you, but I am not.”

●  “Girl, can you touch me so I can say that an angel touched me?”

● “Do you know why you are not reflected in the mirror? Because you are irresistible. ”

● “You, by any chance, didn’t sit on sugar? Then why do you have such a sweet ass? ”

● “Girl, wait, you have something on your pope! My opinion”.

● “Are you, by any chance, a swamp? Then why am I so addicted?”

● “Do you know how you differ from blood? The blood goes through the heart, and you stay in it.”

● “Do you know how much a human heart is worth? Ten million dollars, and I gave you mine for free.”

●  “Do you have a sunburn or are you always so hot?”

● “Your parents, by any chance, are not treasure hunters? Then where did they get such a treasure?”

● “My coffee is hot. But you’re hot.”

●  “I know you’re busy, but could you put me on your to-do list for today?”

● “I’m a thief. I came to steal your heart.”

● “It’s illegal to be so beautiful. Someone call the police!!”

●  “If a fat man puts you in a sack and steals you, don’t worry – I asked Santa Claus as a present.”

● “Have you been to Antarctica? Not? We have so much in common, let’s go on a date.”

● “Hey, do you have a scary boyfriend? Not? I can become one. ”

80 Best Flirty TikTok Pick Up Lines
80 Best Flirty TikTok Pick Up Lines

●  “The sun shines during the day, the moon shines at night, and you shine 24/7.”

●  “I must be in a museum, because you are a work of art!”

●  “We are not socks, but we would make a good pair.”

●  “It seems my phone is broken – it doesn’t have your number!”

●  “Kiss me if I’m wrong – dinosaurs still exist, right?”

● “I don’t know what my lips taste like. Can you help me with this?”

● “You’re not WiFi, by any chance? I feel that a bond has been established between us.”

● “Are you, by any chance, Luna? You shine even in the dark.”

●  “If your hand is tired, I will hold it for you.”

● “I think I need glasses. When I am with you, everything around is like a fog.”

So these are some of the best flirty TikTok pick-up lines tackles to girls, taken from videos and comments on TikTok. And according to tradition, men have the palm in terms of initiative when meeting. Personally, I don’t think TikTok is an ideal dating platform – it has a slightly different profile. 80 Best Flirty TikTok Pick Up Lines.

On the other hand, there are a lot of bright personalities, and everyone tries to be as natural as possible in order to show their individuality. It is possible that flirting or using pickup lines with the girls in Tik Tok will be a great way for you to find a fun, daring soul mate without complexes. But do not completely immerse yourself in the virtual world – do not forget to pay attention to girls in real life.

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