A man asks if I love him – what to answer?

It happens that you don’t know what to say if you were asked: “Do you love me?”. It is necessary to do this, so that the time is up, the situation, in the case of this project, and that it is here that it is spoken. Let’s talk about the possible answers and situations for which they are suitable, in more detail.

When asked about love?

The question “Do you love me” is one of the most provocative. If so, send it to the different locations:

  • When a person really wants to know how you feel. He wants a serious answer from you, because further actions depend on him, a proposal for marriage, And, maybe, someone’s life.
  • They ask about love in order to hear a confession of feelings, to enjoy the answer, to enjoy otnioshi. In this case, the question sounds easy and casual. On the same day, not before, not too long.

About whether there is love, your partner already knows. He just wants to hear confirmation again.

  • Most often, this question plays the role of chewing gum – people have nothing to talk about, and they begin to torment each other. In this case, the asking person can Ask him out of jealousy, self-doubt, fears, envy, attempts to manipulate a partner.

In the last situation, the question is asked again and again. Predpolagatesya, that’s what it is in the private area, and in the storage place called “da”.

So the word is formed that it is the same thing, so that the girl needs to see the role and role partner. Storonames are allowed to be carried out and those parts that are paralyzed, that are stored on the next few days.

Most often, girls suffer from constant clarification of the partner’s feelings. They fixate on the issue of love and put pressure on their young man, trying to squeeze confessions out of him. If you are not familiar with the matter, you should allow yourself to be saved and saved.

Do you love me? parents ask

Often the question of love comes not from lovers, but from parents. For them, you are always a child – playful, a little unlucky, forgetful.

They wonder if you love them, because they are afraid to find out that they themselves have become unnecessary. In a series of days they can’t wait for affectionate words from you, they feel abandoned.

Perhaps such a situation is a vivid example when, no matter how much a question is asked, it needs to be answered half-heartedly. It is advisable to say a few words additionally, to show tenderness, recognition, in order to reveal the full depth in order to reveal the full depth.

Don’t be afraid to open up. If not to parents to tell about love, then to whom?

Don’t say “I LOVE YOU” until you watch this video

No, as elsewhere, parenting questions can be asked on the sly. Parents are good manipulators, whose goal is to play with you, to show the public what you have done.

For example, it can be asked by a mother who decides which of her relatives to inherit an apartment. Whoever convinces her of his feelings louder and with more passion, he will probably receive the inheritance.

In that situation, it’s up to you to decide what to say:

  • Talk about your feelings, showing how much mom means to you, regardless of the struggle for the inheritance.
  • Scream louder than anyone that you love her, even if it’s not true.
  • Silence, realizing that love can be scared away. It shouldn’t be announced to everyone. On the contrary, it is necessary to talk about it in silence, at rest, or in general only in hints, and when it is really wagon, but on.

In parent-child relationships, there is another case when, if you are asked about love, you need to answer. Remember how a small child climbs into your bed early on Saturday morning and pulls you: “Mom, love the cop.” In such a situation, how can you restrain yourself and not tell how important it is to you?

A man asks if I love him – what to answer

In a relationship with a man, everything is much more complicated. This is where games, manipulations, attempts to set up a partner for the right answer begin.

At the same time, it is with the young man that you need to remain honest. Otherwise, falsehood will take over the relationship, you will bring them to such a point where opportunity is lost.

If there is no love

The first situation is related to the fact that you do not love your young man. You like him. You are impressed that he is handsome, tall. No deep chuvstv to him.

Perhaps, until you fully understand it, and only feel the excitement of what a cool partylia snailia is. But over time, the understanding will come that all this is just an appearance.

In this situation, it is better not to play up, not to invent something that is not there, and frankly say that you do not know yet whether you love him or not.

If you understand that there are no feelings, try to avoid deception and say it directly, even if he looks at you with puppy eyes, is ready to rush into battle for you and fight with all the cyborgs at once.

If you want to hide your feelings

It happens that you clearly understand that you love, but you cannot show and say it. The question of feelings on the part of a partner sounds inopportune, makes you once again experience chest pain.

In addition to the location where the situation is:

  • You are unsure of your partner’s feelings. You are afraid that he will use them to play with you, mock you or make a mockery of you.
  • The young man loves you, but he also loved your girlfriend Masha last year, and in the afternoon – uklet – uklet. Each time he falls head over heels in love, swears fidelity, and then suddenly realizes that there are no feelings.
  • You are afraid to make a mistake. To confess your love at a certain stage for you means to make some kind of decision. For example, to be with this person, to marry him, to go north for them.
  • You just hate talking about love. From your point of view, actions, flowers, willingness to help will tell you better about feelings. Words are like leaves in the wind. Dunet, on those who are dissatisfied with the storage, and it is not so great.

If you love and are not shy

Perhaps there is one type of relationship when you can shout to the whole world that you love. This happens when you are confident in your feelings, aware of them, and believing in them. In this situation, you have nothing to hide, be shy or afraid of. You are open to love and your young man.

Most likely, he feels the same way, and there is no risk that he will deceive, change, leave. He asks if you love him, rather, to hear your voice again, to feel love, happiness, y.

Your answer, cry, recognition will make both of you happier, will allow you to live the bright moments of life consciously, fully, will teach you to rejoice, laugh, trust each other.

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