A man avoids a serious relationship and talk about it

It’s all here, it’s the name of the day, it’s the case and it’s so close to the partner, what’s next? That everything is predictable, and very few things happen by accident, much less the choice of partner and the relationship that you form with him.

About Style Attachment

Psychologist John Bowlby is the originator of attachment theory; it was he who, observing infants separated from their mothers, described the styles of relationships that a person forms with his parents and which he later reproduces in his adult life.

The style is private in the case of the Predskazuem, it is possible to have one on this model.

Have you met men who clearly show sympathy for you, but your relationship does not move further? In the name of where you live.

What is the reason for his behavior? The main thing that is important to know is that the reason is not in you. Most likely, he has an avoidant type of attachment.

A man with this attachment style is independent, self-sufficient, and unable to create intimacy in a relationship, he avoids it. Often he is not able to get full satisfaction from a relationship with a woman.

This avoidant pattern develops in a man’s adult life in different ways. Let’s take a look at the top 10 reasons why a man might avoid a relationship with the woman he likes.

Top 10 reasons why a man avoids a serious relationship

  • Fear of being rejected

It is believed that a man should be the initiator in a relationship. This places great demands on him. Rejected once rudely, He May feel unwanted, unattractive and his masculinity is in question. One way for a man not to get rejected is to avoid any situations in which he might fail.

This fear can keep a man from communicating with a woman until he sees clear and visible signs of her interest. A woman’s responses to messages and courtship are an opportunity for him to see these signs, but he may also be afraid that these feelings are not sincere and look for a catch. Ignoring the woman is the only way to make sure he doesn’t mistype the signs and get rejected.

  • His whole life is work

If a man ignores a woman, it may be because his life is so busy that he cannot find time to respond. He is constantly in some business, most often these are men who have their own business, for whom career, success, power, and money always come first.

Why is a man afraid of the girl he is in love with?

This man is a workaholic, he likes to be like that, this is his personality. On the other hand, it’s not worth it. His whole life is his work, and it is very difficult, and sometimes impossible, to find time in his busy schedule.

Men of creative professions are also completely absorbed in their work. For him, a woman is a muse for inspiration. And when he is obsessed with the creative process, relationships can seem burdensome for him.

  • Fear of strong emotions

Sometimes a man ignores a woman because love is too scary for him. This is a subconscious fear of intimacy. Commitment and emotional vulnerability are major ingredients in a long-term relationship, and they can be intimidating.

  • He had a traumatic and unresolved relationship experience
  • No understanding of emotions and ways of expressing them
  • Low self-esteem and self-doubt

Different people have different reasons for fear of love. While this may not seem like the best coping mechanism, avoiding love also helps a man.

A man can use ignorance as a means of getting a woman’s attention, a way to call her out. Perhaps he learned this strategy somewhere or subtracted it. Such a man perceives dating as a game of cat and mouse, where he must lure you, keep you yang willfully.

There is also a type of men who communicate and flirt with a woman he likes to dispel boredom or increase their self-esteem. He does not build a serious relationship and it is normal for him to disappear for a while. He just does not think about the feelings of a woman, for him this is a game.

  • He is hiding something

A man who keeps secrets may ignore a woman to avoid accidental slips. If he is afraid that he will accidentally give himself away, avoidance is a useful tactic. While it can be assumed that most people have some secrets from close friends or family members, not everyone uses avoidance to keep those secrets. He may be hiding something significant, such as being married.

  • Fear of change

For some men, the realization that a relationship can disrupt their usual lifestyle leads to the fact that he begins to distance himself from a woman in an attempt to maintain his independence. And the wind blows on the other side and it isn’t worth it. This fear of change and unwillingness to step out of their usual comfort zone leads to the fact that a man can Ignore a woman.

  • Illusion of choice

In the modern time of Internet dating, some men have a misleading impression that there are a lot of options for choosing and communicating. This usually leads to very superficial relationships. Such a man is not ready to take responsibility for the development of relationships, solving any difficulties and working on himself.

There are also perfectionists who are in the eternal search for their ideal. Striving for perfection is good, but it’s important not to overdo it. In fact, such an ideal woman does not exist, because she was invented by his imagination. If you have a small budget, it is possible to choose from those that are available in different varieties.

  • emotionally dependent man

Most often there is a strong EMOtional dependence on the mother. This is a pathological attachment and such men do not create close relationships. He will always depend on the opinion of his mother. There is hardly room in his heart for another woman.

  • On angry, upset or in trouble

Men and women not only think differently, but also feel differently. Traditionally, you will need to understand and the effects of the drugs and those of the same people. This is one of the reasons why men sometimes back off when they are angry or their feelings have been hurt. Anger is an emotion that is rooted in pain, and a man may not be ready to show that pain to others because:

  • It makes him look weak
  • He feels he will react out of control
  • This makes him vulnerable to even more pain.

If you ignore the subject, that is what you need to say about it.

  • Different life goals and views

It may happen that he likes you, but you are both too different and your life goals do not coincide. Or maybe he is planning to move to another city or country, and he is faced with a difficult choice between plans for his future and relationships that are just beginning.

Whatever the reason for avoiding him, it’s best to try to find out for yourself. Perhaps you just did not understand each other and this is just a misunderstanding.

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