A man ran away from a relationship with a woman unexpectedly and is hiding – what to do?

A man ran away from a relationship with a woman unexpectedly and is hiding – what to do? Perhaps a rare couple can boast that they never encounter difficulties in their life path. Like it or not, there have been, are and will always be problems in relations between the sexes. And it’s not about personality differences. The psychology of men and women is very different. Both partners perceive the same relationship in completely different ways.

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Often girls complain that their guys prefer not to notice the presence of even serious problems in a couple. Sometimes men simply run away from them, placing on a woman the duty to deal with everything on her own. Others wait until the problems themselves disappear “somehow”, as if by magic.

If such a not-too-pleasant situation has affected you, you need to figure out why it’s so prodis. In addition, there are several psychological recommendations, the understanding of which will help a woman to correctly respond to such behavior of her partner.

Why do men choose to ignore problems?

Some girls are sure that they do it out of spite. However, the reasons can be quite serious.

To understand why a partner tries to run away from relationship problems, you need to delve into half a band. So, here are some of the most common reasons for this behavior:

  • Infantilism.

Unfortunately, not all guys have a psychological age that matches the real numbers in their passports. Infantilism can be both congenital and grafted. A striking example are families where an authoritarian regime has always reigned on the part of one or both parents.

When a boy from childhood was not taught to independently solve some important issues and take responsibility for his own actions, in adulthood he will also expect someone to do everything for him. It is quite difficult to deal with infantilism, since this is a real field for working with a psychologist.

  • Fear of making things worse.

No where the mouth is risky. Many, knowing the ardent disposition of their soulmate, try to get away from solving any important seme problems as much as possible.

Such behavior in a partner can be formed if every attempt to settle something ends with reproaches and a real scandal on the part of the woman. As a result, the man is already afraid to do anything and prefers to simply “not shine”.

  • Not correct in terms of details.

In this case, we mean the laying of a certain form of family, where any emotional issues must be completely resolved by a woman. Another Option goes something like this: “All girls are too emotional, so all the problems voiced by them are purely far-fetched.” As a result, a man grows up who does not take calls for help seriously.

  • Your overindulgence.

What to do if a man ignores?

Often, girls themselves teach guys not to do anything for a relationship. For example, at every quarrel, you are the first to go to a truce. The man, in turn, understands that he himself does not need to do anything, since any problem is understood.

  • Unwillingness to get involved in family “showdowns”.

Practically speaking, the parents plan the subject. Moreover, in the first case, he generally, most likely, sees the traditional “cutting” his brain for nothing. It is much easier for such a man to avoid serious conversations by all means than to look the truth in the eyes.

  • He really does not consider the existing problems important.

The fact is that guys see relationships with girls much easier than their partners. When the house is clean, there is food, and the beloved does not refuse intimacy, it seems that everything is fine. But a woman can see a lack of help in everyday life, emotional coldness on the part of her husband, inappropriate jealousy, total control and other “joys” from which she often suffers greatly.

  • This STORony, the relationship has become obsolete.

Skinning, an attempt to escape obvious problems may be a sign that the couple’s cycle has smoothly come to its logical end. When a man is no longer interested in a woman or he does not see prospects in a relationship, the desire to change something, the desire to change something, does not change. It is likely that he just wants to leave as soon as possible and move on, but he cannot yet put an end to it on his own or is not ready purely psychologically.

What to do if a man ran away from problems?

First of all, you need to understand the reason for this behavior. When it comes to already destroyed relationships, it will be almost impossible to change something. But in general, this is for the best, as you will have a chance to restore your emotional balance and create a new, more promising couple with another person.

From the point of view of psychology, it is possible to influence a man who is trying in every possible way to avoid solving the problems that have arisen in a relationship. If you don’t want a breakup, and you don’t have any moral strength to continue in the same spirit, try to resort to the following very effective recommendations:

  • Speak openly.

This is a real scourge of modern people. Many women expect such a big, smart and strong man to guess that there are problems and nothing. In the end, they just get tired and leave.

Always remember that men have a rational mindset. They are inaccessible to subtle matters and subconscious instinct. If you understand that there is a problem, and the man does not want to admit it, tell him about it directly. In most cases, this solves a lot of issues right away.

  • Not beryyyyyyyyyyyy.

Do not stop in the mouth of the emotional “invalid”. All difficulties in a relationship must be overcome exclusively together. If the partner doesn’t want to do that, it’s not necessary to have a sword in your hand. Otherwise, he will wait until his beloved decides everything herself without his participation.

  • Learn to be firm.

This is what most girls lack. Do you want a man to stop avoiding problems in a relationship? In this case, do not run after him after every quarrel and do not give up. The independence of the stronger sex largely depends on how strong the character of their soulmate is. If there is a problem that you have, it is not possible to say that it is not necessary. No problem, that’s what you’re doing in the course of the kakoy-to-trudnosti.

  • Stop being a second mom.

Encouraging infantilism can be safely equated with a global mistake. And it is done by a lot of girls who are in a relationship. Trust your spouse or boyfriend to make more responsible decisions and show your satisfaction in every possible way when He makes the first move.

Let it be at least verbal encouragement. A man must understand that his actions are extremely important and necessary for a healthy atmosphere in the family. Try not to partner in such moments. Otherwise, he will begin to be afraid to do something for the relationship himself.

  • Explain to your partner that admitting mistakes is not a sign of weakness.

Sometimes a man does not want to understand the problems, because he considers this “the lot of pampered teenagers.” In this case, you should show that the relationship should not be one-sided. A gender approach to solving EMO-rational and everyday problems is a direct path to female burnout.

  • Explain clearly the results that such behavior can bring.

No need to worry about the part that is displayed and demonstrated in the future. When this happens Several times a month, you will inevitably think that the other half is clearly overplaying and will not go anywhere anyway.

Initiate one important and most serious conversation. Say that in case of ignoring problems, you will have to leave. And be sure to be consistent. This is important not only in the upbringing of children, but also of adult representatives of the stronger sex.

If the problem is not solved, it is not possible to understand it. Sometimes frankness and a clear voicing of current difficulties will help save a relationship. If you see so the store is in the part number, no absolute indifference.

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