A married woman fell in love with another man – what to do?

A married woman fell in love with another man – what to do? Love can come at any age, in any situation. Perhaps you are already married, happy, but at some point you meet a person at the sight of whom your heart jumps out of your chest, butterflies seem to be beating in your stomach, and you yourself want to become the most beautiful in the world. What to do if you fell in love with another man, although you yourself are married?

You are married and in love

They say that after you live with your husband for several years, you get used to him, and in your heart instead of love.

Well, if you feel at NONE, save the memory of how your box is burning, dostva. But more often than not, women begin to ref design the It is not surprising if in such a situation you accidentally meet a handsome man and fall in love with him.

Or purposefully start looking for it. Or even come up with fairy tales in which a prince worthy of your heart finally appears.

However, you can fall in love immediately after the wedding – you can’t command your heart. It seems that you are in love with your husband, dreaming of romantic evenings with him, children, long life, but then he appears – a new colleague, an acquaintance of a friend. Something breaks in your heart, and you realize that you are in love, but not at all with your husband.

For someone, perhaps, such situations will seem wild – how can you fall in love if you are married. I chose one person, received a stamp in my passport, got married – live happily ever after with him. no real name. Where the curve of feelings will turn is unknown.

If you are faced with a fleeting love that will quickly pass, then there is nothing to think about. I dreamed, went to the hairdresser, bought a new dress, became even more beautiful and, maybe, I wish it were routes, I don’t care about $ † But what if love seems real? So she settled in her soul for a long time, pulls her, plays the strings, makes her dream of being with her lover, meeting, perhaps living as one family.

A married woman fell in love with another man – what to do? in such a situation?

In fact, only you can answer the question of what to do if you fall in love, although you yourself are married. No one knows the sincerity and depth of your feelings, plans, values. Let me discuss 6 scenarios. Perhaps this will help you make the right decision.


Despite all the depth of feelings for another man, remember why you married the one who now approves sim. You probably loved him, felt like a soul mate. He hooked you with something, attracted you.

If so, then think about whether it is worth spoiling your relationship with him for the sake of falling in love, which may turn out to be fleeting. Perhaps you should talk to your husband about how your feelings are drying up. Arrange will give the relationship a new impetus.


The most cardinal way out of a situation where a married lady fell in love is to get a divorce. You and your spouse relieve yourself of mutual responsibilities. If there are no children, then disperse like ships at sea. If you have children, agree on how to raise them.

When is it appropriate to choose a divorce:

  • You are sure that you do not love your husband, regardless of how you feel for the other person. Instead of love, contempt, hatred, indifference remained in the heart. Whatever the connection with the new man and the future with him, divorce will cleanse the relationship with her husband. You will have to do it and in small numbers you will have it in the same room.

I’m in a relationship, but I like someone else

  • According to internal values, you cannot deceive your spouse and, having cheated on him, you will not be able to live with him further. You will be tormented by conscience, fears, complexes.
  • Pregnancy. Most husbands are not ready to accept children conceived by their wife from other men. However, not all women can endure such a lie, therefore, no matter how difficult it is, it is better to leave.
  • Belief that you really need a new lover like no other. You are ready to follow him even to the ends of the world, regardless of feelings for her husband.

Divorce is a last resort, it can give impetus to the development of new feelings, but it can also lead someone’s life to. border, beyond which the only way out is divorce.

Separate accommodation

Recently, there has been a trend when couples are in no hurry to file a divorce, if one of the partners has clown now. The couple starts greedily, with this Fore partner you #e what to do next –  loneliness.

This option seems to be mild – and people live separately. Often, separation is served under the sauce “we need to take a break from each other”, “husband went to work” or “but should we spend our holidays separately.”

In fact, it is difficult to find a couple who were able to restore their relationship after a separation. Most of the time it ends in divorce. You retain feelings for the person who made you decide to live separately from your husband; or the spouse finds another. All this is just a matter of time.

Another note is that often separation is chosen by couples who have exhausted their love and frienduk feelings.

There lived a family – seemingly happy, both parents made good money. The wife met another, fell in love, however, the family was more important to her, and she abandoned those feelings. But something in her relationship with her husband changed, he offered to live separately, rented an apartment next door and read. He often saw his children, talked with his wife. Three years later he filed for divorce. At the same time, his wife remained faithful, he himself did not walk, but the relationship collapsed.


An option that not everyone can accept is treason. You stay married, pretend to be a happy wife, but cheat on your husband with the one you fell in love with.

In such a situation, everyone chooses his own path. It is foolish to believe that no one knows about the betrayals. Therefore, choosing deceit, prepare for the fact that they will deceive you too. And not only the husband, the lover is also quite capable of this. And children quickly learn to lie.

Platonic love

Maintaining respect, tenderness for her husband or experiencing fear of divorce, shame, many girls choose platonic. They correspond with men, meet, drink coffee, walk, even help each other if necessary. Or a married woman just secretly dreams of a new love, imagines what marriage would be like, sex with this person No where you live in mechthah, that’s why it’s not so bad.

It would seem that in that situation purity will be preserved, there will be no changes. Over time, feelings weaken, turn into friendships or collapse, making the once in love freaky.

However, in a couple between wife and husband, detachment still appears, which can lead to divorce.

Say no to feelings

Married women with a strong will may simply refuse new feelings. Family, husband, position in society, own views on life are stronger than falling in love.

Perhaps the refusal will be accompanied by tears, a feeling of irreparable loss, and in the future sad memories, but in the present a decision is made that seems to be the only right one. This gives strength to live on and be as happy as possible.

This put differs from wisdom in that you do not find a compromise with your husband, you make a decision on your own.

Which put you choose is up to you. The main thing, if you are married and fell in love with another man, to remain a man, to respect yourself and others.

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