A partner is cold to a woman – why does a man show coldness?

A partner is cold to a woman – why does a man show coldness? Gentle worship, enthusiastic sighs, fireworks of signs of attention, quivering warmth, endless hours alone – just yesterday your romance with a partner consisted of these exciting moments, and today it all suddenly ended. As if an evil wizard took and cut love in half for a time: it was like that before, it was like that after.

Other scenarios are no better

A prosperous family, life partners quite satisfied with each other, an established life, the grinding of characters left behind, the birth of a long-awaited baby – there are all the signs of a happy family, if not for one “but”.

Your spouse began to move away from you with leaps and bounds, “shines” with incomprehensible indifference, stopped responding to your messages, is cold as ice, it’s good that he is emphatically polite.

You were reliable friends “do not spill water.” They trusted each other with their deepest secrets. We learned a foreign language together. Wandered around the city for hours with your dog.

They put on backpacks and disappeared from the city for the whole weekend to swim in a little-known lake in the forest, rustle the falling leaves in red autumn, go skiing to the sound of a howling blizzard. And then this “suddenly” came, he lost interest in your entertainment, hides somewhere, and in rare conversations he is short and impatient, he wants to get rid of you as soon as possible.

Asking questions, looking for answers

Psychologically you have two words, so that you have two words and a samodostatochnosti men – a bluff without support. Lucky, rich, successful in all respects, males are the elite, among which finding a husband, lover, friend for yourself is still that difficult task, you won’t approach. We, ordinary women, those who do not live on Olympus among these Gods, get quite good copies, but medium and small in terms of merits and capabilities.

Another truth is that all individuals care, do. What will be their response to all this – it is impossible to predict in advance. In the midst of family relationships, a dizzying romance, strong friendship with a man, dragging your illusions, the bright dreams of a naive girl, sentimental expectations is not worth it. The curve can take out not at all in the direction that the inexperienced young lady was counting on.

What happens to each of the men we mentioned at the beginning of the article? Why is the gap growing catastrophically between you?

Many women are looking for the answer to these burning questions, and the reasons can be very different. Psychologists put together the most possible 11 options in a list. Here it is in front of you:

Why is a man cold and withdrawn into himself?

You and I are 2 banks, but not one river

Having communicated with a woman as close as possible, a man suddenly begins to understand that 2 characters, temperaments, outlooks on life will never become even the slightest bit similar. His dreams of a professional career of a special nature, his desire to dramatically change the pictures outside the window and enlist north into the taiga to find a rare mineral, plans to study at a prestigious European educational institution – did not find a response in your heart.

You are not ready to portray the wife of the Decembrist. While previously he was dominated by a passionate physical attraction, he did not perceive anything around him and was fascinated. Then the pink ERO glasses fell off, the heat of the body subsided, the attraction slowed down, and he regained his sight. If you are connected by a family, a common child, corporate friendship, friendly relations from the school bench, he will not necessarily disappear from your horizon. It is not necessary to push it, it is necessary to understand that it is necessary to have a cup of tea.

Played, but did not guess a single letter

Your husband, boyfriend, old friend is a player, an eternal hunter, a stalker looking for novelty and bright adventures. While in your relationship there was still an element of extreme and surprise, on was carried away and involved in what happened.

Such types are typical for bohemian people, creative people, pioneering scientists, athletes obsessed with medals and achievements. And just a little, but a permanent aaenalin, chak that attempts to invite him to.

At the beginning of marriage, romance, friendship, he was still capable of warm feelings, but quickly cools off in a calm routine with a hint of peace and a peaceful life without sparkling events. The icy indifference of such a gentleman is the beginning of the collapse of a relationship. Most often, a way out of this impasse in the future cannot be found.

He made himself an idol

“Zimnee” is written as storage in parts that is possible in some languages, it is possible for them to do so, not to choose the country. “God”, perfection, heroine, a delightful image in his dreams, can be both his own mother, grandmother, and a catwalk model, actress, show business star, some legendary blogger.

You don’t have to do that by the parameters of the room, so that you can see that you are there. Attempts to act as Pygmalion and fashion Galatea out of you have failed, he is disappointed, crushed, gloomy, cold, and ready to run anywhere to grieve about another mistake in his choice.

Ill-fated roots from childhood

You are absolutely not guilty of anything, however, like him, in this version. The beginning of family life, a sweet romance is a surprise for him, good luck, a gift in fate, and he tries to express it somehow, and then out of habit he gets tired of straining. He grew up in a “cold” family, where it was not customary to show any emotions to others, he was brought up in an orphanage and does not know other patterns of behavior.

The current situation is not hopeless. You need to be patient, tactfully, slowly, affectionately, teach him the art of “warm” communication. Constantly remind you how important and dear he is to you, honestly say that you lack his responses to messages, encourage even timid and inept manifestations of attention. In such an environment, he himself will soon learn to be constantly “alive.

He’s worried about comebacks

The apt term “comeback” was introduced by the singer Zemfira. It denotes constant “looking back” at former relations and comparing current relations with them. A man is haunted by such “hallucinations” most often after an unsuccessful marriage, a “heavy” in terms of EMOtions of the novel.

In a new love, the representative of the stronger sex also begins to see echoes of similarity to the crucible already passed. The slightest parallels with the past make him colder than an iceberg, and you will need tremendous patience to convince him and prove to him in practice that now everything will not be the same for you: calmly and safely.

The remaining reasons for psychologists seem smaller, but no less likely:

  • your man is a “lone wolf”, the slightest inclinations to drive him into the framework of dependence on you will always lead to protests in the form of a snow storm and seeming indifference, be able to step back in claims;
  • his “beloved woman for all time” is his job, his favorite company, career steps, your number will always be second here and there’s nothing to be done about it, if you want warmth, share his passion, eagerly discuss with him everything related to his work activity, and there you will get hot embers of attention;
  • he hides from you that his financial stability has been shaken, he is frantically looking for a way out so as not to fall in your eyes, he depicts “ice” so that there are fewer questions that are uncomfortable at the moment;
  • he was tortured by complexes about the fact that he is not a couple for you, he is tired of being on top and meeting the aspirations of your parents for an ideal companion for his daughter, he is jealous and afraid of losing you, he hides fears under the mask of frosty cold;
  • he loves you too much to upset you with the news that he is seriously ill or may soon lose one of his loved ones, is preoccupied with the misfortune that has suddenly fallen on him, and thinks that you do not want to share it with him;
  • it seems to him that he is not as good in bed as you expected, that you will find a replacement for him, a stronger and more experienced lover, and you will leave him, and even laugh after him.

The “chill” that appeared in a relationship always seriously worries a woman. We sincerely hope that this article will give you answers to your burning questions.

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