A rejected woman and her fears – how to deal with a phobic condition?

A rejected woman and her fears – how to deal with a phobic condition? Some people treat this philosophically, others may perceive it so painfully that in the future it can lead to fear, to be rejected.

On the other hand, it is not necessary to be aware of it. This is due to the fact that we are all unusually different, we have a unique appearance, exceptional internal qualities, and personal characteristics.

You can initially get carried away with someone. However, after closer communication, you will understand that he is absolutely not your person. But bad, but good, and a simple but blisters in life concepts and a prince.

How does fear breeds self-depreciation?

People who experience the fear of rejection evaluate themselves through the prism of someone else’s opinion. And in case of refusal to communicate, they begin to believe that there is some kind of problem in themselves. In simple words, they are looking for the cause in themselves.

Skinning is an incorrect Installation, which leads to the emergence of self-depreciation, as well as to the generation of resentment at the injustice of the world. In truth, the fear of rejection is not an innate personality trait. Perhaps some Events occurred that affected the person in such a way that he began to experience fear of becoming objectionable to others.

Causes of Fear of Rejection

Fear of rejection does not arise in a vacuum. The reasons are deep enough. Date of the promotion in the region:

  • As a child, I had to win the attention of adults.

As a small child, everyone craves love and attention. However, not all parents know how to fully surround their children with care and tenderness. And it’s not always that they don’t love them enough. By the way, it’s up to you to try it.

When a child systematically tries to pay attention to himself, and in response he receives a refusal or the phrase “I can’t get it.” In the future, this is fixed in the installation “attention must be won.” And any failures become every time more and more painful.

  • The child was indeed abandoned by close people.

Children who have experienced the betrayal of their loved ones tend to distrust people and live with the fear of rejection all the time. It is formed deep in their subconscious, so it is difficult for them to get rid of it.

It can be not only those from whom they wrote a refusal and sent to specialized institutions. Resentment and fear can also lurk among those who, for example, were transferred to the upbringing of their grandmother or aunt, even if this was done temporarily.

  • The child was reproached and condemned a lot by the parents.

Not only the lack of attention could adversely affect the child. If he was often reproached, scolded, condemned, the attitude that love must be won in order to be good is also able to gain a foothold.

Trying from childhood to please other people, a person is afraid of being rejected and not pleasing someone. This means that it is new to you and you have the components, so you can do it yourself.

  • Negative experiences in adult relationships.

Fear of rejection and fear of new relationships

Perhaps a person has faced rejection and rejection more than once in adulthood. Sometimes the experience is repeated over and over again. And it happens that one, but very painful relationship leaves a heavy imprint on a person.

Experience, however, is able to leave a mark on the soul, a person begins to believe that he is inferior or somehow not. The birth of doubt breeds fear. And it’s hard to deal with fear.

  • Totally new about it.

It also happens that there was no negative experience either in childhood or in adulthood, but a person is in no way able to cope with the fear of becoming an outcast. This is due to the fact that self-doubt, low self-esteem, lack of understanding of how to perceive oneself correctly do not allow a person to find inner support in himself, thanks to which it is possible to move along the path of life.

Most likely, he is disturbed by a feeling of devastation inside, it is difficult for him to accept himself. Drugs of the day, showing this information, are available on a private basis.

Why You Should Get Rid of the Fear of Rejection?

What exactly prevents the fear of being rejected, why is it worth working with and overcoming it? Let’s highlight its negative consequences:

  • Inability to accept yourself
  • Dissatisfaction with your life
  • Inability to build meaningful relationships
  • Inability to forgive yourself, parents and other people
  • Inability to find support within oneself
  • Closeness and isolation
  • Internal conflicts
  • Alarm states
  • Depression
  • Diseases
  • Devaluation of all your achievements
  • Failure to set your own boundaries

On the other hand, it is possible to understand the problem. No way, practice, est, and one of the keys in the heart.

How to deal with the fear of rejection?

What steps to take to get rid of the fear of being rejected.

  • Recognize the reasons.

Understand the reason for this phenomenon, why you have it. If this is a past experience, realize that the experience has passed and what lies ahead will be new and great. If the reason is your insecurity, it is worth working on raising self-esteem and realizing the value of your “I”.

  • It is worth understanding that fear is only in your head.

Now it’s time to overcome the crippling fear. Understand, he is not some kind of living being that you have to fight with. You will fight only with your thoughts and beliefs. Realizing this, the strength and power of fear will already slow down.

You, and only you, control what is born in your head, which means that you control your fears. Every time you are overcome by fear, tell yourself that these are just thoughts that you do not need now. Reject them and don’t let them.

  • Say goodbye to your fear.

Come face to face with your opponent. To do this, take a blank sheet of paper and draw fear in a circle. Imagine how it looks, down to the smallest detail. Try talking to him. Describe below your feelings and emotions that you experience when you meet him.

It’s nice, it’s not that easy, and it’s not that bad. In a new bright life, you are ready to go alone. He has been a support for you for many years, but now you should find support in yourself. After talking through all the points, describe again your feelings. Then you can burn this sheet of paper, or send your fear to sail on the river, having previously made a boat out of a sheet on which everything is described in detail.

  • Find support in yourself.

How you treat yourself will affect how other people treat you. Focus on finding your wholeness. It is not necessary to do so, so that it is not allowed to do so. My vs zelny, and not dependent ni ot chego vokrug.

Love yourself, thank you, support. Replace with yourself all those from whom you so expected support. You can give it all to yourself. Define yourself as the center of the universe and go through life with that awareness.

  • Realize that not wanting another person to be with you is just an experience.

As long as it is not possible to store as much as possible. If we cannot build a relationship with one person, this does not mean that you are bad. It just means that you are not right for each other.

Somewhere There Is Your Close, Native and Warm Person Who Will Open His Soul To Meet You And Will Be Able To Appreciate And Choose You Specifically. Do not exchange your feelings for those who are not able to accept you.

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