A Ruined Life: 41 Ways To Ruin Your Life

A spoiled life is a consequence of your actions. We know at least 41 ways to ruin your life. All of them have been tested by the experience of thousands of people around the world. Without further ado, let’s get started.

A ruined life: 41 ways to ruin your life
A ruined life: 41 ways to ruin your life

How easy it is to ruin your life? or How to ruin your life?

“Life does not tell you anything, it shows everything.”

Richard Bach

The best ways to ruin life for yourself and others:

1. Regret what cannot be changed 

Regret connects you with past events that no longer matter, and … you can do nothing about them.

Spend your time and energy on things that don’t exist. Focus on the past and ignore the present.

2. Let yourself be deceived 

Accept lies in the name of something “more”: family, career, etc. Let’s fool ourselves and hope that at some point everything will work out.

3. Stay in toxic relationships

A toxic relationship can be personal or professional. They will slowly pull you down.

If you don’t get out of them, you will become one with the swamp.

4. Give in to temptation

By throwing away the white flag before temptations, you are losing battle after battle. Gradually, you will lose the war and completely ruin your life.

5. Dream but don’t act

Dreaming is good. Dreams open your heart to new goals. But dreaming without action is useless.

Sit on the couch, wait for all your dreams to come true. Don’t do anything to move forward.

6. Sleep more than you need to

You are too tired of the daily hustle and bustle. Or you want to escape from real life by seeking refuge under your pillow.

Sleep long and do not take full advantage of the morning hours.

7. Blame yourself

Feel guilty about all the bad things you’ve done until you start feeling guilty about everything. So you can easily and quickly ruin the lives of yourself and others.

8. Be a victim

If you have lost something, act as if you have lost everything. Ask for compassion from others.

Show people that you are worthless.

9. Work more than you need to

Spoil your health by pretending to sacrifice for the good of your family. Work with strength, not mind.

10. Don’t play

It is foolish to waste your time and energy on something that does not produce tangible results.

Don’t play and let your inner child become a gray adult with hard thoughts.

11. Don’t study

You already know too much. And what you learn will not give you an advantage.

Stop studying, this is very difficult and can take you out of your comfort zone. Why do you need this?

12. Gossip

This is a 100% sure way to ruin relationships, undermine credibility and lose value. How you talk about people determines how you deal with them.

Gossip is a weapon that destroys its owner. Gossip more often. This will speed up the process of your decay.

13. Strive for fame

Deceive your friends for the sake of fame or give up your love life. Then you guarantee yourself that you will not live a fulfilling life.

14. Chase money

The hunt for money is difficult because money is an energy that is constantly in motion. Most of the ideas about money live only in your mind.

Create as many false money beliefs for yourself as possible, and a ruined life is in store for you.

15. Don’t make friends

Be alone. Moreover, you may well be ashamed of something in your behavior or appearance. Or you may think that you are too good for them.

Whatever the reason, just stay away from people.

16. Be lazy

Avoid responsibility completely. Expect others to do everything for you.

Stay away from anything that gives you the ability to do something useful.

17. Don’t take risks

Always stay in your comfort zone. Taking a chance … it’s too risky. You can get hurt. You can lose your money or fail.

18. Be selfish

Live for yourself and only for yourself. Act like you are the only person in the universe. Don’t share anything.

Strive to be the richest, most influential, and famous person in the world. Selfishness is an incredibly effective factor in turning life into a trash heap.

You can become the richest egoist in the world, only then your world will become incredibly small: you will be its only inhabitant. This is a spoiled life.

19. Rely on luck

Hope that one good moment will change your whole life. This way you will sink even deeper into the swamp of despair.

20. Do What You Hate

After all, they pay well for it. Or you are too scared to look elsewhere. Or someone told you that you should do just that.

Ultimately, you will become hated all your life.

21. Don’t listen to anyone

Pretend you know everything. Act like you don’t need advice, suggestions, or feedback.

Don’t listen to your partner, your friends, your intuition. Throw away prospects you might get and fresh decisions you never even thought about.

22. Lie to people

You want to get something from them. Or you just like to fool them.

In addition, blatant lies give a feeling of relief, albeit temporary.

23. Lie to yourself

Live in a fantasy land and hope everything will be fine. Don’t listen to your inner voice.

24. Don’t ask for help

Live like on a desert island. Try to cope with all the difficulties of life on your own.

25. Don’t exercise

Do not take care of your physical body, then it will not take care of you either. Avoid physical activity, no matter how small and insignificant they may seem.

Let your body slowly degrade and make you prone to disease. And if you just think to take a walk in the park …

26. Eat all sorts of rubbish

A spoiled life is created in many ways by unhealthy food. Eat only processed foods, go to fast foods more often, do not read the ingredients on the labels. Do you want to know in practice what a spoiled life is?

27. Don’t spend time in nature

By avoiding nature, you will deprive yourself of an inexhaustible source of energy. This will slowly weaken your strength.

28. Procrastinate

Postpone tasks, avoid doing things on time. Take it slow and tighten everything you can. It will undoubtedly help screw up professional relationships, personal life, and self-esteem.

29. Spend more than you can afford

You don’t want to have the slightest idea what money is, and you want to be always in trend.

By spending more than you can afford, you will sink into debt and never get rich.

30. Don’t participate in public life

Stop even going outside unnecessarily. Limit your life to safe work, family, and meaningless dreams.

31. Treat people like things

Don’t think of people as having a love life, hopes, dreams, ups, and downs.

32. Reject criticism

You already know everything about this world. Think that you are always right.

33. Sell relationships

Replace the warmth of a close relationship with money. This, of course, will make your daily life easier, but it will seriously affect your emotional background. This is just what you need to ruin your life.

34. Follow the rules

Become the perfect puppet in the hands of your puppeteers. Do not think with your head, let other people solve all your problems.

35. Promise More Than You Can Do

This will ruin your relationship with others, and they will no longer trust you. Plus, you yourself will be dissatisfied for not getting what you want.

36. Throw

Leave your friends when they need you, your partner, because you are bored with him. Just quit and don’t think about anything.

Instead of solving problems, close your eyes and run, pretending nothing happened.

This is the safest way to ruin your life.

37. Never Deny

Be submissive even if you disagree with something. No need to upset anyone.

38. Always refuse

Be skeptical. Disagree with others, no matter what. Tell them that you know best what they are talking about.

Build walls around you so that no one can get near you.

39. Control

Try to control everything in your life. Your happiness, happiness of others, emotions, weather, etc.

40. Be someone else

Pick a role model and stick to it until your boundaries disappear and you don’t know who you really are.

Pick someone and leave your real life behind.

41. Buy only the cheapest

Try to bargain everywhere and always. Haggle so that sellers give you things for free out of despair.

So now you have instructions on how to f@ck up your life(sorry for being rude) or how to or what’s the best ways to ruin your life. Follow it or not – the choice is yours!

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