A woman who contains a man with low self-esteem?

You must have come across the stereotypical opinion that the duty to earn money lies with a man, and a woman should be engaged in housekeeping and raising children. But, every family is an individual. In a healthy relationship, both husband and wife agree among themselves on who is responsible for what.

It happens that a woman is the head of a large enterprise, and at that time the man is responsible for the organizational type. It is important that this situation suits both STORons. If a woman took a man for maintenance, and at the same time is irritable, and unhappy, then this is the path to self-destruction. Dawai Posmotrim, pochema dewushki berut na soderzhanie muzhchin.

Reasons why a woman takes a man for maintenance

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The way we live in adulthood is 80% determined by the parent-child relationship. If You come from a co-dependent family, then in the absence of a competent correction of Behavior, You will choose a man dependent on you for life.

In this case, you need to play the role of a rehabilitation therapist. That’s the name of the word “invalid” in other parts of the Parentalski scenario. We are not talking about temporary difficulties here, when the husband lost his ability to work for some period. Most often, a woman takes responsibility for her man because of the following reasons:

  • Translation of mother’s behavior.

Mom will love on unschooled babies, and it will be nice to have a baby. Dad is either a parasite, or earns a penny, or drinks away his salary. As a result, you perceive the mother’s role as a distorted female.

Mama constantly told you that you need to study, you can’t rely on anyone, that men are not worn again. You have no idea that a female role could look any different.

This is the reason for dysfunctional relationships in which you are in the role of leader, you do not know what else life is. Internally, you are dissatisfied with the relationship, but you do not know how to build your life differently.

  • Lack of recognition from STORony of the father.

Not the last role in shaping women’s behavior is given to the father. If you don’t get recognition of your femininity from him, then you go into adulthood with the position that you need to give 100% in order to be recognized as valuable in order to deserve love. You constantly feel unloved.

A woman who contains a man with low self-esteem

A woman with low self-esteem realizes that you can communicate with her only because of her money, fulfillment and ½ debts. Otherwise, no one will need her. If you ask for a quote on a partner.

What happens if a woman keeps a man?

Do you want, do you want to say that you are in private? You believe so much that you can be with you only if you give something, that as soon as you cannot do this, the man will immediately disappear from you.

And that’s what it’s all about, so that it’s in the right place, so it’s in the woods. Moreover, trying to be useful does not increase self-esteem. In your feeling of your own pricelessness, you do not notice not only yourself, but also a man.

In this case, as well as in the previous two, careful work on oneself is necessary, on the elimination of the parent’s. It is important to work out your importance. As soon as you start to increase your self-esteem, you will notice that other people will appear around you, or the same partner will change his attitude towards you.

  • Money is protection.

You have learned how to make money well, but building equal relationships is beyond your strength. You have no sense of your own worth. Money for you is protection and a symbol of power, not only in society, but also in the family.

You do not enter into a relationship with a person equal to or higher in status than you. Because you cannot answer the question: “What can I give him?”. Therefore, You are in a relationship where there is a need to be responsible for a man, while satisfying your need for Power.

Perhaps, a thousand childhood made a choice in favor of the development of business qualities. From a young age, she began to build a career. Gradually, the business got on its feet, money appeared, free time, but there were problems with personal life.


You have the opinion that worthy men have already been dismantled, or in your environment there are such representatives of the stronger sex that do not fit into your framework. Therefore, you made a choice in favor of a partner or younger than you in age, or lower in status.

You took a man to your full content, which satisfies your needs. At this time, you continue to do business, earn money, increase the welfare of the company.

  • Profitable partnership.

This reason follows from the previous one. You are all at work. For you, sitting at home with the children, doing housework, cooking dinners is no worse. But your man is your complete opposite: Children love him, his house is in exemplary order, in the evenings a hot and tasty dinner awaits you.

You have come to an agreement that you take financial responsibility for your husband and children. You yourself go to work, appreciate his support, the comfort that a man creates. In relation to the role played, it is normal, so there are no conflicts. Everyone is satisfied.

  • Coincidence.

You had an ordinary family, with a stereotyped opinion. The husband earned money. You also worked, but brought less money to the family, took care of the house, children. No, it’s easy, it’s too late for you, it’s not possible to see it.

Besides the material storage, it is light on two parts, the position is that the roller. Prohodyt vremya, it’s up to you, you don’t care about it. He perceives the fact that you were responsible not only for the Children and for yourself, but also for him, with great gratitude and warmth.

There are many reasons why a woman takes responsibility for herself and a man on her shoulders. Today, society will not be surprised by such examples. If everything is discussed in a couple, the current situation suits both the man and the woman, then why not.

When at the same time you feel dissatisfaction, irritability, justify your man in every possible way, then it is already difficult to call such a relationship healthy. It is necessary to think about how to get out of them so that self-destruction does not occur.

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