Are you an option and not a priority? Find Out

Throughout our lives we can have a wide variety of experiences, which teach us to grow, however, not all of them are pleasant, sometimes life puts other things in our way to learn. An example of this, and which I will talk to you about this time, is learning to identify the signs of when you are an option and not a priority.

Why is it important to talk about this? Because they are data that help you grow and so see male desire uncovered Without cheating.

Also, when a man does not have good intentions with you, he will not tell you openly, he does not always have that value.

Then you will ask yourself «how to know if he likes me?» Well, this is a task that you should do if you want to protect your emotional and affective parts.

I know that it is not easy to discover in men the intentions that they may hide, but, at least, you could distinguish the signs that will warn you.

It does not mean that they are the last word, but that way you will be cautious and you will know how to attract that special someoneto that new boy.

The problem is why men lie and how to get him to tell you the truth it really is an arduous task to carry out.

Remember that, no matter how much you hide it, there are clues that indicate if You are a simple option and not a priority for him. So, I invite you to continue reading to find out.

1. You are the second

It has you at the other and not like the officer

This sign is one of the most obvious you can find. At first glance and without much detours, you know that you are occupying the second place, either because he tells you so, because the two agreed or because you realized later, you ended up in that position.

On the other hand, it is possible that he is openly known to be in a relationship with another girl and is seeing you clandestinely.

Or it may happen that he behaves strangely with you, so that he tries to hide you from other people, but this has to do with the other signs.

In any case, it is good that you leave your doubts and know how to spot a cheating man So that this does not take you by surprise.

2. He only calls you for sǝx because you are an option and not a priority.

Another strongly forceful sign that demonstrates the true intentions of a man is what he is looking for in you. Specifically, I mean if he looks for you only to have sǝx or if it’s something else.

This can really show if you are an option and not a priority for your partner.

So, if the case is just to call you in search of intimacy, some characteristics will be noticeable and will help you draw your own conclusions.

For example, if he usually looks for you when he has nothing else to do and asks you to meet him. It could also be that he invites you alone to his house when he’s completely alone, maybe to see a movie.

He has no interest in seeing you in public settings or sharing different activities with you, he just wants you alone.

All these things and many more are clues that make you wonder what this guy’s intentions are with you.

So do not lose sight of them if you notice these behaviors and behaviors so that you talk about it as soon as possible and do not be surprised with false partner expectations.

3. He has no details with you

You are not their priority but their choice

Before telling you what those elements are that show that he does not have any details with you, I want to tell you the following:

-Remember that men are usually simpler in terms of being special.

-Some are detailed in their own way and you haven’t noticed.

-The frequency with which they provide details does not determine whether they are.

Now that you know this, I could tell you that men have slightly different behaviors, however, there are forceful actions in them.

For example, if a man is special with other people he appreciates, but with you, he never has that kind of details, it is already an indication of the importance he gives you.

If this man is very aware of his own dates such as his birthday, but completely forgets the ones that have to do with you, it is also something to evaluate.

All this, and perhaps more, are signs that You are a possible option and not a priority For that man with whom you go out.

But keep in mind the three things described at the beginning about whether Your partner is cold so you will not have confusion regarding suspicions.

4. He runs out every time you want to talk.

You could also meet or be with that kind of man who takes flight as the most useful resource when facing problems.

And it is that sometimes it is not even a problem, simply, you want to avoid uncomfortable conversations because does not consider you a priority or are not serious with you.

Therefore, don’t be surprised that he only has superficial conversations with you and always avoids topics more seriously.

For example, if you are just dating and you want to move forward and formalize the relationship, but he turns the page with something irrelevant. Even with topics such as introducing yourself to your family, he always makes excuses or, when it comes to arguing, he prefers to leave angry.

In short, all these details only show that you are an option and not a priority for your partner. And this is intuited because there is a lack of commitment to these actions, so he prefers to flee rather than be emotionally tied.

Rather, when your partner walks away it is for something and that may be because you are an option and not a priority for him.

5. It is not when you need it most

You are a simple option and not a priority

Between the signs that show that you are an option and not a priority for that guy, it’s when he’s conspicuous by his absence that you need him most.

Just as you read, between the Things that most damage your relationship there is this aspect, he is not there when you need him most because he does not care if you feel good about any particular situation.

Moreover, he is not even aware of what is happening with you, he does not even notice if you are thoughtful or in a low mood. Much less does he ask if you were able to resolve X or ye issue that affected you because, basically, he only looks for you for things that benefit him.

It is only interested in being with you in the good, but in the bad, it is the one who first leaves the boat. And, who would like to be with someone who does not show interest? Therefore, be clear about whether or not you have that person.

This way you will know how much he cares about you, according to the support he gives you in the most difficult moments for you.

6. He does not look for you because you are an option and not a priority for him

When you do not expect that boy enough, it can also happen that, he does not take the trouble to look for you. And this happens because he doesn’t miss you, not be a priority in your life prefers other activities than meeting you.

For this reason, perhaps he leaves you as one of the last options and does not take you into account in his itinerary because the word love it does not move it relative to you.

In addition, it is common for him to make excuses for your possible invitations and he does not care that you want to see him on that occasion.

So, if it’s about signs, this is a very telling one, which is why I recommend you not to let it go.

7. He does not include you in his most important plans

You are not an election, just one option

Another of the things that make you suspect that you are an option and not a priority for that man, it is that he does not include you in his important plans. An example of this are family gatherings, special festivities with friends, celebrating the good news, etc.

Rather, everything that has great importance and impact on your life such as great achievements, but beware, the Romantic plans.

To this how it does not include you in this type of plans, less could talk about a life project together. Just as you read it, it has no interest in projecting you or imagine a future by your side, maybe because you are not their only option Regarding a couple.

Fortunately, with this article, you will detect these signs in time and thus avoid castles in the air.

8. He is not interested in answering your messages or calls

Finally, in this list, I do not want to miss the fact that he is not interested in answering your messages and calls.

Surely there are many more signs that can give you answers to the relationship, but here I leave you the most forceful and early.

Among them is the lack of response to the calls and messages that you make to find out about him. Perhaps this happens because for that boy only You are an option and not a priority therefore, it does not bother to answer you.

He practically doesn’t care about you and if you wrote to him, he leaves it more to chance than to his initiative to ask about you.

Now, if after all this you are convinced to change the order of things and get him to take you as a priority I have the best option to know how to like a guy!

If you really want to try with the greatest possible certainty and make that man fall madly in love with you, you should try the following:

So don’t think about it anymore and act now, surely you won’t regret it because you will only have positive results.

you will see that soon you will be that priority for him and not a simple option in their life.

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