Asking a guy out first is the norm or a sign of weakness.

Asking a guy out first is the norm or a sign of weakness. In most cases, society is accustomed to the fact that the initiative in relationships should come from male representatives, and lovely ladies can only favorably accept courtship, luxurious bouquets of flowers and souvenirs dear to the heart.

Nevertheless, you often have to be present, and moreover, when the initiative to invite a guy on a date comes precisely from the beautiful half of humanity. So when is the duty of an invitation to a first date placed on the fragile female shoulders.

Timidity and shyness

As it might not seem at first glance, in the modern world it is quite common to meet a girl who does not have to ask a guy out on a date. At the same time, she will not experience complexes or be ashamed of her act.

At the same time, the guys, on the contrary, amaze the fair sex with their timidity and shyness. As they say, we all come from childhood. Therefore, many psychologists quite deservedly believe that it is the total maternal control in childhood that prevents young people from establishing relationships with women, and even more so, from inviting them on a date. Therefore, ladies have to take the initiative in their own hands in order to conquer the guy of their dreams.

There are not so many handsome guys

Considering the fact that the number of the female population in itself greatly exceeds the number of males, it becomes clear why in our time women prefer not to wait for an invitation from a man, but to take the initiative in their own hands.

If we additionally take into account the fact that there are even fewer beautiful men, and the combination of beauty and intelligence is almost impossible to meet, then it becomes extremely clear that you should not drag out time. So dear ladies, invite the man you like for a walk and do not feel the slightest remorse.

How representatives of the stronger sex react to women’s initiative?

Strange as it may seem, but in most cases, men perceive women’s initiative in relationships very positively. And, the decision of a lady to invite a guy on a date will not surprise anyone. In the crazy rhythm of our lives, it would be strange if men had enough free time not only to get to know women, but also to court them and invite them on dates.

Even if a woman is not only smart, but also pretty, there is still a risk that the chosen one simply will not notice her. For example, more than one story has been described on the Internet about how a woman constantly spun in front of the eyes of a man she liked and even started smoking in order to more often intersect with him in the office smoking room. And yet, it took almost four months for him to pay attention to her and ask for a phone number.

The reaction of women themselves to their initiative

But, in practice, not always everything turns out as colorful as in real life. There are cases when, after taking the initiative, women are not particularly satisfied with their actions. And the thing is that having got into her hands the man she likes, she often throughout her subsequent life cannot remove the whole burden of the burden of family life from herself.

Many of them note that the repair, which sooner or later will have to be done in the family nest, and the purchase of new furniture (a car, a summer cottage and even a children’s bicycle) have to be dealt with exclusively by the spouse.

The husband, getting used to the fact that his wife is quite capable of coping with all the difficulties, simply turns a blind eye to everything that happens in the house. Sooner or later, a woman with one hundred percent certainty will get tired of such a formulation of the question. This is not at all surprising, since any woman, no matter how strong she is, in the depths of her soul would like to feel behind her husband like behind a stone wall and shift all responsibility for solving serious issues related to family, children and their common future onto him.

What is the ideal relationship of two self-sufficient people?

If we move away from the prevailing stereotypes about which of the partners should initiate the dates and figure out from whom the first steps should still come, it becomes clear that the right of the first steps should still remain with the man. Of course, as from any other rule, there may be exceptions to this, but, in principle, they are quite rare.

And by and large, understanding whether the right decision to invite a guy on a date was made by a woman, you need to remember that any relationship should be equal. Both partners, both the man and the woman, must take turns taking the initiative and taking responsibility for their life together.

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