Attraction of a man to a woman and its signs in psychology

The attraction of a man to a woman and its signs in psychology. A woman is a practical creature who falls in love with the attitude towards herself, and not with a man. Representatives of the stronger sex, on the contrary, are imbued with a strong, irresistible attraction to their beloved.

Characteristics of a man’s attraction to a woman

In this way, it is not necessary to have a character, not in the case of unrelated people who are in possession of a vehicle. A man cannot give up attachment to the object of adoration, switch to another woman, which leads to strong mental Anguish.

This can be caused by objective factors, caused by instincts, behavioral patterns, memories of childhood, or painful attachment, accompanied by a reversible mental disorder. A man, by definition, is looking for a woman who looks like his mother.

This image, familiar and beloved since childhood, will accompany him all his life. He will inevitably compare each of his chosen ones with her, and in most cases this comparison is not fair.

However, if he still finds a young lady in terms of personality type, character traits, behavioral model, similar to his mother, then his attraction to her will be unconscious, instinctive and irresistible. attraction the budget where you want it:

  • the desire to spend time together on walks, in the coffee, in the cinema;
  • lack of attraction to other representatives of the fair sex;
  • the need to constantly find out how things are, in correspondence or a telephone conversation;
  • the need to live together, create a family.

The craving for a particular woman is due to positive associations that arise when communicating and being with a short number of people. These can be pleasant memories from childhood, associated with maternal care and related moments that provide psychological and emotional comfort.

Attraction arises immediately, from the first meeting, as the man’s gaze clings to the appearance:

  • facial features;
  • style in one’s home;
  • perfume;
  • body constitution.

Why are we drawn to a certain person?

Formation of a stable connection

True attachment occurs when a man encounters a familiar behavioral pattern. Appearance, together with behavioral factors, form a stable attraction to a particular person, which only intensifies as there is a rapprochement between people.

If this is a healthy, and not a painful interest, then it must be fueled by the woman. She should accept signs of attention, behave kindly, and smile at a man. Otherwise, a normal, mentally healthy representative of the stronger sex will quickly lose interest in a lady who refuses to perceive him as a potential partner.

As a man renders more and more signs of attention to a woman, he becomes more attached to her, as a result of which a stable attraction is formed, caused by psycho-emotional factors.

If at first, it is due to the production of certain hormones, then later it is fixed by positive diamimic diamines. For example, joint pleasant memories, a developing sense of ownership, a habit of being around, and receiving a certain behavioral response to their actions.

The influence of women on male interest

Performing a certain action, a man receives some EMOtionally colored response. For example, when telling a story, and sharing news about work, he sees interest, and empathy in response, reinforced by external appearance and features, such as a smile, posture, and gestures.

This forms the image of a native, close person, with whom a man associates himself already at a subconscious level. Connection is strengthened when people have common goals that unite their ideas, which strengthens mutual attachment.

Pathological attraction to a woman

In addition to the healthy attraction, due to positive childhood memories, with which the image of a woman is correlated, there is an unhealthy attachment, which is painful.

This addictive behavior is caused by a special psychological state caused by pathological attachment. This leads to the loss of a person’s personality, he lives only with the partner’s problems and empathizes because of everything that happens to him.

Addiction required for the selected factors:

  • Inability to take responsibility for one’s actions and emotions.
  • Negative EMOTIONAL background – anxiety, self-doubt, resentment, doubts.

It is extremely difficult for a person to cope with such a condition on his own, therefore it is often necessary to seek the support of a psychologist or a psychiatrist. Love dependence on a person arises against the backdrop of a rapidly developing relationship.

These people were inseparable all the time, enjoyed spending time together, and the accompanying entertainment.

Other people from the circle of lovers have faded into the background Because They believe that they do not need to communicate with anyone else. Silly emotionally effective on the skin of the body.

Over time, the hormonal background changes, and the feelings subside. Partners strive to diversify their lives and begin to meet other people, to devote time to new titanium zany.

If healthy relationships develop between people, then they normally survive this period and move on. When one of the partners has a reversible mental disorder, then he begins to experience pathological manifestations

  • a feeling of lack of love from a partner;
  • jealousy;
  • resentment due to lack of attention;
  • dissatisfaction.

A man feels abandoned and betrayed, which is why a painful attachment is formed.

What can not be considered attractive to a woman?

Attraction to one woman can only form in a monogamous man, who is characterized by the creation of a family with one chosen one. Polygamous men quickly lose interest in a woman and are rejuvenated as another object.

Sometimes they return to a certain woman, being tormented by the positive emotions associated with not. This happens during periods of loneliness when a man feels abandoned by everyone.

This behavior has nothing to do with stable interest and is caused by the instability of the EMO rational state. For example, a person experiences stress and remembers that thanks to some woman he was able to cope with it at a certain period of his life.

Today simply tries to repeat his experience and thus stabilize the psycho-emotional background. After that, he again breaks up with this woman, since he does not have a stable interest, and his actions are caused by a desire to satisfy his own needs.

A steady attraction to a woman is accompanied by an obligatory desire to take care of her, satisfy her interests and be around constantly, and not from time to time. In this way, you can take it with you.

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