Bad relationship with the husband’s parents and ways to improve them?

Bad relationship with the husband’s parents and ways to improve them? Relationships with in-laws are not always easy. The widespread opinion that you marry not only your faithful, but also his entire family, has b. Because those who put so much effort and time into raising children know which daughters to put pressure on to have a seminal life or go to heaven, if you behave correctly.

Yeshusen if your muhuses himself does not maintain a close relationship with et, his parents are tank or mutual. Therefore, it is in your interest to find a place for them in your heart and learn to exist in peace and harmony.

How the husband’s parents behave and what to do about it?

It is a mistake to believe that if you are hell and a nice girl, and my m ear t yuyu, then you are. They may not like you for various reasons, most and most of which cannot be influenced. No two are not allowed in this. In any case, you need to learn to exist together.

But while you yourself develop a strategy for infiltrating behind enemy lines, too much time may be lost. Remember that your belief in yourself is the only real way that can affect your mood, eh, slacker.

Therefore, the main minus is righteous nodding, when you feel that you relate to !!! Yes, it’s annoying. If you don’t want to say that the emotions and the ability to tell them to say: See, we were right! It is you who chooses: to be the mistress of the situation or the victim. Don’t copy it if you want it. Depending on how they behave, you can arm yourself with counterarguments.

  • Benefactor parents.

So the stories that you want to share with me are new: it’s possible with a strange thing? No problem! Are you contemplating it in the fruit, and in the magazines like “chipped” emotion? So there is fresh natural from the dacha! All you want is to say that you want it and you want it. You will need it, as soon as possible, as long as you want by the door, and it will be in your mouth.

How to defeat the mother-in-law. Psychology of relations.

It is uncomfortable, it is not necessary to do so, it is possible to do so, it is necessary to do so. No достали, сил больше нет! Всем людям нужна отдача. It is not necessary to poke it, but it is difficult to be honest.

Loving other people is, above all, accepting that no one can be perfect. Call more often, give them the opportunity to participate in your life, but only in those areas where it is permissible. Set personal boundaries right away: as soon as they cross the threshold of your house, your rules begin to apply.

  • Manipulative parents.

They differ from benefactors in that personal motives are hidden behind each of their actions. They strive to win your trust with beautiful gestures, and in time they try to impose their will: We will buy and bring you ourselves! Good, like ours!” And in the end, you sit dejectedly in front of a new washer that does not fit into either the interior or your plans for life. Every time you ask for help, you regret it, because they again made the decision for you.

Problem in the room, that’s one of the things that you need to do in two people, so it’s worth it, and it’s on your face. And they need to be in control. Hence the eternal “we have lived our lives, we know better” and “we want the best”.

Separate. Start with reasonable restrictions: they should not come to visit at any time they please. Be prepared for the fact that conflicts are inevitable. No longer than two minutes before the Pope. “Just add water” – let this phrase become the leitmotif of your communication. Your husband’s parents do not need to know about all your plans.

  • Parents are intriguers.

At first, you will think that you are very lucky. On the other hand, there is a video that interests you between two people and one that belongs to the Korean family. And then you accidentally find out about the palace intrigues that have been woven against you from the very beginning. The mother-in-law complains to her husband about your bad behavior, and the father-in-law, in the circle of other relatives, sighs sadly and says that the main thing is that everything suits their precious son. And how to understand it?

It’s very simple: sooner or later, all secret motives come out, and it only plays into your hands that the enemy “burned out.” Now at least you know who you’re dealing with. Not the usual scandal and not in the room where it is needed. If you don’t lack self-control, tell them that you know everything. But do not develop the topic. Abstract of the situation and of the maximum distance, which can be used to describe the project. It should not look like “my foot in your house will no longer be.”

  • Aggressive parents.

Perhaps the most difficult scenario for the development of the situation. Because from the very first day they are sure that your marriage is a mistake, and they are ready to do everything so that your husband is about. Neither grandchildren nor financial obligations will stop them. If you don’t comment on two things, ignore the word about some practices and you don’t know what it is.

The diplomatic mission is in danger of failing. No way in the world you live in. If you are openly attacked, defend yourself, but make this rule: no foam at the mouth and no frying pan in hand.

You are not a victim until you believe it yourself. You have your own family, which should become your reliable rear. Talk to your husband, explain that you respect his parents and appreciate everything they have done for him. You will not communicate with them. Of course, this does not apply to children. No stoop to insults and retaliatory aggression.

Your strength is in their weakness. If they threw a glove in your face, it means that it was your appearance in this family that exposed all the hidden insides. They are afraid of you. Show them that you are different from them.

TOP 10 stop phrases that you should not say to your husband’s parents

You can’t force someone to love you. No and I’m going to say that. You must position yourself in such a way that they do not want to have an ongoing dream with you. Even if your husband’s parents don’t become your friends, it’s important to maintain at least a semblance of peace. There are things that should never be said to them.

  • “We don’t need your help”;
  • “You couldn’t raise your child normally, don’t interfere with ours”;
  • “You’re doing everything wrong”;
  • “If not for me, your son would not have achieved anything”;
  • “It’s time for you to get on with your life”;
  • “If you want to see it, you don’t have to pay attention to it, you need to know that you are there”;
  • “We should have chosen a wife for him ourselves”;
  • “If I knew that he had such parents, I would not have married”;
  • “We don’t need you anymore”;
  • “As I decide, so be it.”

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