Best Christmas Messages For Your Boyfriend 2022

Christmas is the most beautiful and special time of the whole year; It is a month to share, enjoy, thank and show love to family, friends and, of course, to the couple. Next, I will share the best collection of Christmas messages for your boyfriend; Take a look at them and choose the best ones for that loved one.

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Beautiful Christmas messages for your boyfriend

Christmas messages for your boyfriend

  • This Christmas there is no other place in the world where I want to be and share more than by your side.
  • May the magic of Christmas conspire to brighten your heart. The only thing I want for this time is your precious company.
  • My best gift this Christmas is you.
  • Do not forget to close your eyes and ask me as a gift this Christmas.
  • A kiss from you is enough for this Christmas.
  • This season I wanted to give you the most special and beautiful gift in the world; but, I have realized that there is not enough paper to wrap me.
  • I would like to tie myself with you in one of those Christmas bows and that they never untie us, never again!
  • I only have one wish this Christmas, that our beautiful love lasts all eternity, because the happiest thing in the world that makes me is to be by your side.
  • If my smile serves as an ornament for Christmas, count on it; if my hand is of help to you, you have both; If my heart brings you happiness, it’s all yours.
  • May magic be your best suit this holiday season, your smile the best gift, your eyes the best destiny, and your happiness my best wish.
  • Let, in every moment of Christmas, love blind us and enlighten us together.
  • I wish you as much health as the rain has drops, as much love as the sun has rays of light and as much luck as the desert has sand.
  • My Christmas wish is to have many years of life and health to enjoy with you.
  • You are my New Year’s resolution.
  • No clothes, no jewelry, no expensive gifts, this Christmas I wish you.
  • Merry Christmas! Thank you for giving me a love like yours, great, beautiful and eternal.
  • This is the most beautiful Christmas of my life because I have you by my side.

These beautiful Christmas messages for your boyfriend, along with heartfelt Christmas gifts, will be perfect to show him all your love.

Short Christmas messages for your boyfriend

  • There is nothing that adorns Christmas better than the smile of the person you love.
  • Ever since I found you, I feel like it’s always Christmas.
  • Sincere and true loves shine even brighter at Christmas.
  • I love you at Christmas, on Christmas Eve and every day of the year.
  • Christmas scents are the scents of love.
  • This Christmas you are my star.
  • The best Christmas gift is your beautiful smile.
  • This is the best Christmas because you are with me.
  • There can be no greater happiness for me than celebrating Christmas together.
  • New year, new life, but always with you.
  • Believe me, Christmas lights are people like you.

Christmas and New Year phrases for my boyfriend

End of the year messages for your partner

  • I only have one New Year’s resolution: make you happy.
  • The best gift this year is being able to spend another year with you.
  • Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365-page book. Write your story with me and let’s fill all the pages.
  • One more New Year by your side is a great reason to celebrate.
  • May the happiness of these days of Christmas be repeated every day of the new year.
  • Christmas is not about opening gifts, but about opening hearts.
  • I am sending you a little box full of joy, lovingly wrapped, sealed with a smile and a kiss. Merry Christmas!
  • May you have a thousand reasons to smile in this new year, hundreds of dreams to live for, many joys to enjoy with your family and no reason to suffer.
  • One more New Year by your side is a huge reason to celebrate.
  • Christmas is that sweet space where memories, hugs, smiles and love prevail radiantly.
  • May this Christmas bring a lot of strength to our bond of love and may Santa fulfill all our wishes.
  • For Christmas, happiness; for the new year, prosperity; and, for the rest of the year, my love.
  • Happiness is doing what you want and wanting what you do. Do not dream your life live your dreams. Happy New Year sweetheart!

Funny Christmas messages for your partner

  • All I want for Christmas is you… Naked!
  • You are what I need under the Christmas tree.
  • I have already asked Santa for my gift: a kiss from you.
  • Don’t forget to close your eyes and ask me for a Christmas present.
  • I have asked the wise men.
  • Neither myrrh, nor gold, nor incense, this year I want a huge hug from you!
  • You’re so cool I ordered you for Christmas.
  • What will the new year bring us? 365 reasons to be happy!
  • Something tells me that this new year I’m going to love you more.
  • Give me a photo to show Santa what I want for Christmas.

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Emotional Christmas messages for your boyfriend

Love phrases for Christmas

  • May everything that arrives be better than you are looking for, last longer than you expect and make you happier than you could imagine.
  • The magic of Christmas is the magic of people like you, who make a year fly by.
  • On these dates only the most beautiful memories come to my mind, that’s why I remembered you.
  • Christmas is not about opening gifts, it is about opening our hearts.
  • I wish you 12 months of prosperity, 52 weeks of joy, 365 days of success, 8,760 hours of health, 525,600 minutes of luck, and 3,153,600 seconds of love.
  • A new year is like a blank book: you have the pen in your hand and the opportunity to write a beautiful story for yourself.
  • You are the best gift, the favorite song and the movie I would see a million times again.
  • Do not expect me to forget you, do not forget that I wait for you.
  • The memory, like a candle, shines brighter at Christmas.
  • Thank you, my love, for teaching me to enjoy the magic of Christmas and the illusion of this time of year.
  • Christmas: time to give, time to share, time to love.

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Christmas messages for your boyfriend who is away

  • This Christmas, although the distance separates us, love unites us even more.
  • The kilometers that separate us this Christmas are nothing because our love means everything.
  • Press hard! You have received a big hug from a distance and the wishes of a Merry Christmas.
  • Every year can be different, we can be close or far, but you continue to be my great love. Merry Christmas!
  • No matter the distance that separates us, love will always unite us this Christmas.
  • “Because you always exist wherever, but you exist better where I love you”
  • “Again, tonight, I saw your hand in mine, again, tonight, I dreamed of you again”
  • Thinking of you is the best way to caress you in the distance.
  • Distance prevents a kiss or a hug, but it never prevents a feeling.
  • Love will travel as far as you let it this Christmas, it has no limits!

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Now that you know the best collection of Christmas messages for your boyfriend, I invite you to bring the spirit of Christmas to life and give him all your love to the being that steals your sighs all year long.

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