Best Games For Couples At Home [updated 2022]

The games for couples They are one of the best alternatives to get rid of the routine and monotony of the relationship. That is why, below, I will share the best compilation for you to have a great time with your loved one.

You just need a little creativity and the best attitude to enjoy next to that man who steals your sighs.

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fun games for couples

The fun moments, the good humor and, in general, the pleasant moments that you spend with your boyfriend or husband, will strengthen the emotional bond that unites you and the relationship will surely be much better.

truth or dare

A very fun game that can be shared between several couples is truth or dare, which consists of asking daring questions that the other must answer.

Otherwise, he must submit to a penance imposed by the person asking the question; Without a doubt, it is quite entertaining if you are creative with the questions and the penances.

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erotic games for couples

This game can work twice as it is fun and very sensual, so they can have a good laugh and activate the flame of passion.

Basically, it is about using the body as a canvas, so they will mutually make art on the body of their partner, allowing the sensitivity of the skin to be activated with the brushes and the experimentation of the artistic skills in it.

If they are good at drawing, they may be surprised, if not, they may have fun with the results.

This body is not mine

This game consists of changing roles with your partner, that is, you must imitate him as you think he is, with his gestures, way of speaking, walking, etc., the idea is that it be something quite funny and you can laugh together about this.

Everything you need to know about your partner and she about you will be put to the test with these fun games for couples.

Guess the moment

With this game you will surely have a good laugh because it tests your memory and your skills as a cartoonist.

The idea is that one of the two draws some important moment that they have passed and the other must be in charge of guessing that moment.

It really is not necessary to be an expert in drawing, rather it is about having a fun time.

Whoever laughs loses

When it comes to fun games, this is undoubtedly one of the best. This game is very easy to play but very difficult to win, why?

Basically because they must try by all means, except tickling, to make the other laugh; If you achieve it, there will be a penance that you must think about so that your partner fulfills it.

Games for intimate couples

sexual temperature

This is one of the most common and easiest games that we can implement if we want to motivate intimacy with our partner.

This game consists of passing an ice cube over our partner’s skin to activate sensitivity.

The idea is that after passing the ice you can pass your tongue to cause a thermal shock between the cold and the heat to cause impact.

If your intention is to know how to excite a man, this game can be an excellent option to achieve it.

Role plays

If you want to put your imagination and eroticism to a thousand, this game is perfect to activate.

It is simply a matter of choosing a character that you like and, if possible, dressing up as this character to enter the acting role.

In this way they will recognize each other as different people and will spice up the intimate encounter.

choose a card

For this game it is necessary to get the right cards or make them yourself, the idea is that they contain different erotic actions to perform.

When they already have a considerable and varied number of cards, they should take turns drawing cards from the deck.

The condition is that they must replicate the action that comes to them, so that the spice of the game will depend on their creativity.

Strip Poker

Games to revive the flame of love

Strip Poker is a pretty viable option if you want your game to be hot.

Normally it is usually played between several people who have absolute trust between them, however, we can also play it with our partner if we want to get out of the routine.

Playing it is quite simple, it is simply the usual pocker, the difference is that the loser of each round will have to take off one of his clothes.

Would you dare to play it?

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The sexting game

This game can be quite funny if both take the risk to play it.

Basically it’s about sending risque photos and messages to each other’s cell phones at any time of the day, so you’ll catch the other off guard and motivate him for when your next meeting is.

Try seduction phrases and let your imagination run wild, you’ll have a great time!

The erotic game of dice

Normally in erotic shops you can find dice made especially for these intimate games, so that instead of having black dots on each of its edges, it brings actions and body parts that you must implement in your partner.

For example, a “massage” (the face of a die) on the “back” (the face of the other die), thus giving variation to their intimate encounters through this game.

Games for couples to get out of the routine

the unexpected call

This is a simple game with which you can entertain yourself for a long time at any time, it is simply about making a call to your partner during the day and talking to him about erotic topics, you will surely catch him off guard and he will be encouraged by your hot call .

You could also try some seductive text messages, you will stir up a tempest of desire in him!

The secret of the table

Another entertaining game that both can implement is the secret of the table, which consists of going to share in a restaurant and starting games under the table cloth without anyone else knowing it but the two of you, in this way you will have an entertaining time and the complicity between the two will increase.

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Blind chicken

This game consists of the traditional game of blind chicken, that is, with a blindfold, so you will have to use the other senses to win the game.

The idea is that your partner stimulates your other senses with different objects and you guess what it is, but if you make a mistake you will have to pay a penalty.

the mirror room

Games for boyfriends at home

The room of mirrors is another game with which trust and complicity are strengthened, and it is also very easy to play.

They just need to put several mirrors in the room from different angles, so in their intimate encounters they can see their reflection from different perspectives, which can be a plus.

The march of the clock

To play clockwork you only need a stopwatch or an alarm, a bowl and many pieces of paper on which erotic actions with time measurements (not very extensive) are written.

Once you have the basic elements you can start playing, so you must take turns taking pieces of paper from the bowl and do to your partner what is written on the piece of paper for the time indicated on it, whoever does not achieve the objective must pay a penalty chosen by the other.

swallow in the navel

Although this game is simple it could be quite entertaining, you just need to take the time and have a good time.

What they should do is have a good liquor and, instead of using glasses to serve the drinks, they will use their partner’s navel, which will activate the passion through touch and tickling.

If you want to discover more games for couplescontinue reading and discover the most incredible ideas to have a good time with your partner!

Games to keep the relationship spark

without the hands

Playing without using your hands requires good skills, especially with your mouth, why?

Because in this game the idea is to take off your partner’s clothes, but without your hands, so you’ll have to use the rest of your body to do it.

Surely they will laugh a good while trying to remove garment by garment.

Also, you could put into practice all the types of kisses you know to make the game more interesting.

Hold your gaze

Hot games to share as a couple

Another activity or game that both can enjoy is staring, obviously whoever blinks, laughs or avoids the gaze will lose the challenge, therefore, they must pay a penance that their partner will impose.

Although this seems easy, in practice you will see that it is not; the sentences that must be fulfilled will quickly arrive, which is entertaining.

Hangman game

In this case, we are going to implement the traditional hangman game that consists of thinking of a word that must be guessed letter by letter by the other person.

However, every time you make a mistake, the other must draw a part of a doll, if this is completed and you have not been able to guess the word, you lose the game.

So, for it to be a game as a couple, the word must be related to you and whoever loses must do what the other says.

swap outfits

Another game could be the one of the exchange of outfits, it is simply about competing who dresses faster and better with the other person’s clothes, for this they need to time and whoever first achieves it as best as possible wins.

And well, to make sense of it, whoever loses must pay in some way chosen by the winner.

find me if you can

Playing “find me” if you can is very easy, the important thing is that they have a place just like their home and that it be at night.

The idea is that one is the searcher and the other the one who hides, the papers must be exchanged, so they can determine, of the two searchers, which one took longer to find the one who hid, this in order to serve some sentence that the winner will choose.

food on the rope

This game, without a doubt, is very entertaining and easy to play.

The dynamic consists of tying some food, which they both like, to a rope that will be at a certain height, so that they must eat it as soon as possible without using their hands.

Whoever finishes it the fastest will be the winner and, obviously, will be able to impose a penalty on the loser of the rope game.

The dance

Have you ever thought or done a sensual dance to your partner? Well, this is a very good option if you want to get out of the routine, play for a while and stimulate the intimate encounter of both.

In this case, the only thing necessary is your willingness and the best energy for this session where both must participate.

How to impress a man is easier than you ever imagined, even more so with these creatives games for couples.

erotic roulette

The erotic roulette game has two options, the first is to get it in an adult store, they usually have them there because it is quite popular, otherwise they can create it at home.

It simply must have activities related to the intimate encounter, so, where the token falls, there will be some fun action that both must replicate for a stipulated time.

mystery nudes

game ideas for couples

This game is very fun and at the same time very hot, yes, you must be very clear that it has its risks, therefore, you must do it only with that person you trust.

The idea is that a photo be sent to the cell phone at any time of the day, said photo will have to be of some part of the body, but it should not be obvious because whoever receives it must guess which part of the body it is.

If you are correct, you will receive a surprise prize, if not, the surprise prize must be paid by that person.

Now that you know the best games for couplesI invite you to play them and give your relationship a special touch, you will see that they will refresh your bond and will increase the trust between the two!

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