Best Places for Dates With a Girl (where to invite)

Best Places for Dates With a Girl (where to invite) How to impress her? How to guess what she will like and what she wants? What will make her want to communicate with me further? – Many men begin to come up with incredible and exotic options for where to invite a girl on a date. But the main purpose of a date is to get to know each other and understand how this person suits you.

To you. Let me emphasize. Therefore, it is worth adhering to who you really are, so that the girl understands that she wants to go for a walk with this person and be close further.

Now I will show such options for dates, where you will feel comfortable as a man and can most effectively spend time with a girl. So that she can reveal the best your traits for yourself and most importantly – you decide on such a date whether it is worth your further efforts.

Best Places for Dates With a Girl (where to invite)


A simple secret on how to make her first date unforgettable

The first few dates she is for you – not quite familiar yet, in the sense that you cannot know and fulfill all her desires. Right? Therefore, the main thing is to stop focusing on her and start focusing on yourself.

If you want to have fun and go boating – invite her, if you want to go to a comedy show, then invite her too. The first date doesn’t have to be expensive and extravagant. It should be real and show her you, too, real, real.

The basic law – you should be easy, fun, and pleasant. Think and remember what gives you pleasure?

What hobbies and interests do you have?

Also, be sure to choose the strategically correct date area. For example, you live at one end of the city, and she at the opposite. And it will be uncomfortable for her to meet next to you. In this case, stop in the city center – it will be more convenient for both. Here it is important that both sides invested.

10 best first date ideas for a girl

Let’s start with classic and win-win options that are suitable for any city and any girl. The main criterion is the opportunity to communicate (therefore, going to the cinema is discarded).

1. Quiet coffee shop. Why is it quiet? The girl, like you, will be nervous, and a noisy bar will not give you the opportunity to calmly talk, this will further contribute to mutual stress. If you want to be original, then choose places with an interesting design.

2. Skating rink. Ice palaces and some large shopping centers have skating rinks that are open all year round. You ride, laugh, fall, there is a great opportunity to take her hand. Romance. There is a double benefit here: if she skates well, then you admire her skill and grace, if it’s bad, then you help, support, and encourage.

3. Zoo, dolphinarium, petting zoo, exhibition of live butterflies. Such trips bring a huge amount of positive emotions. And the girl will never forget the opportunity to cuddle tiny fluffy rabbits in her hands.

Take pictures with exotic fauna, swim with a dolphin, it will bring a lot of vivid impressions to both of you.

4. Amusement park. There is a wide space here – have fun from the heart, visit the laughter room, the mirror maze, buy cotton candy and popcorn, not to mention a lot of carousels and entertainment. Take a ride in pairs on something extreme. It will bring you very close.

5. Hippodrome and horseback riding. The main thing is that your chosen one is not afraid of horses. Warn the girl in advance about where you are going to go, because you need clothes and shoes that will not restrict movement and allow you to sit comfortably in the saddle.

6. Culinary master class. Joint actions bring together, and when a professional chef is with you, cooking is easy and interesting. Held in the framework of various restaurants. A very original date that any girl will like.

7. Trip on an excursion. If there are interesting historical or iconic places nearby that you like, then invite her to show her this place.

8. Walk on the ship or boat. Please note that you need to take a jumper with you, because it is always cold on the water, even in the heat of +30. Although you may not tell her about it, and when the time comes, give her yours. If there is no bar on water transport, then you can take food and drinks with you or even land and have a picnic.

nine. Actually, myself picnic, barbecue, barbecue. Do not forget vegetables, fruits, herbs, light drinks. At the same time, look at which of her is the hostess. You can grab a couple of friends, this will slightly reduce the intensity of excitement. A couple is a couple (m + f), and not two more men.

10. Quiz is an intellectual game during which you can communicate well, show off your knowledge and have fun. Today they are held in almost every city. But remember, being alone there will not work. This option is ideal if you are not yet ready to chat one on one.

Useful tips when choosing a place for a date

  • If you plan to spend time outdoors, then be sure to check what the weather is expected to be that day.
  • Girls appreciate small acts of care – if you buy her ice cream, you will become a generous knight in her eyes. A trifle, but indicative.
  • Try to keep intrigue about where you’re going for as long as possible, if possible. It turns girls on and their eyes light up. However, it turns everyone on.
  • If you are lost in the number of options, then consult with the lady, offering her a choice of 2 places. Let him choose either or. And it’s easier for you and maybe she herself will offer something unexpected. Although we sooooo rarely take the initiative in such matters. If only a man is indifferent to us and there are some personal prejudices.

3 interesting options if you have no money, but you really want to impress

1. Park with a pond where you can feed the birds.

Firstly, this is very nice, but she should know about this when she already arrives at the place and sees you. Secondly, you can walk slowly in the park and not look at each other, because a direct look at the first date is very embarrassing for girls. And so she will feel more confident and relaxed.

I recommend reading about how to become a unique man for your girlfriend (opens in a new tab).

2. Walk along the embankment with kite launch. Firstly, it’s beautiful there, secondly, it’s windy – that’s the thing for a kite, and thirdly, it’s very original and non-standard. Flying a kite is a fun and interesting pastime.

3. Go shopping. Try on clothes, stroll through the boutiques, and chat.

Best Places for Dates With a Girl (where to invite)

TOP 16 original places where to invite a girl on a date

Well, the first successful meeting is behind you, you are eager to communicate, where can you invite a girl to a second meeting? And on the third or tenth? How can you diversify a rendezvous, what else can you come up with new? Consider such options, after which you will have high chances of continuing it together in solitude.

1. Art exhibition, gallery. Cultural trips are highly valued by women. And if a man has an idea of ​​where he came from and can tell something, then this is generally a delight.

An excellent list of current exhibitions and social events can be found here.

2. Sports match. Although all men’s magazines categorically avoid these date events, as a girl I declare – this is an incredibly successful place for a date! Not that I advise, I insist that you should invite a girl there. This is a crazy drive and adrenaline, she will be incredibly grateful to you for the emotions she has received.

I still remember how one of my gentlemen came with two tickets to a hockey match and with what anguish I accepted the invitation. I am far from sports, hockey in my understanding is an invisible puck, and hockey players aimlessly rushing across the ice.

But from the first minutes of the match, I was covered. I was sick with everyone, jumped up and screamed when the players pressed each other to the side, danced after a goal was scored, participated in the “wave” around the hall. “This is space!” – that’s what I said to my companion when we left the sports facility. Impressions wagon. No girl will remain indifferent after this, I guarantee you. Many years have passed, and I still remember that guy with warmth and gratitude.

3. Restaurant. For variety, why not. Why you shouldn’t go to a restaurant on your first date:

– the girl does not know your financial capabilities and will feel insecure whether to take this or that drink or dish;

– the first date and it’s inconvenient to show a man that she loves to eat (even if she doesn’t, it’s a fad with us. Some kind of primitive instinct doesn’t eat much with a man who wants to please. And the concept of a lot is different for everyone. Suddenly it seems to you, that a plate of salad is wow, because it is so huge?);

– Going to a restaurant is not an everyday occurrence, and both of you can feel awkward from communication, some kind of service features, eating in front of each other, and so on.

4. Going to the cinema. You won’t have to say much, but you will sit next to each other and after the session is over you will be able to share your impressions and discuss the plot.

5. Hookah. What could be better than quiet music, a soft comfortable sofa, and a cool hookah? As for the taste, consult with her, while enjoying wine and hookah, you can compete in backgammon.

6. Bars, clubs. As a recreational activity, however, keep an eye on the amount of alcohol you drink.

7. Billiards, bowling. Again, they are not suitable for a first date because it will be difficult to talk and get to know each other because of the noise. But joint games and competitions are very close. In addition, you can teach her, but here without hugs in any way.

8. Karting. Drive karts, compete, show her how cool you drive a car, and admire the fact that she, despite the fact that she is a fragile girl, manages it so deftly. Well, or together laugh at how she kept hitting the same fence wheel (haha, that’s me).

9. How about big tennis? Girls love to learn something new from men. Visit the court and try to properly hold the rackets, hit, and catch the ball. You’ll like it!

10. Home board games. Usually, they play in a company, this includes the mafia, monopoly, swine, and others. Call your friends, order a pizza and have fun. At the same time, see how reckless she is, how she knows how to control herself and how she experiences defeats and victories. Good check.

11. Passage of the quest. It can be a horror movie, it depends on the preferences of the young lady. For example, I won’t even come close to such an institution, but my friend Mariska loves them, has bypassed all the existing ones in the city, and even vice versa, with difficulty every time she finds herself a suitable company for such matters.

12. Karaoke. If you caught one wave and are able to laugh at each other and fool around, then it’s quite an option. Not everyone is endowed with excellent vocal abilities, so don’t take such singing seriously.

13. Stand-up show, KVN (even local spill), various humorous performances.

fourteen. Option for romantics – meet sunset or sunrise together Outdoors. Just don’t forget the blanket. Better two: sit and hide.

15. Various fur farms: ride a husky, look at the ostrich ranch. Interesting and unusual.

16. Concert – can be both humorous and musical. See according to your preference. But the new positive emotions experienced together will bring you very close. Choose the one that suits you, for example, on this resource.

Prohibited dating locations

one. Sauna. Even if you are pursuing completely decent and healing goals, then you cannot offer this to a girl.

2. Dinner with parents. Here it is worth understanding that getting to know mom-dad and dating are still different things. They need to be separated. The girl is unlikely to be delighted with such a “romance”, even if you try very hard and put candles on the festive table.

3. Theatre, opera, ballet. Now we are not talking about people of art, but about ordinary average young people. In fact, I love everything that I have listed above. But to go with an unfamiliar man? To watch him yawn there? No thanks. That’s when you become a married couple and both will really be a fan of such events – then welcome. In the meantime, there are many other places where to invite a girl on a date. Best Places for Dates With a Girl (where to invite)

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