Best Quotes & Words to make a Girl fall in Love with you

Quotes/ Words or Phrases to conquer or make a girl or woman fall in love with you

Best Quotes & Words to make a girl fall in love with you. There is nothing else that a woman likes is that a man falls in love with her by saying beautiful words of love. The word must be an instrument with which we must conquer the woman we love by telling her virtues or the things we like about her. Below you will find the best sweet, cute romantic quotes,  sayings, messages, phrases, or words to make a girl fall in love with you that you can use to have that girl you like by your side.

We advise you that if you really want that woman to be with you, prepare something nice for her to accompany your phrase. For example, if you know that she likes to read and does not have a book that she likes, you can always give it to her and on the first page write her a message or quotes of love, along with your name so that she always remembers you.

Another strategy that you can use when you know that that girl is attracted to you and you want her to be your partner or if she already is, you can make a kind of photo album or a slide on the computer, and put many photos together in which each of them has a phrase to make her fall in love. We assure you that these details will enhance the message you give them.

Although if you are more classic you can always write her a letter, send her a message on WhatsApp, Facebook, or Instagram, or simply whisper one of our phrases in his ear.

Best Quotes & Words to make a Girl fall in Love with you
Best Quotes & Words to make a Girl fall in Love with you

Quotes or Words to make a Girl fall in Love with you

  • They say that stealing is wrong, I certainly never would; but a kiss from you, that with pleasure would surely steal it.
  • The further you are, the more I think of you, but the more I am thinking of you, the closer I feel you.
  • You are so sweet my precious that with you, anyone becomes diabetic.
  • From the rosebush come the most beautiful roses, from the roses the most aromatic perfumes and from your lips, my darling, a love that drives me crazy.
  • If the morning breeze were anything like you, I wouldn’t care to die of cold
  • I would like to be a mosquito, to enter your room and pinch you, where I intend.
  • Many men say they have seen angels, other miracles they have seen, but only I have known paradise, when I am by your side.
  • The most beautiful words, the truest poem, are a simple I LOVE YOU.
  • Girl, you are more well done than the multiplication table itself.
  • Sometimes we seek to hug and kiss someone we love but we cannot …… we only have one message to send, which in words summarizes what we feel every day.
  • I will never forget my love, that my name remains in your memory and if it is true that love eventually ends up dying, I will make the stopped time wait.
  • I am making plans, calculating and deciding, that when I am with you I will be cold, but it is that nothing more than you touch me, I melt.
  • Love is like the sun, which enters through the eyes and warms the heart, always exploding like an extraordinary revelation.
  • If loving you is a crime, I will be a crook, I will pay each of my sentences, but I will love you forever.
  • The sky is cloudy, about to rain, that’s how my eyes are, like when I can’t see you.
  • I will live only on your love, my food will only be our kisses, my air each caress of your fingers, my energy the look of your eyes, my rest will be to sleep next to you.
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Love messages to make a girl or woman fall in love with you

Best Quotes & Words to make a Girl fall in Love with you
Best Quotes & Words to make a Girl fall in Love with you
  • With you, I only want one thing: to create a perfect world for both of us.
  • Woman, I like you completely, and I no longer know how to hide it in front of others.
  • I could spend my whole life admiring your beauty, do you want me to show you?
  • You are definitely perfect, an angel who came down from heaven.
  • I spend the whole day thinking about you and at night your memories don’t let me sleep.
  • I’m one step away from going crazy if you don’t pay attention to me.
  • For you, I have reserved the best way to love, care for and protect a woman.
  • I know you don’t need someone to make you happy because you already are, but I want us to share happiness together.
  • I don’t care how long it takes until you love me, I’m determined to wait for you.
  • A girl is as beautiful as you deserves a bodyguard like me.
  • Your wonderful body is what I long to have in my bed every day.
  • Your lips smile at me and I go crazy, but when they kiss me I rise to heaven.
  • What I feel for you is like the universe: infinite.
  • Take from me what you want, everything I am and everything I have belongs to you.
  • I’ll tell you bluntly: I love you as I have never loved anyone in this life.
  • If you accept me, I promise to love you and give myself to you, body and soul.
  • Don’t listen to the comments about me, I’m better than what your family says.
  • Men like me were born to love women like you.
  • Do not deny me the opportunity to admire your pretty eyes.
  • A woman like you must come from another planet, she has never seen such beauty on earth before.
  • You have something that I love, I am not very clear about it but I think it is a union of your whole being.

Best Quotes & Words to make a girl fall in love with you.

Love Quotes/words to conquer a girl or woman

Best Quotes & Words to make a Girl fall in Love with you
Best Quotes & Words to make a Girl fall in Love with you
  • I have to buy a dictionary, because, from the moment I saw you, I was speechless.
  • Here I send you my heart that no longer wants to be with me, I asked him who he wanted to be with and he told me that only with you.
  • If you were ever charged with murder, you have to know that I was the victim, because your looks took my breath away.
  • – You dropped it! – What thing? – The paper that wraps you, hottie.
  • I can promise you that I will do more than I tell you, I will think of you more than I speak to you and love you much more than you expect.
  • I wish I were a sailboat to navigate the sea of ​​your gaze, shipwreck in the storm of your veins, and search your heart for the island that shelters me.
  • You are my dream when I wake up, you are the most beautiful thing that life can give me.
  • I would like to escape from you, but when it is only 5 minutes that I do not see you, I cannot get you out of my mind.
  • You are far from me, but you know that not from my mind, nobody will be able to erase you, nor the love that I am feeling for you.
  • What you do is walk and the rest is spoil the floor.
  • If you have called me it will be because you want to see me again, if you call me to tell me it will be the same as yesterday, if you call me please tell me what you think of me, if you call me to say that you cannot live without me anymore…. call me please.
  • I don’t know how I got to this, but I love you, but I don’t know how I could live without you.
  • You never stop loving the person you have always been in love with, you can only try to learn to be without you.
  • The photo you gave me, I can’t stop looking at it, it’s that girl you are so perfect that I can’t ever forget you.
  • If you love God, who died for so many people, why don’t you love me, because I die for you alone?
  • Who does all my joy go to? And my desire to live with joy? Who is this little poem for? Only for you, my life.
  • Your hands know me, they understand me, they touch me, they make me tender, they carry me … never stop touching me or hugging me, my love, every second, for a lifetime.

Love Quotes/Phrases to seduce a woman

Best Quotes & Words to make a Girl fall in Love with you
Best Quotes & Words to make a Girl fall in Love with you
  • I don’t know if you have a partner, I don’t know if you have a husband, I just want you to know that for me God made the most precious thing in you.
  • For just one night in your arms, I would tell you all my secrets and for knowing that you love me I would even fly to heaven.
  • You are like a box of chocolates: beautiful on the outside and very rich on the inside.
  • – Please walk in the shade, miss … – What for? – You don’t know that the sun melts the chocolates.
  • Just give me one chance to show that with me you will no longer need anyone else.
  • Of all the flowers in the garden, the most beautiful is the rose and of all the women in the world, you are the most precious.
  • Some of my friends drink alcohol, others smoke weed, several drink wine and I only have your taste.
  • Sin I wonder if it will be, kiss you if you are not by my side, because in my mind and in my mouth there is still the trace, of the kisses that make me fall in love.
  • I hear you everywhere I go, everywhere I look at you but although it is not possible for you to be everywhere, in my heart I always carry you with me
  • So much did you fall in love with me that my whole life may not be enough to empty me of your memory?
  • In total darkness, I seem to live without you, because you are the Sun of my life and without you, everything is without living.
  • There are many who fear death, there are others who fear pain and if I fear something, it is to lose your love.
  • Your eyes have me completely crazy, your desperate body has me, and every time I see you, the more in love you have me.

Love Quotes to make a girl/woman fall in love with you

Best Quotes & Words to make a Girl fall in Love with you
Best Quotes & Words to make a Girl fall in Love with you
  • From the moment I met you, without paying rent you have lived in my heart…
  • I’m sorry that I called him so many times on his mobile and that he did not leave messages to send him, but my heart went astray and I seriously think that you have it.
  • If Adam for Eve was to eat an apple, I would be able to eat a greengrocer for you.
  • – I know you? – I don’t think so. – Then I saw you in my dreams.
  • That I had fallen in love with you I understood, when I realized that there is no better melody than your voice, nor a better book than reading your messages.
  • The oranges are born green in the trees, the sun gives them warmth, my heart was born in freedom, and yours captured it.
  • Seeing you is a breath of fresh air that inspires me, feeds me, fills me, relaxes me, muddies me, kills me … take pity on me.
  • The air kisses the sailboat, the sailboat kisses the water, and I would like to be the breeze, for your mouth to be able to kiss.
  • I would like to ask God for a thousand eyes, because these two know me little to look at you.
  • I WANT to tell you something important and I don’t know how to start, I think that you should read the beginning of this poem and then you will find out.
  • I would not change from yesterday not even a minute that I spent with you, for a century of our life together.
  • I would like to escape from you, but if you didn’t come running to find me, I would die.
  • For me to forget you, there must be two signs: that the earth sinks or the seas part.
  • I love you since January, May will come and I will continue to love you, it’s funny how the months go by honey and I keep falling in love with you.
  • I adore you so much that I never forget you. Love you forever. And make you the most special woman in the world for your whole life.
  • If I were to be born again, it would be a piece of your skin, it would be the son of your sighs and your tears, it would be a refuge from your saddest loneliness and your most blissful joy …… if I were born again I would be part of you again

Phrases to make a girl fall in love with you

Best Quotes & Words to make a Girl fall in Love with you
Best Quotes & Words to make a Girl fall in Love with you
  • How do you want me to forget you, if when I have begun to forget you, I forget to forget you and begin to remember you.
  • You are so sweet that just seeing you makes me gut.
  • If you are really good that green, imagine how you will be when you mature!
  • To light your day I would like to become the sun, and to watch over your dreams, the moon.
  • I want to kiss you so much that it even makes you forget the world and that you realize that love exists.
  • Last night I dreamed of you and it was a fantasy story, you were my enchanted princess and I was your prince charming.
  • I already know that you don’t love me, that you want to get past me, but despite all this, I’m crazy about you.
  • Sleep like angels, and dream of my life with me; because one of these days, you will dream of angels and sleep next to me.
  • What were the buccaneers thinking, when they abandoned this precious treasure.
  • I will make you never forget me, that my name will always remain in your memory and if it is true that in time love perishes, I will make time wait for me.
  • When you look at me I am able to stop time, and I steal sighs from the stars for your kisses, I think that I cannot love you more, and yet, every moment I love you more and more.
  • My head only makes me think of you, you have taken over all my thoughts!
  • The kiss you gave me yesterday killed my lonely life, the warmth of your hugs melted a piece of ice that I carried inside, the memory of what happened encourages me to live and wait for another tomorrow, please do not fail me
  • I ask you for only one side in your life, even if it’s only a few minutes, just a caress, a look with your beautiful eyes from time to time, you don’t have to say anything, silence is enough for me, I don’t need explanations, but please don’t go.
  • I feel like the happiest person in the world when you say “hello” to me or just look at me and smile at me, because I know that, even if it has been a couple of seconds, those seconds have only been dedicated to me.
  • There are so many times that I have thought of you, so many times that I have looked at your photo, that I close my eyes and I can describe every inch of your skin without making a mistake.

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Best sweet, cute, romantic quotes,  sayings, messages, phrases, or words to make a girl fall in love with you. 100+ Sweet Words And Quotes to make her fall in love with you and to make her feel special. Best Quotes & Words to make a girl fall in love with you.

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