Best Things To Text Your Girlfriend To Make Her Happy

Best Things To Text Your Girlfriend To Make Her Happy
Best Things To Text Your Girlfriend To Make Her Happy

What to write to a Girl to make her smile and happy? Top 100 Text Messages or Phrases

In the modern world, virtual communication plays, if not the main, then a rather significant role. Young people simply cannot imagine their life without gadgets. And accordingly, it is on the network that acquaintances, communication, and even the emergence of tender feelings take place.

And, of course, the fact that it is girls who “love with their ears” has been proven long ago and is not a secret to anyone. But what if there is a great desire to compliment or please the girl, but as such, there is no possibility? It is in this case that ingenuity and your favorite smartphone will come to the rescue.

When is it appropriate to write an SMS that will make a Girl smile?

  • A difficult period has come in her life, and now she needs moral support more than ever;
  • She recently completed an important project. Having indicated her dignity and achievements, you will certainly be able to make her smile;
  • The girl is not in the best mood, no matter for what reasons, and, accordingly, positive emotions (albeit in the form of a cute message) are simply shown to her;
  • For no apparent reason, just to remind you of your feelings.

100 Text SMS For Your Girlfriend To Make Her Smile and Happy

The most successful examples of messages that can easily draw a smile on the face of any girl are presented below.

  1. My first thought after waking up is about you!
  2. How nice it is to wake up knowing that today I will see you.
  3. Who is the happiest person on Earth? Well, of course, I am! Because I know you!
  4. What did the sweetest girl dream about?
  5. I didn’t want to wake up at all, because in my dream I saw you.
  6. Good morning, my beloved!
  7. My head is occupied only with thoughts of you!
  8. Hopefully, very soon we will wake up together.
  9. I bet you look even prettier today.
  10.  It’s a pity that now I can’t see your beautiful eyes.
  11.  You know, yesterday I fell asleep, hugging the phone, waiting for your message.
  12.  How long the minutes drag on, waiting for our meeting.
  13.  All night I didn’t sleep a wink thinking about you.
  14.  Dress warmly, it’s windy outside.
  15.  How did the most beautiful girl on Earth sleep?
  16.  The realization that you are in my life makes me the happiest.
  17.  I am so glad that the most amazing girl is mine!
  18.  I dream of waking up in your arms.
  19.  I would very much like the weather today to be as great as your smile.
  20.  I’m just writing to remind you: you are the best on Earth.
  21.  I would like to believe that your dreams were as sweet as yourself.
  22.  Today, however, as always, my thoughts will be occupied only by you.
  23.  Have a nice day, sweetheart! And remember, I am always there.
  24.  I’m proud of you. I believe in you. I love you.
  25.  This dawn would be even more beautiful if you were there.
  26.  I hope next time it is not the birdsong, but your kiss that wakes me up.
  27.  Your smile lights my heart and makes it beat faster.
  28.  May today bring you a lot of positive emotions and pleasant surprises.
  29.  It doesn’t matter what obstacles await me today. I love you – and this is the main thing!
  30.  Wake up, sleepyhead! Great feats await you!
  31.  Dear subscriber! Huge request to stretch out sweetly and smile sweetly!
  32.  You know, I have only one cherished dream – that you smile as often as possible.
  33.  I know that today you have a rather difficult day. Smile and remember – I’m near.
  34.  Not a single star in the sky can compare with the smile of my beloved girl.
  35.  I will overcome everything if you give me your radiant smile.
  36.  I thought about you so much today, and it’s only 6 in the morning.
  37.  Dear subscriber! This message is an official invitation to smile before bed.
  38.  When you fall asleep, you are even more beautiful!
  39.  I can’t sleep … I lie there and smile like a fool!
  40.  How cold it is without your smile!
  41.  I catch myself thinking that I’m damn jealous of the dawn. After all, he is the first to see your incomparable smile.
  42.  Fabulous dreams, my unearthly!
  43.  Rather tomorrow would come, and I could enjoy your smile!
  44.  It is a pity that now you have to contemplate the gloomy faces of your colleagues, and not your magic smile.
  45.  Smile to brighten my thoughts a little.
  46.  This message is charged for the positive. It will be very ugly of you to ignore him and not smile!
  47.  The day you smiled at me for the first time was the happiest moment in my life!
  48.  More than anything, I love it when you smile.
  49.  I’m ready to follow you to the ends of the world! I start the training camp today!
  50.  Don’t worry about trifles. You are the most talented and motivated person. I believe in you!
  51.  Success is just around the corner. Wider smile! I’m with you!
  52.  I’m just going crazy with impatience. Well, when will I see your smile again?
  53.  Thank you for being there!
  54.  I constantly remember your smile. Just remember this.
  55.  I just want to wish you a good day and remind you that I am here … here … below, below. So stop, stop flipping, I’m in your heart!
  56.  You know that the best day starts with a smile, right?
  57.  Promise that after reading this message you will smile!
  58.  With every day spent with you, I love you a hundred times more!
  59.  Love you! Oh, sorry, I was wrong. I very-very love you!
  60.  Without makeup, you look as gorgeous as you do with it!
  61.  Once I fell in love with your smile. And it seems to be forever!
  62.  How do you manage to stay so sexy and attractive all the time?
  63. What are the plans for the evening of the most mischievous and at the same time the most delightful girl on the planet?
  64.  I am sure that even on this cloudy day, your smile can make me the happiest.
  65.  Once, with your unique smile, you already managed to put me on my shoulder blades. Maybe we can repeat it?
  66.  You are my everything, and even more!
  67.  How did you manage to steal my peace in such a short period of time?
  68.  I do not know what you are wearing now, but I know for sure that it suits you very much!
  69.  I love you both funny and sad. But promise to regularly please me with your smile, no matter what happens.
  70.  I know that next to you I will succeed!
  71.  I wonder if you are as sad without my smile as I am without yours?
  72.  You don’t have to reply to this message, just smile.
  73. Is it even legal to be so stunning?
  74.  Even when you don’t call me and don’t write anything, I always think about you.
  75.  You are my happiest hello and saddest goodbye.
  76.  I love it when you get angry, but even more so when you smile!
  77.  Congratulations! You have won an exciting journey called Together and Forever!
  78.  Attention attention! You are surrounded by boundless care and affection. Please stay put and smile.
  79.  If within 10 seconds you do not smile while replying to this message, I will have to find you.
  80.  Millions of people dream of happiness, thousands are looking for it everywhere. And I do not dream and do not seek, because every time your smile gives it to me.
  81. It would be great if I had another girl whom I would love just as much. And she would call you mom.
  82. I never thought that angels were allowed to walk on Earth.
  83.  If I was paid every time I saw someone smarter than you, I would become the poorest.
  84.  I honestly tried to focus on business and not think about you. Sorry, it didn’t work out for me.
  85.  You are so perfect that I would not change anything in you. Perhaps just a surname.
  86.  I haven’t seen your smile for 86,500 long and painful seconds!
  87.  Only your smile fills my life with meaning.
  88.  Next to you, I learned what Paradise on Earth means.
  89.  I solemnly swear always and everywhere to protect you from any adversity.
  90.  I look forward to seeing you! Come back to my arms soon.
  91.  Time flies by with you so inexorably, and without you it turns into sheer torture.
  92.  Thousands of words and millions of actions will not fully express my love for you.
  93. How do you manage to drive me crazy with one look, one smile, one touch?
  94.  Anyone who insists that the moon is beautiful simply did not see your smile.
  95.  Every time I wake up next to you, I understand – dreams come true!
  96.  Close your eyes and remember our first meeting.
  97.  Well, it’s cloudy again. Even the sky yearns for your smile.
  98.  There is only one thing I sincerely regret that I did not meet you earlier.
  99.  Waking up is triple easier when I know I can kiss you soon.
  100. There is no sweeter for me your lips, there is no more desirable trophy than your smile.

All of the above text SMS or good morning lines or options are good for making a girl you already have a romantic relationship with a smile. But what if task number 1 is to give a smile to a still unfamiliar girl, and even through virtual communication? In this case, it is important to remember some unspoken rules that will help create the right atmosphere and allow nascent sympathy to grow into something more.

What Not TO Write?

  • A firm “no” to vulgar jokes! If communication with a girl you like is just emerging, then even one insignificant vulgar hint can reduce the further development of relations to nothing. At the same time, it does not matter at all how funny and funny the joke itself will be. She is unlikely to make a girl smile. But to send you to the blacklist and stop communicating is easy.
  • Making fun of flaws, albeit in a cute way, is unacceptable. Such messages will only offend the girl and, as a result, kill your hope for a joint future.
  • It is important to avoid posting on specific (eg political or prison) topics. Even if, in your opinion, this is the funniest anecdote that can instantly cheer you up.

What to write to an unfamiliar Girl to bring a smile on her face?

  • To begin with, it will not be superfluous to study the tastes and preferences of the chosen one. Surely they can be a great clue. Even if you can’t find the right words, you can always send a funny meme featuring her favorite actor or performer.
  • Non-coercive compliments are a great way to make any girl smile. However, it should be remembered that here, too, there is a rather thin line that it is better not to cross at the initial stage.
  • A funny poem in a comic form will certainly make the object of your adoration laugh. The ideal option is if it is of your own composition. And it doesn’t matter if you’re not very friendly with rhymes since childhood. The main thing is creativity and a sincere desire to cheer up the girl.

Or original short messages that will please any unfamiliar Girl and will make her smile. For example:

  • Of course, we are still too little familiar, but it seems to me that this is easy to fix. I hope you still smile when you see me online.
  • Today I came to your page twenty times. Your smile is just a magnet!
  • Today I was asked who is more attractive – Megan Fox or the one to whom I am writing this message. Guess what I answered?
  • How’s the most mysterious girl doing? It’s good if all is well. But if not, then I am immediately ready to make every effort to correct this misunderstanding.
  • Hey! I just decided to wish you a good day and thereby remind you of myself once again.
  • My dream is to become a regular reason for your smile.
  • I can share with you a thousand reasons to smile. If you promise to give me at least one.
  • If it is in my power to do everything to make you smile – I am ready to do it immediately!
  • Girl, can you tell me how to get to your heart?
  •  Your smile is the smartest I’ve ever seen!

In general, female nature is simple and multifaceted at the same time. And sometimes even an insignificant emoticon and a couple of warm words are enough to make a smile shine on the girl’s face.

Girls love guys with a great sense of humor. It doesn’t take long to write a joke that makes her smile, but the result will pleasantly surprise you. In addition, almost every woman loves surprises. It is not at all necessary to order the delivery of a huge bouquet or buy expensive presents. Attention is what every woman expects from her man. Do you want to “hook up” a girl or leave the friend zone? Give her as much attention as possible. Take an interest in her affairs, write funny and funny SMS, wish good morning and good night.

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