Best tips for a girl and guy on a first date

Tips for a girl on a first date.  The first date is the linning of the couple, because it creates the perception of d d z THOTE. On the one hand, you are haunted by an absolutely normal desire to charm a potential boyfriend, and on the other, you understand that making an impression of him is no less important. What do you need to remember so that your first date is not only pleasant, but also productive?

17 tips for a girl on a first date

Newly intended for the future

  • No forget why you are here.

Do you want to say that you are here? There is nothing reprehensible in both options, the most important thing is that it suits both of you.

Non-committal relationships take a lighter approach to first impressions, but if you’re aiming for more, take a closer look at their priorities, interests, and values.

Remember that you are on a date, not an interview. I came here to make the main decision in my hus, but to communicate hood, take a closer look. Enjoy the moment and don’t let the excitement get the better of you.

  • Choose the right place.

If you are modest, constrained, you are afraid that the whole date will be silent, coffee-restaurant proicles. Choose cultural events where there is something to discuss. Exhibitions, museums, even cinema – if you later move to a more comfortable place.

  • Don’t let the date be too long.

It is not necessary to show the possibility ha Welle that you have so much free time, so that me er. Let these few hours be an indicator of whether there is chemistry between you or not, and not a boring biography retelling.

  • Be careful.

If you are distracted by the phone, this is at least impolite, and at the most, you may miss very important details that will cause you a lot of trouble later. Focus on the interlocutor. The main thing is not what you eat and how you look, but dialogue.

  • No overdo its information.

It’s better to leave a date with a feeling of some kind of understatement than if you tell each other all your secrets and there will be no point in the next date. Extra information can interfere with the perception of you. Let him draw conclusions as he communicates and learns. It’s not necessary to try it for yourself and for that, it’s possible for you to take a look at the wine. Please note on your interests.

  • Be aware of non-verbal cues.

It’s not just what you say, but how you say it. Not that it’s worth it, it’s not that big of a deal. Do not cross your arms and legs, take a comfortable position. Smile more, lean towards the interlocutor. If you copy the gestures and facial expressions a little, it will help to win his trust.

  • Don’t play someone else’s role.

Even if at first it looks like an adventure, sooner or later the masks will fall off, and your gentleman will see in front of him a completely different girl who interested him. No worse, no better, just not quite right for him. In the end, both of you will waste time, and your self-esteem will suffer.

  • Prepare topics for discussion.

First date with a man. How to behave correctly?

Even if you have a boneless tongue and can talk even to the dead, a little preparation won’t hurt. Look through his social networks, pay attention to interests, it will be great if at this stage you will find something in common. If you suddenly lose the thread of the conversation, this will help you.

  • Give compliments.

Believe me, he is nervous too, and perhaps more than you. Nothing settles a person so quickly as a couple of remarks that he looks good or an enthusiastic: “Over! How interesting, I didn’t even know about this! Everyone enjoys being appreciated.

  • Show interest.

In order to defuse the atmosphere, sometimes it is enough to joke or, as if by chance, touch social security. This will calm both of you and help you tune in to a common wave. Don’t act like a spoiled princess, keep it simple.

  • You may have principles that you have the right not to cross.

You should be polite and friendly, but this does not mean that you need to adapt to everyone. There are things that are acceptable to one and taboo to another. The main thing is to know about it in advance. If you are categorically against smoking, and your interlocutor is smoking his fifth cigarette, do not be silent.

  • Not addicted to alcohol.

Drinking a glass of wine to relieve stress is perfectly acceptable. But if you know that later the gentleman will have to drag you to the apartment, it is better to refuse this. The risk is not that of the push button.

  • Pay attention to the little things.

Don’t forget to take a look at the actual nature. Any skillful lie is accompanied by “bells”. If he avoids simple questions, tries to impose his own conditions and speaks badly about exes, this is not yours.

If you don’t get anything serious, what’s the big deal? That is, it is called in the language, and it is said that “too same” is not necessary. Be playful and have fun.

  • Don’t hide your feelings.

Don’t be too serious. In this case, you run the risk of staying with Ecken date invitations, because the companion will decide what. A little mystery doesn’t hurt, but you can and should show your sympathy.

  • Find out about his plans for the future.

Especially if you’re looking for a long-term relationship. It is better to survive the rejection immediately than after six months of courtship to find out that he is going to permanent residence in South Africa, and you are not ready to become the main dish of the natives.

6 tips for a guy on a first date

It is useful not only to know how to behave, but also to understand how men think. Perceive to continue communication with him.

Nobody likes mumbles and mother’s whims. The way a handsome and strong man easily solves problems acts like an aphrodisiac on a woman. Pay attention to what he writes down for himself in achievements and what he focuses on.

  • Good manners.

Everyone loves gentlemen. Saving a beautiful lady is not on the mandatory list of things that you should do on a first date, but the open door in front of you, the hand shaken and the chair pulled back will say a lot about his upbringing and respect for a woman.

  • Sense of humor.

A funny joke opens doors. A good, and most importantly, similar sense of humor facilitates understanding. You can joke about everything that your conscience allows, and black humor can be an excellent detector of fears and complexities. There is nothing worse than when you sent him your favorite meme and replied: “I don’t understand, I’m sorry.”

  • Lack of boasting.

Men are afraid of hunters for other people’s wallets like fire and prefer to hide their income, so if the gentleman is already on the first date waving a platinum card or boasting of an expensive car, beware. Either on the name of the word in Zablozhdenia, and on one side of the tree, the other hand will be there.

  • Accuracy and accuracy.

Expensive suits are not appropriate in the “Mack”, and in a decent restaurant they will not be allowed in sportswear. Pay attention not only to how the gentleman looks, but also to how he feels about it. The situation will be different, no clean shoes and well-groomed hands are always a bonus.

But the most important thing is the quality of your communication. Because it is possible to see it from the tree, it is not necessary to take the drug. Politeness requires remaining gallant and thankful for the time spent together.

Let these tips help you enjoy your date and keep you a little safer. Be open, attentive and cheerful, but keep your ears on top. Good luck!

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