Best Tricky Questions to Ask a Girl!

Best Tricky Questions to Ask a Girl! It seems that the interlocutor is disingenuous somewhere, is not telling something, or is simply in no hurry to open up? Simple questions by type “What are you into?” does not help to see her true character? Then it’s time to ask tricky questions to the girls. These phrases will help you better see the essence of the lady, take her by surprise with an unusual topic, which is why she is unlikely to be able to lie. And her reaction and the meaning of the answer will tell about the details that cannot be caught at a glance or in a conversation on banal topics.

1. How much do you tell your girlfriends?

Many men do not like it when their chosen ones share the details of their personal lives, especially frank or negative ones, with their friends. The desire for intimacy and non-publicity in this regard can be understood. Therefore, for those who support such views, it is better to look for a lady who sets boundaries in communication with friends. To understand whether the interlocutor belongs to this type, it is enough to ask her a few clarifying questions.

  • Do you share details of your s@x life with your friends? How detailed?
  • If there is a small quarrel between us, will you tell your friends about it? What if there’s a big fight?
  • Do your friends already know that you and I know each other? What did you tell them about me?
  • Who would you tell about the fact that we started dating/married in the first place?
  • How important is your friend’s opinion of your man to you?

If a woman is very frank with her girlfriends and the guy does not like it very much, you can ask if she will agree to take privacy more seriously in this relationship. Although, as a rule, one conversation and a request is not enough for a lady who is accustomed to such a model of communication to suddenly want to change it.

Best Tricky Questions to Ask a Girl!

2. Are you ready for marriage?

A good question for determining the level of self-esteem and goals of the young lady. The answer also shows how seriously she takes marriage, which she considers the key to a strong and healthy relationship. Whether she is ready to give something in return, and not just consume the resources of a man is another feature that can be learned from her words. What is disturbing? If the girl replies that she is ready for marriage and argues this:

  • their age (“the clock is ticking”);
  • only by the desire to have children;
  • the fact that all her friends are already married;
  • a strong desire to become “ringed”;
  • nothing, can not explain the reasons for his “readiness”.

A potential spouse will talk about those qualities that will help in the relationship of the couple. She will reasonably explain why she considers herself mature enough and what, in her opinion, a strong family looks like. In her words – logic, clarity and practicality. A girl who is close to the role of a wife and may become one in the future, but is not yet ready for this, will also give arguments in favor of her opinion. She will let the guy understand what it is important for her to improve in order to consider herself a good wife.

3. Do you think I’m a womanizer? Why?

Such a phrase will help to understand how the interlocutor sees the guy. This question is essentially the same as “What don’t you like about me?”, but he is more cautious, veiled. At the same time, the girl will more readily and frankly share her doubts about her boyfriend. You can also hear in her response:

  • how she relates to betrayal, windiness, what are her limits of fidelity;
  • whether he perceives a man adequately, whether he creates an idealized image in his head;
  • how directly and delicately he can talk about other people’s minuses;
  • what he expects from his chosen one in terms of behavior and character;
  • how seriously she considers a guy as her mate.

She can lie a little, saying that she does not consider the interlocutor a womanizer. However, in this case, she will not be able to argue in favor of her opinion. She will respond with something like: “I don’t know”, “It just seems that way”, “I believe you”without substantiating your words. They will hide the essence of her prejudices or naivety.

4. Can you kiss a girl on the Nth date?

The Nth date refers to the current meeting or the current stage of the relationship. And the real significance of the question lies not at all in the permission to kiss the girl. This phrase will let you know:

  • how liberated the girl is. If she does not let herself be kissed for too long, then perhaps she is simply inflating her worth or not interested enough in a guy;
  • how he behaves when he is a little nervous. Whether he changes the topic, falls into a stupor, or, conversely, starts talking a lot and quickly, whether he laughs it off;
  • does she want a kiss. Embarrassment with a smile, a direct positive response, licking or biting her lips suggests that she is waiting to be kissed;
  • how straightforward is it?. How does she respond? Clearly, extremely clear, frankly, without complexes? Or evasively, in hints, blushing?

After such a question, the girl will really expect a kiss at the end of the meeting. If she clearly wants him, and the man at the same time leaves her with nothing, she may suspect that they are playing with her, and change her opinion about the interlocutor for the worse.

Best Tricky Questions to Ask a Girl!

5. Why do you think I have a complex?

Another way to hear about yourself all the ins and outs without asking about your minuses directly. What do the different types of response to this question mean:

  • thinks and considers the guy for a long time – he doesn’t know him well, until he is aware of his shortcomings;
  • immediately answers that there are no complexes – idealizes the guy or considers him very confident (although this can also be part of idealization);
  • names several possible complexes – she has studied the interlocutor well, she is interested in him. However, among the listed options, things may be hidden that she herself does not like in this man;
  • she presses her head a little on her shoulders, makes a guilty look and hesitates to answer – she worries about the guy’s feelings, although she has something to say. It is not a fact that the cons of the interlocutor, which she managed to see, are critical for her.

Here, too, as in questions 3-4, the degree of straightforwardness, honesty, and stiffness during unusual conversations is expressed. After waiting for her answer, you can tell her about your real experiences, insecurity about something and ask how she feels about it. This will also express her level of empathy, the desire to understand another person, the ability to support.

6. Are you against your boyfriend watching 18+ movies?

The answer reflects the degree of constraint of the lady, how ready she is and whether she even allows to talk about such topics. Sometimes this phrase helps a girl to reveal her sense of humor and the ability to understand it.

While the question itself is a bit comical, there are many couples who fight over s@xual or looseness issues. That is why the woman’s answer is really better to be taken seriously. For the sake of interest, you can also ask what a girl would do if she caught her young man watching a p@rnographic film:

  • joined to view;
  • calmly explained that she did not like it and asked to stop;
  • offended, made a scandal or played “silent”;
  • switched attention to herself by offering s@x;
  • turned her attention to anything but s@x;
  • she pretended not to notice;
  • broke off relations with him.

Her answer will reflect the attitude to this issue, the reaction to the difference of views, the ability to discuss this and solve such problems.

7. “Paradise in a hut” or marry an unloved, but rich?

Both money and personal life are two very important parts. It is extremely difficult to single out the main one, and there is no special need. However, one component will still outweigh the priorities. And most importantly – to understand whether these principles do not contradict the guy and the girl. And what answers of the lady herself can alert, regardless of the degree of compatibility of the couple in such views:

  • instant unambiguous choice in favor of a relationship. Most often, this speaks of insincerity, an attempt to impress at any cost;
  • avoidance of the answer in general – unwillingness to admit their “minuses” or be honest;
  • a clear, almost categorical emphasis on money and attempts to find out about the guy’s income. Why then does the girl communicate with him at all, hoping for something? And what is she willing to offer in return?

Everyone wants to live in prosperity, this is a normal desire. However, only as long as it does not include manipulation of other people, attempts to make themselves happy by hurting someone.

Best Tricky Questions to Ask a Girl!

8. Am I better than your ex?

The differences between the ex-boyfriend and the current interlocutor do not play a big role. What matters is how a woman speaks about people from the past. Since she broke up with the previous young man, then something did not suit her in their relationship. In what manner she speaks of such negativity is a litmus test of her character. What is disturbing:

  • aggression at the mention of ex-partners: screaming, obvious anger, obscene language, outright disdain, gloating;
  • blaming only ex-boyfriends for everything, focusing precisely on their minuses and mistakes;
  • presenting oneself as a victim, absolute denial of one’s missteps;
  • a direct message that the man from the past was the best and the current interlocutor cannot be compared with him;
  • a combination of several of the above.

The normal reaction is to talk about previous relationships in a neutral way, or even with a drop of gratitude for the experience. If she does not want to talk about it, because she is not ready yet, it is better not to ask her further, but to show respect for her personal space.

9. How to conquer you?

It allows you to understand whether the girl knows what she wants, whether she is aware of her interests, whether they are too changeable. It is unlikely that she will give a clear instruction on how to conquer herself, but she will still throw in a few ideas and thoughts. What answers indicate that she herself does not understand her own desires and that it will most likely be difficult with her?

  • “I don’t know”, “Never thought about it” and other vague phrases, as well as a long silence.
  • “Guess for yourself”, “What do you think?” – coquetry on a par with attempts to remove responsibility for words.
  • Conflicting answers like: “To be persistent, active, while not interfering, not looming before my eyes”.
  • Common phrases: “Just to love”, “Be a Real Man”.
  • Disproportionate requests: “To be a successful, smart, handsome president named Alfred and that the blood type must be the fourth”.

With such a lady, you will have to guess, read minds, be prepared for whims and a sharp change in mood and desires. But it will definitely appeal to guys who love confusing riddles, randomness and ways to complicate their lives.

10. What do you like about yourself?

Self-esteem, character, the ability to express yourself beautifully and clearly – this is what a man learns about his chosen one from the answer. If she respects, loves herself adequately, it will even be easier to fall in love with her.

Reverse isolation, belittling one’s merits and data are signs that problems may arise in the relationship later. A man will have to play the role of a good parent or psychotherapist and solve other people’s problems.

Tricky questions for girls will help to better reveal their character, get to the bottom of the truth, and understand compatibility in a couple. Even if the interlocutor in the end does not fit the role of a girl / wife, such topics are a good reason to have fun and relax together. New impressions after such a conversation and interesting conclusions are guaranteed. And such phrases will also appeal to guys who like to watch young ladies cutely embarrassed.

Best Tricky Questions to Ask a Girl!

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