100+ Best WhatsApp Love Status, Quotes, And Captions

100+ Best WhatsApp Love Status, Quotes, And Captions
100+ Best WhatsApp Love Status, Quotes, And Captions

100+ Best WhatsApp Love Status, Quotes, And Captions in English. You hang on your smartphone for hours and you have been writing with the same person for a long time. You have to admit that after a long time you can feel butterflies in your stomach again, but still, you can’t put your feelings into words.

You are still afraid if it is too early to say “I love you”, you even wonder if there is the right moment for something like that.

I would say no, because I always act from my gut, and in the end, it also shows that it was the right decision.

But if you think it’s true love, you don’t want to rush anything. You don’t want to take the other person off guard, but you still want to convey your feelings in a certain way.

Since you will be constantly on your smartphone anyway, we will now help you, because typing with your crush shouldn’t be boring and here you get some nice love sayings that you can use as an informal confession of love.

Saying “I love you” for the first time can be easy. Your message of love will get across, but still, it won’t be too emotional or intrusive.

I don’t want to keep you tortured any longer, so let’s throw ourselves into the declarations of love that can’t leave anyone indifferent.

Such a love poem is suitable for every occasion, regardless of whether you just wish someone a good morning or want to make Valentine’s Day even more beautiful.

Or you can also use them as WhatsApp status quotes to give your crush a little tip about your feelings.

We are well prepared and we are now sharing the best Best WhatsApp Love Status, Sayings, Quotes, And Captions in English with you. Well, have fun!

WhatsApp Love Status, Quotes, And Captions: when words touch!

WhatsApp Love Status, Quotes, And Captions: when words touch!
WhatsApp Love Status, Quotes, And Captions: when words touch!

1. How nice that you are with me because our love is really the most beautiful.

2. In the world there are no two identical days, no two identical people, no two identical events, and thus no two identical loves, because every love is experienced anew.

3. Come here and sit down on my lap because I have to tell you something, because my love for you is so great that I now give it to you with a kiss.

4. A lioness does not turn around when dogs bark, only when her lion roars.

5. Our souls are related, I recognized that when we met for the first time.

6. I actually wanted to send you a romantic message in a bottle, a carrier pigeon, and a messenger on the white horse – but I couldn’t wait that long to tell you I love you!

7. Fate lets the paths of two people who belong together cross so often that they both realize that they are meant for each other.

8. I haven’t listened to the radio since I’ve known you, because you’re a real hit!

9. I sit here and think of you! It occurs to me because I only love you!

10. Sometimes I have grief. Sometimes the shoe pinches. But then I dial your number, because whoever heals me is you!

11. Getting to know love is one of the most beautiful experiences in the world.

12. I found it! And? How is she? Nice body? Pretty Woman? Nah, she has a heart and knows how to love!

13. I think I found the right one. Can I keep you forever?

14. You are someone to the world. But for someone you are the world.

15. I don’t need a pill, no rose-colored glasses, and not even 2 per thousand – because I can take you well, in all situations!

16. One can chop wood, make bricks, forge iron without love.

17. The knowledge that you have found your kindred soul is the greatest fulfillment in life.

18. Our love is like an intoxication that I didn’t sleep off in the morning either.

19. Love is life because it opens feeling, mind, and senses.

20. You are my only sunshine, give me light for night and day, I never leave you alone because I always like to have you with me.

21. But you cannot deal with people without love.

22. My heart, it rages like rough seas when I stand before you full of longing. The sails are now being hoisted because I hope you kiss me. And if you kiss me, I’ll be better, then my ship will sail into calmer waters.

23. Adam and Eve thought it up, I and my darling thought it up too.

24. In my life I have everything – but without you everything is nothing.

25. Love is the most beautiful thing in the world, love that holds two people together.

26. It is not beauty that decides who we love, but love that decides whom we find beautiful.

27. Instead of roses, violets, poinsettia, I’ll just send you “I love you”!

28. In love with your voice Sound as beautiful as nightingale’s song. Words of love from your mouth, he makes a promise with them.

Enchanted by your deep brown eyes that are never good for lying. I saw in it, we will never part!

29. Our love is stronger than any misfortune or fate. If we ever lose it, it will always find its way back to us.

30. Your eyes light up me so that I can only think of you. So I hope you understand me too when I tell you, “I love you!”

Best WhatsApp Love Status, Sayings, Quotes, And Captions in English
Best WhatsApp Love Status, Sayings, Quotes, And Captions in English

31. Happiness is often what you cannot see because it is too close to our eyes. You are looking for it like glasses that you have on your nose.

Happiness is known to be a gift that comes to us, but remember that only those who decide to be happy are really happy.

32. Love gives peace of mind, let’s live in harmony with it.

33. And if we are many miles apart, I am glad that we know each other. You are one of those people who are never forgotten. Because you are special.

34. Close your eyes and think of me, because I’m thinking about you right now! Have a sweet dream and dream of me, because I definitely dream of you!

35. I love you and your figure. Nothing can be more beautiful than your face. Nothing is as good and pure as your mouth promises. And if I have to go, I beg you, no matter what, don’t forget me.

No matter how far time takes me, my heart is always full of you. Your face lives in my gaze, so you are always with me.

36. Blind trust – unconditional love means knowing what I am ready to do for you.

37. Preserving love is one of the most difficult tasks and the greatest success in the world.

38. Flowers need sunshine and I need you to be happy!

39. You are the reason why I dream during the day and cannot sleep at night.

40. Like the flower with its leaves I stretch out my love to you, am your rose, tulip, carnation, am your big bouquet of flowers.

41. I’m sitting here on a ray of sunshine, I’ll send it to you and say hello! With such a small sun salutation your day will be very sweet!

42. No matter how many more times I tell you that I love you, it will never come close to expressing what I really feel!

43. Unavailable, I am currently looking for a way to your heart.

44. I wish I was your cuddly bear. Then I would be with you day and night. I would scurry under your blanket and snuggle up close to your tummy.

45. I don’t read WhatsApp messages, I wait until you call and tell me: “I love you”!

46. ​​A minute without you: to cope with. An hour without you: excruciating! A day without you: pointless! A year without you: unimaginable! A life without you: hell! I love you!

47. I have seen rainbows in all their glory. The great wide space on a starry night. I’ve seen sunsets that make you cry, but never a face as beautiful as yours.

48. The nice thing about love is that it surprises us again and again.

49. Love – it is said beautifully and correctly – is a thing that is extremely important. Not only do you consider what you do with it yourself, no, you’re also excited to see what others do with things like that.

50. For whom are you important, for whom do you mean what? In really tough times you see that. You see all the lies, but also those people who care about you and who fight for you.

It is often not easy to find the truth when hope and strength slowly fade over time. But do not stop looking for love at any time! Because my love for you is forever.

51. Shake hands with me until the end of our lives!

52. There are 6 billion people in the world, 6 billion souls, and sometimes you only need one – I need you! I love you!

53. Even if we soar above the clouds, I will give you my love. Because it is deep, my heart is only yours – oh, we could be angels.

54. Beauty attracts, character holds on.

55. It is difficult to put my love into words – but is that even necessary? Don’t you feel how much I love you

56. No matter how many more times I tell you that I love you, it will never come close to expressing what I really feel!

57. WhatsApp status is on strike today, because I’m completely in love!

58. My love for you is infinitely great, it is stable as a tree, it swims to you like a sealing raft.

59. You give me strength and yet you are my greatest weakness.

60. Love is the strongest power in the world and yet it is the most humble one can imagine.

Best WhatsApp Love Status, Sayings, Quotes, And Captions in English
Best WhatsApp Love Status, Sayings, Quotes, And Captions in English

61. Even if I can be reached by mobile phone around the clock: Since I fell in love with you, I’ve only been mentally absent!

62. You showed me feelings that I didn’t even know before, brought me to sins that burned myself.

63. I wish I were your cuddly bear. I would be with you day and night. I would scurry under your blanket and snuggle up close to your tummy.

64. Love is a great festival that gives us anxious hope. Do we want to exchange tenderness, get intoxicated with longing?

65. If you think that you can only share the love with one person, you are standing in your own way.

66. Nothing is stronger than love. The whole world kneels before her.

67. What should I do with New Year’s Eve? You’re a blast all year round and set off fireworks in me!

68. Love moves rocks and makes the impossible possible.

69. Today I want to confess my love to you. Tell you that I want to go your way with you. Share with you every hour of our life. Without you, my being and work are in vain.

70. The table has four legs so that it cannot wobble. But if we have both feet firmly on the ground, we will never falter!

71. Forever is a long time. But I wouldn’t mind spending it with you.

72. There are millions of stars in the sky, the sea consists of billions of drops. But I only love you so much, you make my little heartbeat!

73. I have your face in front of my eyes. Your scent in my nose, because your voice sounded in my ears, your name in my heart – just one thought in my head: I love you.

74. 120 characters are not enough to tell you what a sugar mouse you are. Which is so sweet and beautiful and so full of happiness and peace. How could I not love my sugar mouse?

75. Love also needs care. If I pay less attention to the beloved, love can gradually lose strength. If, on the other hand, I leave room in me for the desire to bring joy to the beloved anew every day, love can grow.

76. A life without you is like a day without light.

Sad WhatsApp love Status, Quotes, and Captions

Sad WhatsApp love Status, Quotes, and Captions in English
Sad WhatsApp love Status, Quotes, and Captions in English

Just in case of emergency, when something doesn’t go according to plan and for the first time you don’t know how to proceed, we have also prepared a few sad sayings.

When you’re sad, you want to think about everything, funny pictures don’t help us. One looks for sayings with depth, because love poetry can also be profound and contain a few hidden love messages.

Before you write thousands of love letters to your partner about how bad you are, take a look around here. Although they are sad sayings, they can hide quite nice sayings that are suitable for love SMS.

1. I feel dead, deep down, only the pain lets me know that I am still alive.

2. Always being happy and always living in an unclouded good mood does not mean knowing the dark side of the world.

3. Get in touch, because my heart cannot do without you!

4. Sometimes the moment takes away what the years give you.

5. I am completely alone here, oh, I could only be with you!

6. At some point someone will hug you so hard that all the splinters of your heart will stick together again!

7. Time does not heal all wounds and all pain. She just hides the grief very deep in her heart.

8. Your love is strength and expression of your kindness, would like to be your tender flower. Would like to blossom, together with you and your thoughts, our love does not waver.

9. Sometimes a person has to cry so much that there is room in his heart for a smile again.

10. It is true that when one person leaves, another comes eventually. But it is also true that the person who left gave you something that no one else can give you.

11. I hope you get what you want … But I still hope that I am …

12. He who has a big heart will be able to survive great grief.

13. The sun darkens when you no longer enrich my life!

14. A love greeting over the electronic data network, because I am sending you now.

If you are not with your sweetheart, you can send him messages this good night my sweetheart

15. Do you know that? You think of the old days. At first it makes you overjoyed, but then you burst into tears.

16. Sad people laugh best because they know what happiness means.

17. The worst way to miss someone is by standing by their side and knowing that they will never belong to you.

18. Tell someone as often as you can that you love them because the day will come when it will be too late.

19. Never ask how I am … You don’t want to hear the answer! Never ask what I need … you won’t give it to me anyway! Never ask how much I like you …

20. It means nothing to you! And when I cry, never ask why You wouldn’t understand anyway that it’s your fault!

21. I lock my heart in a cage from my frozen tears, then no one can hurt it anymore.

22. I will never forget how sweet you were to me when we first met.

23. What did you do to me? As soon as you are gone, my life consists only of the night! You are the air I breathe – without you, I don’t exist!

24. Life is like a theater! Everyone gets a role. I got the most difficult one. First love, then forget!

WhatsApp sweet Status, Quotes, and sayings in English

WhatsApp sweet Status, Quotes, and sayings in English
WhatsApp sweet Status, Quotes, and sayings in English

The language of love is difficult to understand, but the most beautiful love quotes in English will knock your crush off your socks. Find your suitable declaration of love!

1. Love is when the other person’s happiness is more important than your own.

2. Life is a game and true love is a trophy.

3. You are my sun, my moon, and all my stars.

4. I love you so much! It is simple like that!

5. Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead. -Oscar Wilde

6. The things I find most beautiful about a person are almost never physical.

7. Love is friendship that has caught fire. It is quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing, and forgiving. It is loyalty through good and bad times. It settles for less than perfection and makes allowances for human weaknesses.

8. I’m always tired, but never of you.

9. Love is the answer, and you know that for sure; Love is a flower, you’ve got to let it grow.

10. Love is moral even without legal marriage, but marriage is immoral without love.

What do famous poets say about love?

Everyone knows that not everyone is born to write. But we know a few well-known poets who shared their words with us and their rhymes have hidden messages that are not visible at first glance.

• How blessed have you made me

How have you made me happy
You mild, dark summer night!
It was so quiet in the wide area,
there was also mouth to mouth in silence –
my love kissed me!

I dream it at night in sweet peace,
in a dream it’s what I do during the day, do
don’t know whether storm or sunshine,
just have to smile to myself:
my dearest has kissed me!

Oh, may I announce what urges me,
What throbbing almost bursts my chest, So
that the world, which grants nothing,
can grasp the whole sky:
My dearest has kissed me!

(Angelika von Hörmann)

• Beauty

I want to pour the sweet potion of the world’s
beauty into golden bowls – And forever drunk, swaying and swaying deeply sipping
to enjoy, step by step –
Then I want to
sink quietly into the sea of ​​sins of Earth’s beauty
And still dying and heavy with waves
Just drink – drink –

(Joseph Roth)

• Sonnet 164

The mild air that moves towards the sun
And swings the gold, so Cupid weaves and winds –
With beautiful eyes and with curls the
weary heart binds, the fleeing spirits stir.

What my body only cherishes of marrow and blood,
It trembles when it feels the nearness, Which
death and life often, as it is found,
swings and weighs in a changeable bowl,

I see the rays burn, so ignite me,
The knots flash, which caught me,
And whether right and left shoulder spread.

I can not believe it; therefore I can never announce it;
My mind is caught up in such lights,
depressed and dull from such sweets.

(Francesco Petrarca)

• Oh man! Pay attention

What does deep midnight say?
“I slept, I slept -,
I woke up from a deep dream: –
The world is deep,
And deeper than the day thought,
deep is its woes -,
Pleasure – deeper even than heartache :
Woe says: Pass!
But all pleasure wants eternity -,
– wants deep, deep eternity! “

(Friedrich Nietzsche)

• Speak under which heavenly signs

Speak! Under which sky sign
the day lies,
where my heart, which is my own,
no longer flies away?
And, if it flew, is
very close to me to reach? –
On the cushion, the sweet, the soft,
Where my heart is hers.

(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

• Love teaches

Love teaches
me to speak sweetly,
Since sweetness
taught me to love.

I am not
poor in your arms,
you hug me
you sweet poverty.

How rich am I
in your realm, the
wealth of love
you give me.

O loveliness!
O rich poverty!
Embrace me
in love arms.

(Clemens Brentano)

• Heinrich Heine

You are like a flower,
so lovely and beautiful and pure;
I look at you, and melancholy
creeps into my heart.
I feel as if I
should put my hands on your head,
Praying that God may keep you
so pure and beautiful and lovely.

• Wolf Dietrich

First that little smile, then a long look,
I looked at you, you looked back,
I came up to you as if pulled by a thread, but
then I quickly turned.
There was no escape, it was predetermined
that we would meet again afterwards.
And we both knew there was no going back:
with us, it was love at first sight!

• Friedrich Rückert

You are my soul, you are my heart,
you are my bliss, o you are my pain,
you are my world in which I live, you my
, in which I float, O you my grave, into which
I forever gave my grief.
You are the rest, you are the peace,
you are the heaven granted to me.
That you love me makes me worthy of me,
your gaze has transfigured me before me,
you lift me above me lovingly,
my good spirit, my better self!

I am sure that you were able to find something suitable best WhatsApp sweet, romantic, beautiful love status, sayings, quotes, and captions in English among the variety of love poems and declarations of love so that you can finally put your feelings into words.

And now, on the cell phones, done and start typing!

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