Can a long friendship grow into love


Many people are sure that friendship between a man and a woman will end sooner or later in bed. When you spend time with one person, you are bound by common aspirations, a strong attachment appears. How to notice that just friendship has long grown into love.

Variety of relationships

There are no taboo topics between friends. Even of different sexes, they can discuss each other’s love adventures, hug, comfort. And this is only within the limits of meetings and friendly support. Experts assure that friendship between a man and a woman is a self-deception, which is rooted in sexual attraction.

Psychologists say that the strongest families begin with friendship. Partners first come together on the basis of common interests, and then feelings develop into deeper and more tender ones. Over time, the intensity of passions can fall and people remain friends who will always come to each other’s aid. You know what everyone is capable of, there will be no unexpected unpleasant surprises.

In front of a man friend, there is no need to constantly maintain the image of a beautiful and clever girl in order to appear better in his eyes. You can be yourself and have fun. Many find a special charm in an open relationship with the opposite sex. But what to do if at one fine moment, you began to look at him with different eyes, feelings appeared that cannot be called friendly.

What relationships develop into SW format and how they end.

How to understand that friendship has grown into love

One day, you woke up and something clicked in your heart and head: you won’t be able to communicate as before. Love relationships leave their mark on conversations, interests. How to understand in advance that something has changed between you:

  • Daily meetings that last for a long time and grow into a hobby. You go to visit together, to the cinema, cafes;
  • A friend of a man is ready to come at midnight to help “take the cat out of the tree.” And it will be sincere;
  • You receive expensive and meaningful gifts from him;
  • You are pleased when your partner touches you inadvertently. Hugs are great fun. And frank flirting crosses the line of “permissible”;
  • Tenderness, admiration soars in the atmosphere around you. You catch sensual looks on you.

If this is the case, then you need to have a serious talk and, possibly, move to a new stage in the relationship. This could be a great time for both of you.

The transition goes unnoticed. The guy can be the first to show stronger feelings, invite you on a romantic date, hint at sex. There is no clear line between friendship and love. They have common concepts of mutual assistance, support, interesting adventures.

How to break up with a married manwhen a relationship has outgrown or exhausted itself

Does friendship between a man and a woman always end in marriage?

Often there are situations when one in a couple is already in love and through friendship wants to attract attention and be always there. The friend zone can be stressful. The right option would be an active development of events, a frank conversation.

If you intentionally want to transform your relationship into something more, first of all, you need to give up the role of a younger sister who needs the help of an older brother. Attract his attention with bright accessories, beautiful clothes, romantic trifles in the form of candles, perfumes. And then just communication will grow into something more.

A long friendship is always a sign that people fit each other in character, they have something to talk about, they are brought together by common interests. And life can ruin everything. Both can benefit from a no-obligation relationship.

But it should be remembered that a fleeting desire for intimacy can ruin everything. And you will lose not only a lover, but also a true friend. Practice shows that quite often friendship between partners of opposite sex develops into a love relationship.


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