Can friendship turn into love, how to get out of the friend zone?

Can friendship turn into love, how to get out of the friend zone? An urgent issue in which it is never possible to come to a consensus is always friendship between opposite sexes. How much jealousy and conflict in couples occurs because the wife communicates with male friends.

Even more problems are found by men who prefer to build friendly relations with female colleagues, communicate with them, not paying attention to gender. But everyone is always interested not only in this. Can friendship grow into love? What to do if you treat a person with sympathy, but he simply does not notice your bright feelings?

What connects friendship and love?

Both of these quivering feelings are beautiful in their own way. It is impossible to imagine a filled happy person who would not be surrounded by loved ones. It doesn’t matter if your friend is male or female. Here we are talking about the real unity of souls.

It happens that people who are connected by many years of friendship suddenly enter into a romantic relationship. Such situations are far from uncommon. Some manage in this way to resolve friendly contacts that have functioned well for decades.

Friendship and love are very similar. It can probably be argued that, without friendly close relationships, there is no need to talk about long-term love. Each strong couple, first of all, is a kindred person in spirit and perception of the world for each other.

Mutual respect for each other plays an equally important role in both manifestations of feelings. Can friendship grow into love? It is likely that if people treat each other reverently, listen, and most importantly, they already know how to make concessions, find compromise solutions.

True friendship is characterized by stability. Even if friends misunderstood each other or were offended, their conflict fades over time. The reason for this is an urgent need to be close to a person you like. In this case, it is possible to turn a blind eye to many things.

Spouses who accept each other with all the advantages and disadvantages are much more likely to have a long happy life. At first they were just friends. During this time there was a grinding in, all the personal qualities of people were revealed. When such communication flows into a romantic relationship, the partners already know a lot about each other. Friendship means throwing back masks, sincerity and passion.

Signs of falling in love

The first bell by which you can understand that friendship is no longer friendship is body language and the desire for physical contact. Friends also hug and kiss each other when they meet. But everyone understands that these are completely different in terms of the impact of touch.

If your friend or girlfriend begins to gently touch your hands, hug a little tighter, put their head on your shoulder, the process has already begun. A person cannot fully control his feelings. Words can be held back, but the body and gestures will always betray their true message.

When there is a feeling of nerve, tension, we can conclude that the vector in communication has changed. People who are drawn to each other often experience a special current running between them.

Following some discomfort in communication, which was not observed before, a feeling of jealousy may appear. It must be understood that between friends there is no such destructive emotion. But lovers, for sure, at least once in their lives experienced irritation if the partner communicated with someone else, especially a representative of the opposite sex.

How do you know if your friendship can turn into love? Think about whether you personally began to think more about this person? When people fall in love, they begin to constantly see the image of the object of sympathy. Sometimes it becomes like paranoia, an obsession. It suddenly becomes important for you where and with whom your friend is now, what he is doing, what he is thinking or talking about.

Consider pleasant surprises as obvious signs. If a friend has begun to give you gifts often without any reason, he seeks to please. This behavior is more characteristic of falling in love. A friend can give you something long-awaited for the holiday, thus thank you for the service.

He won’t spend weeks coming up with a bright surprise. How many stories on the web from guys and girls who are in the friend zone. They only do what they complain about the inattention and indifference of their friend, who began to be perceived differently by them. They try, strive to surprise, amaze, but nothing comes of it. It’s simple – friendship can, but does not have to develop into love. What you feel is not always what the other person needs. Then he either really does not see any attempts to get closer, or he deliberately closes his eyes to such changes.

Love and friendship are the most important feelings in the life of each of us. If you are lucky enough to fall in love with an old friend, then this is a great success. Now it is important to be able to rebuild and lay a new vector in the relationship.

Can friendship turn into love, how to get out of the friend zone?

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