Can jealousy improve relationships? In some situations


People express their feelings in different ways. In relationships, some tend to be passive romantics, while others tend to be active dominants. However, there is something that, according to the generally accepted opinion, can destroy the strongest couples. Jealousy is a state when you do not want to share your soul mate with anyone else. Sometimes it is pathological, that is, not dependent on a specific situation. And then it’s worth considering – is it possible to get at least some benefit from an affair with the owner, or is it worth saying goodbye?

The content of the article

First of all, it is worth saying that in this case we are not talking about critical situations, when powerful pressure begins from one of the partners. The desire to keep a loved one close is not an excuse for abusive behavior. After all, now is not the time to turn a companion into a personal slave to satisfy a whim. Jealousy as a tool of manipulation – this is exactly what we are talking about. Is it possible to find a practical benefit, or is it impossible?

Excellence Through Criticism

For some people, jealousy becomes the strongest catalyst for self-improvement. Even if there is no reason to suspect a passion for something, such individuals seek to prevent any problems in advance. They become more attentive, give gifts, make pleasant surprises.

In general, they create an image of a trustworthy partner who should not be exchanged for anyone else. This is the most positive option that exists in couples with jealous partners.

And the most peaceful, because in this case all the energy is directed not to quarrels, but to improving the quality of relations.

risky assertion

Sometimes some jealous people find some kind of perverse pleasure in the fact that others pay attention to their soul mate. It says something about the peculiarities of these lovers. A man is always proud that his companion causes a sensation among other guys. But all this is nice and decent only at the stage of “look, do not touch with your hands.” Once such curious cross the invisible border, and jealousy becomes destructive. But on the other hand, there is still a certain benefit in this case.

The strongest aphrodisiac

Like it or not, even quarrels are sometimes just an occasion for passionate reconciliation. There is even such a thing as zelophilia. This is sexual arousal from jealousy. And if all this is not accompanied by a severe infringement of the rights and freedoms of another person, then this is only a plus. The partner will turn on only at the thought that someone can flirt with his soul mate, so he will immediately want to prove his superiority.

This is for the best – regular and violent sex has never harmed a relationship.

Proof of true feelings

The most logical thing you can come to when thinking about the benefits of jealousy is the presence of love. After all, if a person is indifferent to his passion, then he will not turn to any encroachments in her direction. Again, all this is good in moderation. If there is even the slightest sign that a guy or a girl is trying to protect you from the whole society, then a serious conversation is required here.

After all, few people want to live in a cage, even one built of good intentions. Try to discuss with your loved one everything that does not suit you. After all, it may turn out that his doubts and worries are not as groundless as it seems at first glance.

Unintentional protection

A jealous companion is not always a gift. But if he keeps within the bounds of decency, he can become an excellent defender. Such a person is already aimed at ensuring that there are fewer “suspicious types” in your environment. Of course, you should not give false alarms, but in case of certain problems, you can rely on it.

This is relevant if you want to dot the “i” and drive away obsessive fans. But be careful, because some jealous people choose not the best ways to eliminate interference, which can lead to different consequences.

Love relationships are always multifaceted and not alike. If some have a normal separate rest, then others consider it unacceptable. The situation is exactly the same with those who cannot restrain their sense of ownership. It makes you do crazy things and even become cruel to those you love. But do not be categorical, because even in the most negative phenomenon you can always find a positive motive.

Be gentle and patient with your jealous soulmates. And if you yourself constantly suffer from paranoia caused by the non-existent lovers of your passion, then just take a sober look from the outside. After all, if you are ready to hurt those who are dear, just for the sake of your own ego, then there can be no question of sincere feelings.

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