Can you live alone without love and truly be happy?

If you have wondered if you can live only for love with your partner and you don’t know the answer, don’t worry! This article will help you clear up your doubts. Can you live alone without love and truly be happy?

On this occasion, I take the opportunity to demystify the famous phrase that we all know, the one that says that “the love conquers all”.

I will not lie, although it is a very important factor in our emotional bond, it is not entirely sufficient to sustain a solid relationship as a couple.

The truth is, it is somewhat more complex that, depending on the context, will need other elements such as golden rules to keep him by your side.

Therefore, I have decided to help you a little by clarifying everything that is speculated about the idea that a affective relationship survives only with love.

You simply have to continue reading to discover those elements that must also be taken into account and influence the duration of the relationship.

Believe it or not, age influences

An affective relationship survives only with love

This point is supported in two ways or, rather, from two perspectives that have an impact on affective ties.

The first has to do with the stages that we live at different ages, that is, when you are very young, perhaps, your love interests are less committed; you want to know the world, people and live many experiences, so love is not such a determining factor for you in the relationship.

In the second, if there is a significant age difference between the two, the interests may also vary, so you don’t live only on love.

For example, if you are in your twenties and that person is reaching his forties, it is very likely that love has a different meaning for both of you, which could cause interests to clash, for example, while one thinks about trips, experiences, and others. , the other, perhaps, think of a more stable life.

So, in a nutshell, love is not the only thing that would suffice In these cases, to sustain an affective relationship, it is also necessary to the ideal couple.

Interests and commitment as a key factor

As you well know, they say that love comes without warning, sometimes it happens too fast and arrows us without realizing it.

So, when you go out with someone, you take that big step with who you like so much and live the honeys of love. However, there comes a time when interests and commitment begin to gain importance, as well as other elements.

An example of this could be when one of the two wants to undertake a project, but the other person is not committed enough. Also, it could be that an abandonment and lack of support is perceived in what one of the two wants to do.

To this is added that you do not know how to talk about commitment with your partner nor how to deal with the differences of both.

In summary, this is not something general, but it could happen and it also represents a difficulty in terms of relationship survival only with love.

Economic stability and not living only on love

This aspect is often misunderstood and there is fear of addressing it because it can be taken as something self-serving.

But believe me, if you are a couple that wants to move forward and it is really something serious, this becomes a fundamental aspect.

The truth is that, in real life, the economy affects almost everything, in the case of relationships it makes everything easier; For example, if we want to go out to dinner, on a trip, have a detail, in short, accumulate diverse experiences. So you don’t live on love alone.

In addition, it is essential to seek a balance because it is not cool that only one of the two solves all the expenses always.

It is true that there are many other activities that can be shared without spending money, but they will not always be the option. when you go out with someone.

Sooner or later we will have to make the financial investment to feed that flame of love if we want it to continue burning.

Which leads us to show that a couple relationship not only survives and is maintained with love.

But not only this, this topic is more extensive and you can consult it in the article of if it is of your interest.

Assertive communication and emotional intelligence

a couple relationship not only survives and is maintained with love.

These factors also occupy an important space in relationships that want to maintain harmony.

If you really want your relationship to prosper not only love is enough they feel, it is also necessary to review communication and emotional intelligence.

If, for example, we did not know how to manage a simple argument, that could lead us to failure in love sooner or later.

On the other hand, if we do not have the ability to properly manage our emotions, they can also play havoc with us.

It would not be very cool to have fits of anger or cry for absolutely everything that is discussed, in itself it is not bad, it is the handling that is given to it.

So, in the end, it is important to include the healthy couple communication and emotional intelligence in the formula for a successful relationship because love is not enough.

Fidelity, loyalty, and respect

Other elements to include in a relationship that seeks to be lasting and happy is fidelity, loyalty, and respect.

If the intention we have with this affective commitment is to cultivate it, we must take all of this into account and not just stay at the level of the butterflies in the stomach.

So to know how to be happy with your partner and prosper in the relationship, you must also be clear about this triad of elements:

1. Fidelity

If you have decided to be in a relationship, you should know that your commitment also has to do with being faithful. No one would like to go through infidelity on the part of their partner, it would really be a hard emotional shock.

Undoubtedly, fidelity is also necessary, apart from love, to keep the relationship alive. That is why it is so important to promote and be certain of this because, otherwise, the trust would be in question.

Now if this has been broken, it is one of the signs of a bad relationship that, when you least expect it, it will be over.

2. Loyalty

As an addition to the previous point, there is the practice of loyalty, that which is necessary because in an affective bond you have the other person.

It is imperative to feel that this person supports us and will not abandon us at any time for any reason. Loyalty has to do with that feeling of security and tranquility that our loved one generates in us, so it is not enough just the word love.

Thus, a loving bond is not maintained only with love, It is also important to feel that this person will be there with us through thick and thin.

3. Respect

Already at the end of this triad we have the respect factor, whose importance is quite relevant at all times

Respect, in its wide recognition, is the key factor for interaction with others and our environment. And life in the company of someone we love is no exception to this practice, so you must be present at all times.

If respect is not given and, for example, there is partner bullying love would hardly keep the relationship afloat.

For example, there are people who, more than love, feel obsession, so they can even attack, but they also feel that they love. But that is a harmful love that, sooner or later, due to lack of respect, will end in the worst terms.

intimacy and complicity

For a successful relationship love is not enough.

And it could not be missing from this list of important factors in the couple’s relationship what is intimacy and complicity.

If you want to know how to improve trust in a relationshipit is good that you consider these two points.

These transcendental elements, apart from love, greatly influence the success of the affective bond that we have created. Intimacy and complicity go hand in hand because they are the perfect mix that, if it works, will unite us much more.

If we understand each other intimately, love will be reaffirmed, it is like a connection that is completed through these loving encounters, which will mean that when we get closer and get to know each other better in that very private aspect and of both, complicity is generated and increases in level.

In conclusion, you cannot live on love alone!

As you can see, there are many other factors that make up a successful and lasting relationship beyond love. That phrase seems to be more of a myth that we have created, although love is super important, it also needs many other things.

So it is good to take all this information into account when establishing a relationship and not wait for love to do everything for us as if by magic.

If you really want this link to prosper and not give a love failureYour effort and that of that person is necessary.

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