Common mistakes girls make at the beginning of relationships!

Common mistakes girls make at the beginning of relationships and when building them! The hackneyed expression says: “In relationship problems, both are to blame, or no one is to blame.” Agree, in a love union there are two main participants – he and she. As the saying goes, there are 10 steps between you and the other person. If you do that it is 5th and you don’t have to worry about it, you will lose it and you will!

Why are we? It’s simple – you won’t be able to influence a man: you won’t change his thinking, worldview and you won’t force anything But in power, taking steps towards him, you won’t make major mistakes in relationships, the claw is made by led And this, in turn, will help you avoid sharp corners and misunderstandings.

Top major mistakes with detailed analysis and recommendations

  • Desire to change partner

Perhaps this mistake is one of the most important. Its semantic component lies in the fact that a woman wants to change a man for herself. She has a certain image of what a partner should be. As you understand, the picture of the ideal man is “licked” to a glamorous sheen.

In fact, a woman seeks to see next to her not a real person who has both advantages and disadvantages, but someone mythical, fictional. The list of “You must be..!” is usually quite impressive.

And if at first a man can maneuver between these “shoulds”, then later, realizing that a woman does not need him, but someone else, she simply begins to move away.

Such an outcome will hit a woman’s self-esteem and pride hard. She will sincerely believe that something is wrong with her if a man has exchanged her for another woman.

Undoubtedly, a man can and go, as they say, to nowhere. But again, as a rule, the stage of distancing implies that the focus of attention is shifting to other women. The man is, as it were, in constant search. And he leaves exactly when he “chooses” a suitable option for himself.

  • Constant dissatisfaction with a man on the part of a woman

In a relationship when one partner seeks to remake the other, there will always be claims and reproaches. No guess that the fundamental basis of such relationships consists of scandals and accusations. And what is definitely not there is harmony and balance. The expression is the best fit: “And they lived for a long time, like a cat with a dog!”

  • Feeling like a woman is wasting her time

The semantic component lies in the fact that there is always a feeling that she spends keep. On the other hand, it is not possible to call it a game, which is important and not expensive.

It is important to remind yourself that there are no perfect people. And if you make the stated mistake, you should change your partner and adjust your co-iting, and everything will be broken up and ^ and aut. This will help to objectively evaluate the whole picture of the relationship. Maybe the person is really not right for you, and you have different paths.

Or it may be that, having ceased to hold on to the ideal image, you will see next to you a mundane, but suitable man according to most criteria. And it will turn out like in a fairy tale: “They lived happily ever after!”.

Women’s mistakes in relationships

  • The desire to adapt to a man

As a counterbalance to the previous mistake. When a woman strives to be perfect for a man. Allegorically, it becomes butter oil. On it is from climbs in order to please a partner. As a rule, he does not express his opinion, thereby creating a not the best impression about himself.

On the other hand, on the other hand, the woman, not in the woman, and in front of the horse. In a relationship there is no intrigue, a pleasant struggle of opposites. Just imagine: you love something sweet. What is there to hide, probably, we all love! But when sweets are in excess, instead of savoring, the bottom line is cloying.

At best, a man will leave such a woman. Such an outcome, at least, can become a springboard for a woman to reconsider her role in a relationship.

Not the same variant – it is different, not before this is done, and uses a woman as a convenient thing.

As you understand, for her, in the scenario of the second option, there is unlikely to be an impetus associated with revaluation. Making this mistake is fraught with the fact that a woman simply “erases” herself as a person.

  • Start a new relationship without getting rid of the burden of the old

Here, as they say, the “wedge by wedge” strategy is applied. A woman, in order to drown out the pain from past, unsuccessful relationships, plunges headlong into new ones. No guess what the rest of the load she takes with her.

Grievances, demands, claims, etc., to a former lover, are automatically transferred to a new partner. And he, in turn, sincerely does not understand such a message from a woman. This is fraught with the fact that gradually, step by step, the partners move away from each other. Simply put, they do not hear and do not understand each other.

Not freed from the old burden, the woman will walk through the labyrinth with endless dead ends.

As long as a woman, who is called, extinguishes her from an old relationship, she does not get new ones. In this case, you need to say: “Stop! I need to take a break. Understand yourself, your feelings!

If this mistake resonates with you, the best thing you can do is not rush headlong into a new relationship, but, as indicated above, work through accumulated grievances and other related feelings.

As you understand, without leaving the past in the past (it sounds clumsy, but you can’t put it differently), you will not have a new future, as phantoms will walk with you through life.

  • After marriage, a woman completely changes.

The picture is as follows: when a man and a woman just met, he saw a beautiful, well-groomed, sexy, witty, etc., let’s call her a “fairy”. Wonder why a fairy?

The answer is trivial – because, in most cases, a woman, trying to please a man, pretends to be tender and airy, the one with whom it is easy and comfortable. A woman, like a fairy, captivates a man with her originality and femininity, with all the accompanying components (we have already listed them above, so we will not repeat ourselves).

So, after the wedding, the place of the fairy comes, at best, a housewife. In more difficult situations – forever dissatisfied and demanding, forgive me for the rough comparison – vixen. To dene ej malo, to you podrug muzhie luchsche, to muzh vnimaniya ne udelyaet, and dalee by сpisku.

And it turns out the following: a man then married one, and in the bottom line next to him was a completely different woman

Tadam! After a long preamble, we got to the point – the main mistake. A woman, getting married, sincerely believes that now a man will not get away from her anywhere, and masks can be discarded. To that it is distributed and it is possible to take it, it is possible to have it.

There is no trace of the former fairy, and as a result, the man loses interest in her.

We will not analyze the consequences of the error and summarize. Then you will be able to choose between two different places.

  • Jealousy on the verge of exaggerated control

Imagine that someone is slowly squeezing your throat. You breathe, and you have enough oxygen, but these squeezing hands on your neck do not give you the opportunity to breathe in full. How do you like this picture? The question, as you know, is rhetorical.

Jealousy on the verge of exaggerated control is nothing more than squeezing hands. And the only thing you want to do is get rid of them as soon as possible.

Components of this error:

  • Newness in себе
  • Prosecutor and object as storage part
  • Low self-esteem
  • Fear of being alone
  • The need to be alone
  • own infidelity

All of the above represent the central components of the indicated error. In a particular case, they can be present both individually and as a mix. For example, deceit in the past may be paired with a fear of loneliness. This will lead to the fact that a woman needs to control a man all the time. Thus, she creates for herself the illusion of control of the situation.

The answer is simple – stop strangling a man, and start by working through your inner fears.

  • Lack of dialogue

Yes, the dialogue involves at least two participants. But if we are talking about a mistake, then it lies in the fact that the woman sincerely hopes that the man himself will guess what they want to hear or receive from him.

No, imagine, in most cases, a man does not guess! And the woman is waiting and waiting, hoarding grievances and claims inside.

But what is even worse is the appeal to the so-called advisers in the form of girlfriends. Instead of talking directly to her man, a woman complains to others about him, and receives certain advice that will only harm the relationship.

What will such an error lead to – and it’s so clear! The question is what to do in order to avoid it.

No and it’s not what you’re saying — don’t worry about it, and it’s like that! No word is enough, it is still dialed, and there is no language in the object, you are there and it is not.

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