Compliments to a girl in your own words – 46 Phrases

Compliments to a girl in your own words. Girls love compliments. They live for them. They spend hours in front of the mirror to hear them. The entire beauty and fashion (=shopping) industry is built on women’s longing to hear compliments about their attractiveness and desirability.

But do YOU ​​know how to light a fire in a girl’s eyes with such a compliment? Or do you find it difficult? And why do some drop the phrase and the girls lose their heads, while others have to climb out of their skin, but some absurdities come out that young ladies can generally regard as a reproach?

Today I will tell you how to impress and conquer any girl with a compliment. Compliments to a girl in your own words.


Corn [со]opinions

Some expressions (which I will give below) may seem obvious to you, or vice versa, crazy quirks of logic, but just try them. Tell them to your girlfriend and enjoy the effect.

Do you know how it happens? Here you (men) say something like, by the way, and drop a grain – we begin to cherish and cherish this phrase. Remember it and scroll it this way, that way.

Here, he said that without makeup I was even more attractive to him. So he likes me real? So this the same who was not seduced by the picture, but by me, like a human?

Everything in this spirit, up to extreme love up to the ears – we wind up the degree for ourselves.

Didn’t you know? Well, now you know.

What a woman!

The first and foremost trick to a great compliment is to focus on less obvious areas for praise.

Compliments such as “You are the most beautiful girl in the world”, unfortunately, do not carry any information and pleasant impressions. They are superficial. But if you add individual raisins here, then it’s a completely different matter:

“For me, you are the most beautiful girl ever I met”

In other words, you should be a little more creative with your words and add personality.

It’s no secret that many women are in a constant struggle with their bodies and appearance – they are constantly bombarded with photoshopped Instagram models, Victoria’s Secret, and movie stars, which can seriously damage a woman’s self-esteem.

Studies have shown that general words about external beauty (“You are beautiful”, “You are beautiful”, “You have a good figure”, “You have amazing hair”) can cause a so-called mental spiral in some women, focusing their attention on those things that they do not like in their appearance, instead of having the desired positive effect.

Therefore, avoid faceless statements about impeccable beauty.

Below you will find 46 of the best compliments that girls can’t resist, use them as soon as possible (but not all at once).

Do not forget that you need to speak looking directly at her, taking a pause before and after the phrase, and sometimes accompany the words with a suitable gesture (run your hand over what you praise, pat on the head, and so on). I wrote more about how to be a romantic without losing my male brutality here.

Compliments to a girl in your own words

1. You know how to make me feel like a man.

2. You cook better than my mom.

3. You have the most tender kisses.

4. You are my dream come true.

5. You have unusually velvety skin.

6. I like it when you talk about everything in the world or talk out loud.

7. You smell so delicious.

8. You are always the most beautiful girl in … (any company, in the office, in a group, in the hall …)

9. My friends and parents really like you.

10. Sometimes I catch myself thinking that you complete me, as if puzzles are being added.

11. I want to wake up and see you next to me every morning.

12. I want my days to start and end with you.

13. You are not like everyone else. You are extraordinary.

14. Your eyes are beautiful because they are filled with kindness and wisdom.

15. I love your smile.

16. The way you are, the real one – you are perfection itself.

17. When you appear, I have a feeling that it becomes lighter around.

18. You are the reason why my life is beautiful.

19. I would like to meet you many (several) years ago.

20. You mean a lot to me.

21. I really love it when you are around

22. I like it so much when you wrinkle your nose (you are indignant, you blow your lips).

23. Homemade you are even more beautiful for me

24. I am very comfortable and easy with you.

25. When you look at me, there is so much warmth in your eyes…

26. You are very brave, although so fragile in appearance.

27. I admire your willpower and perseverance to achieve your goal (say what goal).

28. It’s nice that when everyone around is just complaining, you look to the future with optimism and firm confidence in the good.

29. Thank you for <…> It was unforgettable (tasty, cool). You know how to surprise.

Lure Compliments

These are anchor phrases that will settle in your lady’s beautiful head for a long time and will make it clear that you are perfect and her

30. I know that I can always trust you.

31. You are not like those whom you have met before.

32. You just glow when … / do some business /

33. Only with you I feel so good and comfortable.

34. You understand me so well, as if you read my mind.

35. You know, you have some kind of secret …

36. You and I are on the same wavelength.

37. I love it when you joke (your sense of humor).

38. You are so enthusiastic …. that I also caught fire with it and decided to try it.

39. Taking care of you makes me happier.

40. The brightest moments in my life for some reason are connected only with you.

Compliments to a girl with sexual overtones

41. I always think about you, no matter what I’m doing.

42. You are incredibly sexy when … (~ pulling out the laundry from the car).

43. You are the sexiest and most attractive woman in the world.

44. Can’t control HIM when I see you.

45. I enjoy spending time with you.

46. ​​You have some kind of secret magnetism – I am always drawn to you.

On the topic of sexuality, you can continue endlessly, you can take a lot of lively and intriguing phrases for flirting from this article. It all depends on the degree of closeness of your relationship and your emancipation. Compliments to a girl in your own words.

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