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Cool SMSs for a girl to cheer up - LovePsychologys

Cool SMSs for a girl to cheer up

Is your girlfriend upset about something and you want to cheer her up? Then this article is exactly for you. What could be better than a cute and funny message for your beloved?

The content of the article

100 phrases that will make your lady happier

  • The lights went out in my house, could you come and light up my house with your smile?
  • There is still no heating. But thinking about you keeps me warm.
  • Expensive! Always rely on me! Then we’ll turn around.
  • Hello! May I invite you to dinner with breakfast?
  • Any diamond in comparison with you is an ordinary cobblestone.
  • When I look at you, I’m like a child. In my head I just want! Want! Want!”
  • Load: 1%…20%…30%…100%. You are successfully downloaded into my heart.
  • If you had been born in antiquity, Aphrodite would not have been the goddess of beauty.
  • I would be your tin soldier, just don’t jump into hell with me.
  • You stole my heart. It looks like you’re going to be jailed.
  • I will arrive in two hours. Don’t ask about anything.
  • Ready to offer a hand and a heart in exchange for chest and hips.
  • I was going to send you all my love, but the post office said they don’t accept such large packages.

Cool SMSs for a girl to cheer up

  • For you, I’m ready for anything, if it’s not so expensive…
  • You have forever settled in my heart.
  • Not a single chipmunk can compare with you in softness and mercy.
  • Don `t move. I am a thief and I came to steal your heart.
  • Do you believe in love with the first person you meet?
  • I need you like the ships of the sea.
  • Your scent intoxicates me.
  • I’m like a junkie who’s obsessed with you.
  • Will you walk with me? Well… I’m better than a dog…
  • Ugliness! Why is it already night and you’re still not around?
  • We need to call the police immediately! You can’t be that charming!
  • It’s so hot in here… Is it your fault?
  • You are my madness.
  • If we don’t see each other today, then you will be violating the most serious article of the law of eternal love.
  • If I get sick, then only your love. And only you can help here.
  • If you do not answer my message within 1 minute, then we are going to eat ice cream!
  • Walk carefully on the streets. Such a beauty can be taken away from me.

Cool SMSs for a girl to cheer up


  • Your feelings are a secret to me. What’s going on in your head, only you know.
  • This message was sent to make you smile. I’m waiting for a photo report!
  • Do not relax! Tonight we have a great evening.
  • Looking at you, I turn into a March cat.
  • Come to me tonight. I urgently need 10 kisses to get my energy up to 100% again!
  • I need aesthetic, beautiful and sexy. Submit your photo!
  • There is such a revolution in heaven … Everyone is looking for an angel. But I didn’t give you up.
  • I’m cool, you’re beautiful. We are the perfect couple.
  • Darling, you know. I’m like a clock that needs to be wound to function properly.
  • You are the best battery in my life.
  • So you stole my heart! I’m already recruiting investigators.
  • Stand! You are surrounded! Surrounded by my love, don’t move
  • Who is the most beautiful, cute and funny here? Oh, something all about me today.
  • I dream of a wonderful drinking companion for the evening. Darling, are you free?
  • Looks like someone will have a great evening. Honey, I’m going fishing.

Cool SMSs for a girl to cheer up

  • Let’s bet on a kiss that I will call you to live with me, and you refuse?
  • Your hair looks better than all the wigs in the world.
  • You have such perfect proportions! Just wow!
  • What beautiful eyes you have! One better than the other.
  • You can always rely on me for everything. Then we’ll change places.
  • You are extremely attractive! It’s scary to look at.
  • You love to drink my blood so much. My bad mosquito.
  • If you don’t reply to this message in 5 minutes, then you will owe me 1000 kisses!
  • Your love dragged me into your pool. When did you have time?
  • Darling, would you like to buy perfume for self-defense or seduction?
  • You can safely take my heart! It is still in your captivity.
  • You are the best poison in the world.
  • There are two things in the world that have not yet been fully explored. Cosmos and female logic. You fucking understand, damn it.
  • If you received this message, then you are under arrest! I offer a bribe in the form of one joint dinner. Agree!

Cool SMSs for a girl to cheer up


  • You are like a wild flower. The same independent and therefore beautiful.
  • I’ve been dreaming about you and forgot what day of the week it is. Would you answer?
  • I’m an idiot, but I’m yours. And you won’t get off!
  • This message was sent to remind you of our date tonight.
  • And you are very well-aimed, since you hit exactly in my heart with darts of tenderness.
  • Even thousands of filters will not hide your beauty.
  • Be careful, your heart is under the gun of my love.
  • I stopped orienting myself in space. Your beauty has turned my head.
  • With such success, I will soon be diagnosed with diabetes. You are too sweet.
  • Dear, I love you very much … Oh, chandelier! By the way, how are you?
  • Now the most beautiful girl is wanted. Be careful!
  • You hit me right in the heart. Is it legal at all?
  • Do you know why I always go a little behind? Because your rear view is beautiful. No one can admire them but me.
  • You are like lightning that hit right in my heart.

Cool SMSs for a girl to cheer up


  • Cute! I just found out that my girlfriend is the most amazing. Just shh, don’t tell anyone.
  • Autumn has come, the leaves are falling. When will you fall into my arms?
  • Your phone memory is not enough for me to send you all my love.
  • You won 2 movie tickets at my expense, just don’t forget to take me with you.
  • Cupid pierced my heart with his arrow. I need to see you right now, come!
  • Your chest is like an air mattress, it is so pleasant to sleep on it!
  • My life without you is nothing, like a new year without a Christmas tree.
  • And who is the most harmful, but the most beloved?
  • You look so radiant. Do you happen to have sunstroke?
  • You’ve been fined for taking too long to reply to my text messages. You now owe me 1 amazing massage.
  • You are my best gift, but don’t you dare climb into a box under the tree for the new year.
  • Are you online and not texting me? Now you will definitely be punished in the form of an evening of hugs.
  • Am I crazy or do you really exist?
  • Aren’t you ashamed to be so charming?

Cool SMSs for a girl to cheer up

  • I thought that all the witches had been burned a long time ago, but, apparently, one remained. How else to explain the fact that you bewitched me.
  • My blood pressure is skyrocketing, my heart rate is up. And you are the reason for it.
  • I want to make you a wonderful dinner tonight. Chur, are you ready!
  • Let’s go for a walk! It’s time to wipe your nose snotty couples!
  • The sexiest girl is reading this sms right now. What is it like for you to be?)
  • You are as bad as an imp. But where can you go.
  • I don’t know sleep without you. Come, I have to work at 8 tomorrow!
  • Girls like you are like dinosaurs. Everyone thinks they are extinct.
  • Stop moping, otherwise there will be wrinkles.
  • It’s even nice to drink with you, because you are more enduring than any man.
  • You urgently need to delete 2 gis on your phone. The only way you need to know is the way to me.
  • You’re fluffy like a rabbit if you don’t touch. And the rabbits bite!
  • Of course, I’m not jealous of you, but I would decorate a couple of guys.

Cool SMSs for a girl to cheer up


Thanks to our messages, your girlfriend will be delighted. She will repay you with the same tenderness and love. Remember that the girl is your happiness, do not take her love for granted. Give her little surprises and little treats. Beautiful messages will be a great help for you in this matter.

The attitude of girls and guys to regular SMS from the second half is radically different. Men like to have everything on the shelves: work at work, everything else – later. Girls, on the other hand, are absolutely delighted when they receive a cool SMS from their beloved man in the middle of the day. And here it is impossible to sort out – the more messages, the better the woman’s mood will be. Use this cumulative effect: send cool SMS to a girl so that the relationship is strong and harmonious. Wish good morning, good night and try to give the girl as much attention as possible.

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