Dating Married Women: Pros and Cons

Dating Married Women: Pros and Cons. Dissatisfaction with a partner, the search for thrills, boredom are just some of the reasons that push people to meet married people. For some, they seem immoral, for others – seductive and uninhibited. What is the reason for the different opinions? What are the pros and cons of such dates? And the most interesting thing is how to get acquainted with other people’s husbands and wives so as not to violate the dogmas of morality?

Dating Married: Benefits.

For moralists, conservatives, truth-seekers, these acquaintances seem immoral. Their attitude is understandable. But there are people who see the meaning in such meetings, and their point of view also deserves attention. It is not at all necessary to adopt the following ideas, but their knowledge will help to understand the motives of human actions, to recognize the “signs” of a person who loves to meet married people. Therefore, even those who are extremely negative about such dates will be useful to study these benefits.

Why do some people like to date married people so much, if unexpected and strong love has absolutely nothing to do with it?

1. Adrenaline excitement.

Sometimes the cause of the addiction under discussion is a banal craving for risk and a lack of thrills. The possibility of getting caught, enhanced conspiracy, a veil of mystery, a secret that only the “conspirators” know about are effective adrenaline stimulants. Knowing no other way to trigger the production of a stress hormone, such people see cheating as a long-awaited outlet and an escape from the boring routine.

Is it possible to consider all people who are attracted to danger, activity, and excitement as prone to such games? Definitely not. As a rule, these acquaintances attract anxious people who are not ready to part with:

  • finances they don’t gamble;
  • good health so extreme sports are not for them;
  • comfort zone so that business matters seem too serious to them.

Sometimes thrill-hunting individuals combine several risks, but there are many among them who choose only meetings with married people, considering them less costly for their wallet, well-being, and/or image.

Dating Married Women: Pros and Cons.

2. Increasing self-esteem.

Secret meetings with other people’s husbands/wives increase the level of self-esteem. A typical sign of these people is the desire to constantly compare themselves with others. They win, compete, generally act, and move forward mainly only to be better than the rest, to prove their worth to them.

Such a type perceives other people’s victories as their own defeat. If you tell him something like “Vasya skis great”, Vasya will become enemy number one for him, even if there is no interest in skiing at all. All forces will be thrown either to draw attention to myself (“I actually skate well too, I even have a medal”), or to criticize poor Vasya (“He, of course, puts his feet wrong, and the descent could have been better.)

It is not surprising that intrigue with married/married for these people seems like a great achievement and delight for the ego.

Dating Married Women: Pros and Cons.

3. Getting the best.

This reason applies more to those who are married themselves and are looking for the same partners. Marriage involves a joint life, its difficulties, very important, but boring moments associated with it. But a lover/mistress on the side is a great way to forget about the routine, get the best version of the other person, and present yourself favorably.

These benefits may differ for women and men. For example, girls receive the following benefits:

  • no need to cook / wash / clean, because there is a wife for this;
  • better, more expensive gifts (the spouse is content with something worse or does not receive anything at all);
  • good sǝx (the lover will struggle for the sake of trying to impress).

Men also enjoy intimate relationships, which take on a more spontaneous and relaxed tone than sǝx scenes with his wife. In addition, they see other advantages in this situation:

  • mistresses rarely criticize and control them, preferring to support and try to understand;
  • other people’s wives always dress better for their lovers than for their own husbands;
  • spouses from other families, as a rule, do not want children out of wedlock, they have fewer requests for responsibilities.

The level of responsibility becomes less than in ordinary relationships, or even more so in marriage. It is this ease that pushes people to meet other people’s spouses.

4. Unusual experience.

As trite as it sounds, simple curiosity is another magnet for this kind of meeting. This is a non-standard type of relationship that attracts lovers of everything new. Of course, not everyone.

The phrases “You need to try everything in life” or “You need to take everything from life only the best” rarely mean travel, sports, career opportunities, or unusual cuisines of the world. Psychotropic substances and infidelity are more often included in this category. As long as the “Forbidden!” sign hangs over them, adherents of the mentioned slogans will perceive them as a forbidden fruit. And he is especially sweet for them.

Dating Married Women: Pros and Cons.

Dating Married: Disadvantages.

For most, they are obvious, but even so, the depth of these disadvantages is not always fully realized. Is it possible to say that they block and cancel all the pluses? The answer, perhaps, depends on the person who faces such a choice, or rather, on his values, upbringing, and views. But knowing about threats and risks is useful for absolutely everyone.

1. Moral code.

Cheating, lying to regular partners is bad. Having a promiscuous sǝx life is also bad. Breaking up other people’s families is all the worse. You can push these labels onto the laws of society, say that they are imposed by the dogmas of society or religion, which are not always correct and reasonable. But hurting the innocent is always terrible. One can hardly argue with this.

Even if we discard the pangs of conscience as components of faith, the psychological part remains. Is it okay to want someone else’s wife or sleep with someone else’s husband? healthy about is it? Can such a relationship be called a full-fledged theft of a parent/spouse from a family?

Although it is morality that often deters bad or simply rash acts, it is usually not as effective in this as the next drawback.

2. Risk of exposure.

Not all people are gambling and seek danger or drive 24/7. Therefore, their fear prevents betrayal (especially such) even more often and more effectively than the laws of morality. If you think about it, this fear is quite justified:

  • partners of lovers, when exposed, can cause serious physical and psychological harm to both traitors;
  • own relationships are likely to collapse after the disclosure of intrigue on the side, and not everyone is ready to lose them;
  • society will negatively evaluate such an act – up to dismissals, expulsion from social groups, ignoring;
  • a damaged reputation will block some of the possibilities regarding any interactions with others.

Roughly speaking, because of one mistake, there is a risk of losing almost everything. That is why it is fear that stops many from dating married people.

3. Lack of prospects.

Sure, both parties can divorce their partners and then remarry each other, but does that make sense? Such relationships do not arise out of serious feelings (by and large), but rather out of boredom or a craving for adventure.

In the event of a divorce, there is a huge likelihood that interest in an already free lover will quickly disappear. The sharpness of sensations is lost, claims and demands appear, expectations begin to rapidly rise. If earlier the lack of development could be justified by marriage, now this barrier has been removed.

Was there no divorce? There can be no question of any growth, because it occurs only in marriage or serious relationships (cohabitation, children, etc.). And lovers hang in one position. Sooner or later, they begin to perceive their connections on the side as a routine. After such a period, everyone returns to their regular partners. Further, either wrong is realized, disappointment in the sweetness of betrayal appears, or another person is found and everything repeats in a circle.

4. Constant comparison.

No matter how good the lovers are together, they will always be faced with the comparison of legal spouses and extramarital affairs. At first, in 100% of cases, the conclusions are in favor of the latter. But over time, the conclusions will change the vector. It is unlikely that this will be discussed aloud, but the relationship is likely to be affected.

For example, a married woman A. has a lover B. He seems to her a much better man than her husband. She often has thoughts like:

  • “But my husband, unlike V., does not give me flowers,”
  • “IN. always much more attentive to me than my husband,
  • “IN. trying to please me, not like my missus.

Even such a positive» The comparison is not for everyone. What can we say about the moment when the bias of these thoughts, after getting used to it, begins to change towards such statements:

  • “The husband, of course, is boring, but he is reliable, but V. is too frivolous,”
  • “The husband never hid our relationship, and V. constantly evades and cunning”,
  • “IN. he only does what he drags to bed for gifts, and you can always talk with your husband, he appreciates not only appearance.

Even if the relationship with the faithful is a complete scandal, the wife will still be able to find a couple of warm moments with him from the time of the first meetings. Yes, and very often lovers lose the experience and affection acquired in marriage.

The situation is similar in the event that a man finds a mistress, but mentally compares her with his wife.

Dating Married Women: Pros and Cons.

Controversial moments.

There are a couple of points that are difficult to attribute only to good or bad. Either they are initially controversial, or they turn from positive into negative ones.

1. Shared secret.

If lovers are married, it is beneficial for both of them to keep the secret of their connection, right?

Not always. The beginning really has such a tendency, but then things can take an unexpected turn. It is not uncommon for one of the couples to suddenly get bored with such a relationship and he expressed a desire to end it. The second partner did not agree and began to blackmail the first one to stay.

Or even vice versa, someone wanted to further develop relations, while the other is completely satisfied with ease and ease. If the conflict reaches a new level, exposure threatens with all the ensuing consequences. In this case, the dissatisfied side will be under such an influx of emotions that it will reveal the truth without even thinking about the outcome.

2. Search for a new one.

This is a bright gradation from the advantage item “Unusual experience” to the disadvantage item “Lack of prospects”. In the beginning, everything is interesting, exciting, curious, better than it was before. And everything ends with an emphasis on an insurmountable bar, addiction, and gradual disappointment in lovers.

If such a cycle occurs far from the first time, you can get depression or apathy. Constant fear will result in neurosis and paranoid thoughts. Is it worth it?

How to meet married people with a clear conscience.

If the answer is “just turn off the conscience» then no, it is wrong, just like the answer “no way». There is a way out, but it cannot be said that it is ultralight, since you will have to get confused with the search. It consists in dating adherents of free love (not to be confused with sǝx without obligations).

  • swingers (soft/light swing) are suitable for those who are interested in regular ǝxual relations.
  • Spouses in open marriages get even more freedom in ǝxual relations.
  • Polyamory is an ideal option for those who want developing relationships with married people.

The only kind of free love that is unlikely to fit polygamy. In such groups, ǝxual intercourse before marriage is usually discouraged. Yes, and polyandry together with polygamy are prohibited by law in many countries.

Acquaintances with married people are too controversial to talk about them only bad or exceptionally good. This is everyone’s personal choice. The purpose of this article is only to introduce the possible risks and benefits, as well as to explain the loophole in the rules of morality for the sake of conscience. The final decision always rests with the one who is so strongly attracted by such dates.

Dating Married Women: Pros and Cons.

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