Destructive attitudes & relationships – what signs & characteristics of them?

Destructive attitudes & relationships – what signs & characteristics of them? There is no clear definition of what destructive relationships are in psychology. But such relationships are also called “toxic.” By this term they mean such relationships in which a person is an unpleasant vector (juicy Her, CHE, CHEP, And gradually loses himself, but cannot break this connection.

Psychologists believe that such relationships can arise not only between romantic partners, but also between friends, and even between a child and parents.

So how to understand that you are in such a relationship and what to do?

Reasons for destructive relationships

People believe that happiness is the most important thing in life, but they still make toxic connections. Perhaps because they themselves do not know what their happiness consists of.

Psychologically you will find three separate prices to go, you will find it in the room where you will find it:

  • The need for control.

Authoritarian lines are so accustomed to having their lives under control that they can ‘mo hale.

  • The need to be needed.

If in his childhood the child did not receive enough attention from his parents and yuyu. And looking for relationships with those who have addictions, emotional instability, or just an unhappy partner;

  • Copying the parent-family model.

Child, which is in the first video, is on the papa by the mother, and it is not clear that this is normal. No, being in such an unfavorable atmosphere, they subconsciously strive to repeat the same scenario in their own way.

Some people may not even realize that they are in a toxic relationship, believing everything that happens to them is better. No remember that in a relationship there should be creation, not destruction.

And, if you feel that your health is only getting worse, then the situation must be urgently changed. No, you first need to understand what exactly indicates that you have entered into a toxic relationship.

Signs of a destructive relationship

Such a toxic relationship is identified by a number of signs. The most basic “bell” is the lack of interest in life and joy. When communication with a partner instead of joy brings only discomfort, anxiety, and tension, then it is necessary to pay attention to the presence of other moments.

  • Frequent grievances and envy.

Partners must respect and support each other. But, instead of doing this, your lover begins to be offended by any of your words, and a fellow-lover swears. Such behavior first causes a feeling of guilt, and then completely discourages the desire to share anything;

  • total control.

The partner is trying to take control of all areas of your life. He endlessly writes, calls, and asks useless meticulous questions;

  • Lack of interest.

2 emotions, feelings, desires, and problems that are ignored. The partner always transfers the topic of conversation to himself and thinks only of himself. All attempts to share anything are nipped in the bud;

  • Attacks of an unreasonable jealousy.

They are accompanied, as a rule, by scandals and tantrums. The partner is unhappy with your behavior and the way you dress. Finds fault with your communication style, constantly checking calls and social networks. He tries to squeeze out of your life everyone with whom you communicate;

  • Lack of voting rights.

Before you make any decision, you scroll in your head what your partner will think or say;

  • Frequent criticism.

How not to get stuck in a destructive relationship?

This also adds constant attempts to change you. Constant nit-picking on the part of a partner about appearance, voice, manner of speaking, hobbies. Constantly comparing you with others, clearly hinting that you are an empty place;

  • Constant guilt.

Your partner is not able to take responsibility for his life and blames everything on others. Including on you. such an oppressive psychological environment makes you feel undeservedly guilty;

  • Feeling tired after intercourse.

The part that is generated is that of the third energy. And as a result, you feel apathy, fatigue, depression. As a result, all the hobbies that please you become gray and uninteresting.

Take a sober look at your relationship. If more than four points have found a response, then it’s time to think that it’s time to break such a connection.

How to get out of a destructive relationship?

Getting rid of a toxic bond is very difficult. Especially if it lasted for many years. No it’s understood, it’s up to you, it’s up to you.

  • Admit there is a problem.

There is no point in denying obvious things. If signs of a destructive relationship with a partner have already appeared, then there is no need to justify it. Don’t expect him to change or repent;

  • Realize that everything is alright.

You have nothing to lose by leaving such a relationship. Many victims, for some reason, think that they will lose something valuable. But this is just an illusion. On the contrary, you give yourself a chance to live happily. Proceed as soon as possible, so that it is possible and there are some other people. And you will realize that your interaction was not at all positive. And the sooner you realize all this, the sooner you will begin to take active actions;

  • Start thinking about yourself.

You used to think about the other person. But now that you’re coming out of a toxic relationship, you have to take care of yourself. Think about it, maybe you have a case that is of particular interest. It’s time to get on with it. Spend your precious time on self-improvement, set new goals, and achieve them;

  • Eliminate feelings of shame and guilt.

Yes, this feeling will be very difficult to get rid of. Your toxic partner has been forcing it for years. But doing it is very important. Analyze this relationship, forgive yourself for everything, and especially for wasting so much time. Take your connection as an experience. In no way do I sympathize with the person I was about to leave;

  • Form a positive social circle.

After a relationship breakup and a toxic connection, the biggest mistake is to withdraw into yourself. It is only possible to write on the aggressive and manipulator, so that it is not necessary, so that all the streets are there. Communicate, meet, hold on to those who energize you, and focus on the positive. Now you have been taught by bitter experience, and you will not let toxic comrades close to you.

Collect that you want it in the cup and try to get it right – it’s too late. Emotional attachment is not destroyed in two days. Very often in such situations, you can not do without the help of a specialist. He will help to realize, work out the reasons why, it would seem, it is impossible to get out of a destructive relationship, and develop a direction in which you will need to move.

But remember that the main work, as well as the final result, depend only on your desire, your will, and your two.

You are the absolute master of your life. Not reclaimed on the same wine and liability. Don’t become toxic to yourself. Then and the long-awaited happiness will come.

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