Difficulties of marriage where the woman is older

Difficulties of marriage where the woman is older! Surely you are familiar with the topic of discussing relationships, where the wife is 10 years older. According to the sociological opinion of the USA in 1963, 80% of the population called such connections unnatural. In 1998, the year was reduced to 40%. Already in 2012, there were only 12% of the US population negatively disposed towards such connections.

Let’s see from the point of view of psychology, is there a future for a relationship with a man who is 1 younger than you.

What if the chosen one is 10 years older

The difference between a man and a woman at 10 years does not look simple. Since the partners are in different age categories. This can be seen both in action and outwardly. When the chosen one went to first grade, she was already finishing school.

From a psychological point of view, the explanation for such a marriage is the difficult relationship in the family. Having entered into a relationship, partners realize their role needs:

  • A man is looking for a wife with the role of mother.
  • A woman is looking for a husband with the role of a son.

The couple did not realize the roles of mother and son. Now they make up for them in marriage. Of course, such a marriage is not easy, but it has every chance to be long and happy.

Difficulties of marriage where the woman is older

Realizing that this is a difficult marriage, that it has its own difficulties, you will be able to realize them, be ready to meet the n.s. In addition to that, the budget will allow you to understand the truth.

  • Interests differ significantly.

The perception of life is different. The young man is still thinking about parties, but you no longer need them. You don’t have the corny time or energy for late night dancing. Be sure to listen to the compromises, burn the elements that you want to have in the club.

  • Maternal overprotection.

Of course, if a man has chosen such a relationship, then he is ready for them, he accepts guardianship. It is important not to go too far here. No control of the box, no comment on the box. No edification needed.

A man, even if younger than you, does not like such treatment. Increased guardianship will be a burden, on the one hand. From the other side, it interferes with the development of the chosen one as a person. He needs to take responsibility.

  • The man suffers from jealousy.

Is there a future when a woman is older than a man?

If you are 10 years older than your chosen one, then you realize that peers revolve around him. Proceed with two words that are different, not that it is possible to disregard one another. He chose you. If you bring jealousy to an obsession, then parting is not far off.

  • Society does not support such relationships well.

It is rare in which families marriage with a wife 10 years older will be received with a bang. The woman will begin to hint that the guy with her is only from Westode, and the mublytainet that you will have time to look back like st “st” st “.

A couple where a woman is 10 years older will have to meet many obstacles. But, after passing through them, strong, trusting relationships will be created.

How to build relationships if a woman is 10 years older?

The following simple but effective tips will help prevent a breakup in a relationship:

  • Don’t worry about the number of people. If you liked a man younger than you, he reciprocates you, then listen to yourself, your heart. Not the people around you to live with him, but you. If your loved ones love you, they will accept your decision.
  • Do not cross the line, do not become a mother for the chosen one. Not before it’s too late, not in the first place. Accept the fact that there will be many difficulties in your relationship. After all, your chosen one does not have such life experience.
  • Do not limit the young man in meetings with friends. Also, do not deny yourself gatherings with girlfriends.
  • Take care of your appearance. Of course, you need to pay attention to yourself, regardless of your age and the age of your partner, but in your case, you need to pay more attention to yourself. Be attractive to yourself, to the chosen one.
  • Develop. Yes, it is up to you to find out that interesting drugs and drugs. Show interest in the affairs, hobbies of the chosen one. Keep up with the times. Try to make it interesting for your partner to spend free time with you.

What does a woman gain in such a relationship?

A woman who builds a relationship with a chosen one 10 years younger acquires:

  • New sensations. With the help of a young partner, she feels a new taste of life, as if she is returning to her youth, filled with blessings. A woman seems to be rejuvenated, both spiritually and externally. After all, a young chosen one is a great incentive to stay in shape.
  • self-confidence. If you are paired with a young man, then you have some kind of zest that he is not our weight.
  • An opportunity to redefine your values. The mature lady has already taken place. She doesn’t need to find the prince in the white Mercedes. Now the goal is to find a caring and sensitive person who will become a good friend and lover.

What does a man gain in such a relationship?

A young man who is in a relationship with an older woman acquires:

  • Good intimate. A mature woman is an ideal partner for him. She has no prejudice. She is active, experienced, and willingly responds to ERO fantasies. Such a lady knows how to give pleasure with caresses, willingly does it. The chosen one, the same age, is not prone to intimate fantasies. Her libido has not yet awakened.
  • The envy of the environment.

Older friends always look great. They are sure they know how to present themselves. Against the background of a status woman, the authority of a young man also rises. Usually beautiful, luxurious ladies, with high sexual activity, have good health. They are not prone to depression, often smile, and are in a good mood.

  • A mature lady is an interesting conversationalist.

She knows how not only to maintain a conversation, but also to listen to her chosen one, she is fluent in the method of active listening. If something goes wrong, he will give useful advice. She doesn’t need to be treated like a little girl. She knows how to defuse the situation with humor.

  • Financial stability.

In such relationships, men have fewer material obligations. For a mature woman, understanding, intimacy, love are important. Her wallet is no longer relevant.

Relationships where a woman is 10 years older than her partner are quite real. Partners complement each other. A woman shares her life experience, becomes a support and a friend. And the man charges with energy, enthusiasm.

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