Disappointed words for Boyfriend to Express Feelings

A collection of Disappointed Words for Boyfriend to Express feelings of Your Heartache.  When in a love relationship, happiness is not the only thing you receive. There are also feelings of sadness and disappointment that will later test your patience. If you are going through those difficult times and want to talk about what you are going through, the hurt and disappointed words for your boyfriend in this article might help. Let’s have a look!

Words of disappointment and hurt feelings for your boyfriend can be one way for you to vent the disappointment that is already suffocating in your heart. If you don’t mention it, it could hurt you even more.

Here, you can freely choose which quotes represent feelings. Starting from those intended for cheating girlfriends, to those who like to lie.

No need to wait any longer, let’s look at the list of words of disappointment and hurt for girlfriends or boyfriends below. Hopefully, you will no longer be burdened with feelings of regret and move on immediately after voicing it, yes.

Disappointed words for Boyfriend to Express Feelings
Disappointed words for Boyfriend to Express Feelings

Words of Disappointment at the Traitorous Boyfriend


1. Hoping Too Much

They are in love, usually hopeful. And those who hope are often disappointed. Raditya Dika

Too hope is sometimes the beginning of disappointment. The reason is, when you hope for something, expectations arise so that that hope can be realized. One of them is when you hope to continue the relationship to the next level with your lover.

Unfortunately, that hope is only wishful thinking because he is playing behind your back. It is not surprising that Raditya Dika used his hopeful attitude as inspiration in his words of a disappointment for the girlfriend above.

2. Difficult to forgive

It is easier to forgive an ordinary person than to forgive the hurt inflicted on a loved one.

Betrayal that comes from a loved one seems difficult to accept. Especially if the mistake you made has crossed the line so you prefer to deal with the negligence of others.  Just like the words of a disappointment for the girlfriend above.

If he makes no effort to change, you should think again about the continuity of the relationship with him. You need to realize that relationships that only hurt yourself are not worth fighting for. The reason is, there are still better people out there.

3. Just go

Don’t cheat when dating. If you are not happy, just end the relationship.

Cheating is perhaps the most difficult mistake to forgive in a relationship. The trust you give to your lover seems to be of no value.

The above expressions of disappointment seem to describe the breaking condition of your heart. It feels better to be hurt by a breakup than to be a victim of cheating.

4. Regret

It’s a shame when the people you protect are the first to turn around from you. Autumn Kohler

If you are already in love with someone, you may be willing to do anything for him. In addition, a protective attitude may also arise in oneself because they do not want to see their idol hurt.

Therefore, it hurts when you are treated the opposite by your lover. You may end your relationship with him, but don’t forget to send words of hurt and disappointment to Autumn Kohler’s girlfriend above so that he can introspect himself.

5. Real Wounds

Your love is fake, but the wounds you give are real and painful.

Maybe you have been caught in a love relationship that is filled with lies. Even though you know that the attitude and attention given to your ex are just acting, it is undeniable that the hurt you feel is so real.

The reason is, you are sacrificing not only your time and energy, but also your emotions and feelings which of course affect your mood. You can use the broken heart quote above as a status on social media to vent the hurt you feel.

Disappointed but wise words for girlfriends

1. Always Changing

Love is not always full of clarity. Love is not always certain, it must be black and it must be white. Must be suffering and must be happy. Definitely in love and definitely not. Must be happy and must be disappointed. Definitely going out and definitely breaking up. Bernard Batubara

You need to accept the fact that not all love stories end in happiness. If your boyfriend decides to leave and you still love him, let it go. Maybe he just isn’t your soul mate.

The ambiguity of love is depicted in the wise quote from Bernard Batubara above. Even if you are disappointed, you shouldn’t fall into the past and cry over failed relationships. Trust that God has prepared a better person for you.

2. A Consequence

Fall in heart can never choose. God chose. We are just victims. Disappointment is the consequence, happiness is the bonus. Fiersa Besari

When a love relationship runs aground halfway, you may wonder why God brought the ex into your life. Feelings of regret may also cloud your mind because you have liked the wrong person.

Fiersa Besari himself considers heartbreak as a consequence. Those words of disappointment with your boyfriend seem to be a reminder that you can’t control what God wants you to do.

3. Be Better Personally

If you spend time wishing someone would receive the consequences for what he did to you, then you only let him hurt you twice in your mind. Shannon L. Alder

Have you ever wished that the person who hurt you was rewarded accordingly? If so, you better not do it again because that is not a wise attitude.

You will end up wasting time that could otherwise be used for more important things. If you listen to the quote by Shannon L. Alder above, not only is time wasted, you are also indirectly giving her permission to hurt yourself again.

4. The Result is Too Good

Forgive yourself for the blindness that put you in the path of those who betrayed you. Sometimes a good heart does not see bad.

There is no perfect human in this world. Therefore, don’t beat yourself up too much if your kindness is met with betrayal by a loved one.

These words of disappointment at your boyfriend teach you to forgive yourself for mistakes that happen beyond your control. Keep doing what you feel good in your heart and don’t let other people change it.

5. Be Classy

Classy is when you have a lot to say, but prefer to stay quiet in front of stupid people.

The instinct to defend oneself is in a person from birth. Therefore, it is normal for you to want to protect yourself when you are betrayed by your idol.

However, sometimes people don’t care what truth you say. If so, all you can do is be classy like the words of disappointment at the boyfriend above and trust God that He will take care of everything.

Words of Heartache for a Changing Girlfriend


1. Risk of Opening Up

I’m disappointed to have opened myself up to some people, they don’t deserve to know me like that.

You may often exchange stories with lovers, ranging from trivial things to even personal secrets. Initially, you are mediocre because you believe that he will not spread it behind your back.

However, no one really knows the human character. Your boyfriend, who at first was considered family, turns out to stab you in the back. To vent your regrets, just use the words disappointed with your boyfriend above as status on social media.

2. Like Glass

Trust is like glass. When it breaks, you can just fix it. But you can still see the cracks. Lady Gaga

Having a loyal relationship is not easy and takes a long time. Therefore, if trust is damaged, it will be difficult to restore it to its original state.

This is in line with Lady Gaga’s opinion, which analogizes belief like glass. Even though it looks solid, the glass if it is broken will be difficult to repair.

3. Not Easy to Deal with

Betrayal is never easy to deal with and there is no right attitude to accept it. Christine Feehan

Each person may have his own way of dealing with betrayal. Some can easily forgive, but some are not.

Christine Feehan herself cannot determine which attitude should be taken when faced with a broken promise. If you are experiencing the same thing, just do what is according to your heart.

4. Difficult to Return

Trust, once lost, is hard to find again. Not in a year, maybe even for life. JEB Spredemann

The words of the deepest hurt for JEB Spredemann’s girlfriend above seem like the right response for you to say to a lover who broke a promise. Especially if he has done it many times.

The trust that you have given seems no longer appreciated by him. If so, the best option you can take is to end the relationship immediately. The longer the delay, the more wounds he will leave in your heart.

5. Numbness

Some of the scars don’t hurt. Some of it makes numb. Some others leave you feeling nothing anymore. Joyce Rachelle

No one can predict the pain of an already wounded heart. Especially if the wound is betrayed by a lover whom you have trusted all this time, you may end up running out of words to respond.

If you want to vent your emotions, these words of frustration with Joyce Rachelle’s boyfriend above might help. You can send it as a private message or as a status on social media.

Words of Disappointment at being Lied to

Disappointed words for Boyfriend to Express Feelings
Disappointed words for Boyfriend to Express Feelings


1. Forgive then Forget

I like to forgive and forget. Forgive myself for believing in you and forgetting you ever existed.

Maybe you have heard the phrase ” forgive and forget ” or forgive and forget. Usually, this expression is used to give a person who has done something wrong a second chance.

However, this certainly does not apply if the mistakes made by your lover have exceeded your patience limits. As a result, you may prefer to act in the way described in the words disappointed with your boyfriend above rather than giving him another chance.

2. Not Free from the Consequences

You are free to choose something. But you can’t run away from the consequences of your choice.

Whatever choice is made in this world, there will always be consequences. Therefore, if your boyfriend decides to betray you for his own sake, all you need to do is disconnect and stop associating with him.

If suddenly he asks you back but you are happy with the decision he made, just reply with disappointing words for the ex-girlfriend above. Not only do you refuse his request, but the quote is also a message for him to accept the risk of his actions.

3. Signs of a Hypocrite

There are three signs of a hypocrite: when he speaks, he is lying; when he promised, he broke it; and when given the trust, he betrayed. HR. Al-Bukhari and Muslim

When you hear the word hypocrisy, what comes to your mind is probably someone whose speech is beyond grasping. If your boyfriend does the same, that might be an appropriate word to label him.

Meanwhile, the Prophet Muhammad himself further clarified the characteristics of hypocrites through the above quote. In order not to be betrayed again, you can use this message as a reminder not to easily trust someone.

4. Depends on Who Does It

Words have no power to hurt you unless the person saying them means more to you than you would like to admit. Shannon L. Alder

Words do not directly hurt your feelings. However, if the unpleasant words came from someone you love, feelings of sadness and hurt feelings cannot be avoided.

The above words of disappointment and hurt with your boyfriend might be an accurate description of what you are going through. This quote by Shannon L. Arder can be an inspiration if you want to vent.

5. Cheated

I love him honestly, but I know he tricked me. TLC, Creep

Honesty is one of the important foundations for a long-lasting relationship. Therefore, it is difficult to forgive the idol’s heart if in the end, he betrays.

The same disappointment was conveyed by TLC in the lyrics of the Creep song above. This female singer group confided in how their honesty was met with lies.

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Which Expression of Disappointment is Your Favorite?

This is a review of the words disappointed and hurt for our girlfriends that we can summarize. From the quotes above, are there words that can represent your disappointment? If so, immediately express these feelings so that your heart will improve immediately.

Even though you can only vent through the strings of words, it’s better than just keeping it alone. If it’s just stacked up, it’s afraid it will affect your inner state.

Apart from this article, there are still many articles containing a collection of other inspirational words on Lovepsychologys. Starting from Islamic motivational quotes, inspiration for composing rags, to work motivation.

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