Divorce Situation, Benefits & Disadvantages


It’s worth mentioning right away that divorce is a very responsible step. They think about him when the relationship is destroyed, and instead of love, lies and betrayals settled between the spouses. If you are really thinking of leaving your husband, analyze the pros and cons of divorce for a woman.

Divorce situation

Every woman has her own boundaries, beyond which she is no longer ready to live with her husband and seeks to divorce him.

Termination of marital relations is advisable in the following situations:

  • Violence in family. If a husband allows himself to offend his wife, raise a hand against her, control her, it will be difficult to change him. Most often, a woman “sews” the victim’s robe under herself, and the man continues to mock her. By the way, if a husband raises his hand to a child, it is also difficult to forgive.
  • Treason. It is difficult to forgive constant deceit and know that your spouse is with another. Especially at a time when you are working with children, sewn up at work or just waiting for him at a romantic care.
  • Understanding that there is no more love and respect in the relationship. You are not interested in each other, everyone has their own life.
  • Some of you are in love with another person and cannot imagine life without him.

If Divorce is really a whim for you, an attempt to play with life and feelings, or a sign of weakness, consider avoiding it. Once you chose the person with whom you live now as a husband. There were reasons for this. Now is the time to be wise.

Benefits of Divorce

Separation, including the official dissolution of a marriage, can have certain advantages for a woman.

  • Feeling of freedom

Any parting can give you a feeling of release and relief:

  • You can choose where to spend your holidays, weekends, what color to paint your bedroom or what to eat.
  • You no longer have to report where you went with your girlfriend and why you came home too cheerful.
  • You can easily dream of other men and not feel like a traitor.

Why loose women look better?

  • Getting rid of an extra child

Often a husband for a wife is like another child. She feeds him, gives him water, prepares a bath for him, erases, strokes. On the other hand, it is necessary to do the same in the memory and the information that is available to you. At the same time, it does not always contribute money to the family budget.

The husband does not even think about helping his wife. The image of a working bee as a partner in life suits him perfectly. And if the spouse does not complain, copes with everything, then he is unlikely to want to change anything in such a relationship.

Such an irresponsible approach of a man is a frequent element of marriage. So you’re in the right place. Feeling how much easier it is for her to cope with children alone when her husband goes on vacation, a business trip or to her mother, she gladly goes for a divorce.

  • Opportunity to be different

There are couples in which partners seem to freeze at one point in development. They are afraid or do not want to change, become more beautiful, stronger, make new friends.

Often women say that their goal was marriage. In their youth they were cheerful, took care of themselves, looked for adventure and opportunities to prove themselves, attract nivesiman. No where the goal is fulfilled – a husband, children are. Now you can become an ordinary grouchy hostess.

At the same time, they forget that, obeying a certain rhythm of life, they cease to love and respect themselves. They block opportunities for the development of children, spouses, the whole family, as something more than just a group of liu.

Divorce is a chance to get out of such a swamp, to find the meaning of life again, to love yourself and your life. It’s as if you are starting to clean up the attic – throwing out the unnecessary, finding something unique, mysterious, something that makes you feel the joy of life again.

Disadvantages of divorce for women

However, parting has many downsides. In the end, the whole life that you are used to flies into hell. Everything changes and collapses. Where your home used to be, now others live. The one whom she hugged kisses the other. Even the way to work can change.

  • You can’t make decisions

The most difficult thing after a divorce is for those who do not know how to make decisions or have forgotten how to make it a burden for a while.

Sometimes stress is felt by all the elementary elements. You don’t know where to buy bread, how to pay for electricity or water, how to dismantle a vacuum cleaner.

After your husband left, you suddenly realize that you have no one to consult with, no one to shift the answer to. It turns out that in everyday life you need to make a huge number of decisions.

To cope with all problems, you have to learn how to solve them. At first, your head will spin, but over time you will calm down and find a way to be effective in any sieve.

  • Everyday problems

The next serious issue is domestic problems. If your husband was handy, and did everything around the house himself – installed sockets, repaired plumbing, hung curtains, took meter readings, it will be difficult for you.

Most likely, before parting, you had no idea how many little things break down at home every day. Getting used to the fact that you have to do everything yourself, no matter whether you call the master, find a new husband, or do everything yourself, is almost impossible.

The only thing that calms you is that the absence of a husband gives you the freedom to arrange everything the way you want. Dreamed of a bar in the living room? Namely master and post ee. I wanted pink walls, but my husband was against it? Now is the time to fulfill this dream.

  • Feeling lonely

Unless from some loving hands you immediately fell into others, you cannot avoid loneliness after a divorce. Sometimes it catches up even before receiving an official certificate, sometimes it catches up after a few months.

And sometimes the feeling of loneliness returns constantly, like a swinging bell. You live a full life, work, meet friends, new men, but at the moment when it seems that you are happy, loneliness comes.

It is impossible to drown it out with wine, talking with mom, extra work. The only salvation is to find the meaning of life, something that will fill the soul, will excite it, give satisfaction.

  • Difficulties in relationships with other people

Divorce affects relationships with other people, and the problem should be considered from different angles:

  • It is not clear how to behave with relatives and friends of the ex-husband. Some of Them may hold a grudge against you and will not want to continue to communicate with you, even if yesterday you were best friends.
  • Fear of new people. If your relationship with your husband has been aggravated by quarrels, conflicts, mistrust, deceit, jealousy and even violence, it is difficult to start trusting others. In new acquaintances, you can see potential aggressors.
  • Shame on you for not being able to save your family. For many women, the Family is Sacred, and divorce turns out to be proof of her inability to build relationships and keep Love in the House.

Divorce, like any problem, can be dealt with. It all depends on how you perceive it – you are determined to live happily or you are ready to bend under a hundred problems and get dressed.

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