Do men compare a new girl with an ex and why they do it?

Do men compare a new girl with an ex and why do they do it? If your partner, a young man, began to compare with other girls, does this mean that inform Perhaps. However, in many cases, such behavior indicates the presence of a problem in the relationship, a need and a desire. Why a man compares with his ex – we list only a few possible reasons.

Comparison is part of a relationship

Hearing that your girlfriend is more beautiful, takes more care of children, cooks better, you, of course, come right away. How so, your husband, a man, compares you with others. Surely you will immediately decide that the faithful no longer loves you, is cheating on you or is about to leave you. And therefore, a scandal or tears in a girlfriend’s vest is unlikely to be avoided.

But now stop. Remember, did you yourself compare your man with someone else? For a girlfriend, for example, her husband himself takes the children to training, and at that time she does a manicure. And a colleague’s guy is always polite, courteous, smiling, and as if he doesn’t know how to get angry at all.

Or, remember, I saw a tall young man in a suit in a supermarket, and a thought flashed through my head – why are you not with him, you would be a great couple.

Most women not only catch themselves having these thoughts, but they can express them in the heat of a quarrel. Why is it possible for them, but not for men?

It turns out that comparison with others is part of the relationship. You live among people. There are a lot of young, beautiful, rich, bright, talented people around you. If you and your friend or spouse continue to love each other, trust, then a casual comparison, or rather an admission that someone may have a more beautiful figure, is unlikely to spoil the relationship. Perhaps it will give a deeper understanding of how you need each other.

Man compares to ex

Speaking of comparison as part of a relationship, it is worth mentioning that we are in no way talking about concentration and purposefully emphasizing the difference between you and other girls. This is one of the characteristics of ordinary relationships in a couple.

A wise approach and the desire to keep in touch, contact allows partners to shift the focus of attention from other people to each other, see good features in themselves and begin to appreciate them. It is observed in those relationships where people, despite possible life difficulties, negativity, recognize that their partner is close to the ideal for them.

In other words, for someone you can be a pretty girl with a charming smile and a beautiful knife. No one breaks it down, so you can buy it on the beds and it’s possible to move it. However, the other person will see you deeper. And any unevenness of the skin, gray hair will seem beautiful to him, because it’s you.

Trying to get your attention

It is worthwhile to have a look at the corners and the number of problems in the area.

For example, you are completely buried in household problems, you cannot tear yourself away from children or work. Beloved husband, with whom you once did not take your eyes off, was ready to devote all your time to him, left behind in memory of orbitimia orbitimya In which one is on the branch, it is two years old that is full and one of the most beautiful, and where one is on a six-monthly basis.

And he does it just to get your attention. He is tired of being on the sidelines, tired of seeing you fall on the bed exhausted and immediately fall asleep. He needs that cheerful, pretty girl whom he chose as his wife or girlfriend.

You will, of course, ask why he does not say it differently. But, perhaps, he spoke, invited you to a cafe, hinted that a mother might stay with the children on weekends. You just brushed it off, and he had no choice but to start provoking, stinging you. The fact is that many couples, having lived together for several years, cease to be attentive to each other.

Use of components and problems

The next common problem is the complexion of a man. Through constant reproaches and injections, he tries to realize himself. Perhaps he feels insecure, worries that he is not worthy of his woman. If you do so, you will need to pay attention to the costs of the project. If this is the case, it will be done in the street.

This approach can be demonstrated by:

  • Losers. Especially if a man cannot succeed, but his wife or girlfriend managed to do it.
  • People suffering from alcohol or other types of addiction.
  • A person who cannot find a job, occupation, interest, and therefore begins to “rummage” in other people.
  • People who are consciously and purposefully accustomed to comparing everyone. This is the meaning of their life, hobby, pleasure.

In such situations, a woman feels really humiliated, experiences stress, fear of the risk of loss. Under the influence of a manipulative partner, she often begins to compare herself with others, and not in her favor. The situation may end in the development of the syndrome of the victim or codependency.

No and in this case it is possible to store drugs. Perhaps a man behaves this way because he is afraid of losing you, opening his heart and showing how important you really are to him, how special you are.

Fear goes away when trust appears. If you feel that the tartner will turn over and – possibly @ losing you, untillse, what’s the earer.

He doesn’t love you

When a man with complexes and internal problems tries to compare himself with his former or other women, this does not mean that he does not love you.

However, there are situations when a partner begins to consciously humiliate a girl precisely because he does not feel when. There is no compassion in him, he takes revenge, seeing how she becomes ill from sharp words of comparison.

Among the main motives are revenge, insult, an attempt to show one’s greatness or power. Such cases are very dangerous, because the comparison can be followed by aggression and violence.

By the way, a common explanation for why men do this is that they want to make a woman a better person. Big word, it’s not that common At the same time, he promises to love you changed or marry you.

Wants to make you feel better?

This reason differs from the previous one both in meaning and in the emotional assessment. Perhaps in comparison, as your partner sees it, there is nothing wrong. He is just trying to figure out how to make your life better, more comfortable, especially if you work too much time or do household chores.

Sometimes you can hear such explanations: “Your girlfriend has brighter and more stylish clothes, maybe in the future, but then You would look confident and even more beautiful in her.”

Someone perceives such advice with hostility, but for someone it is a concern.

The situation when a man compares you with other girls or with his ex is not easy. Perhaps this casual comparison is part of a relationship or caring for you. However, there is a risk that this is a sign of a rapidly deteriorating relationship, loss or lack of love and respect.

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