Does He Just Want Sex With You? Know The Signs

Does he just wants sex with you?, This is one of the most frequent questions that arise when you are dating someone. Believe it or not, this is a concern that could arise thanks to a certain behavior that some people have, especially men, at the time of conquest.

Let’s say that desire and intimacy are not a bad thing, as long as those involved agree and have things clear. The problem is when you are not sincere and, through deceit and lack of clarity, you delude the other person by hurting them.

Therefore, it is important to put male desire uncovered in this case to know what this boy wants with you

The ideal and most responsible thing would be, to be honest and sincere, but unfortunately, not all people are like that. It’s so hard to know why men lie and how to get him to tell you the truth.

Therefore, on this occasion, I would like to talk to you about this topic and how you can identify when a man he only wants sex with you. In this way, you will be able to proceed with caution and without fear of being taken by surprise in such a situation.

Also, if your interest is much more serious than that person’s, you won’t be confused about that guy’s intentions.

Now, if you also want an adventure and something temporary, this will be useful for you not to miss the opportunity or the signs.

Then,how to know if a guy is interested in you? Keep reading and you will find out. Let’s do it!

When he just wants sex with you he constantly asks you for nudes

How to know when a man doesn't want to commit

In case you didn’t know, the English term ‘nude’ means naked and has become very popular a few years ago thanks to smartphones.

If before cell phone communication was based on exchanging messages and some emoticons, now there is much more variety. For this reason, it became common to send some photos, among which the sending of photos that imply some nudity has been encouraged.

Well, this kind of casual and somewhat revealing images were classified as nudes and quickly became popular.

However, this also brought some drawbacks, among which is harassment, that is, that they send you these images without your consent or pressure you for photos of yourself.

But, what does all this have to do with the main theme? Simple, although the dynamics of the exchange of nudes is somewhat complex, its existence cannot be denied.

And, in this case, it becomes one of the keys or indications that the boy with whom you are relating he just wants to be intimate with you.

For this reason, it is best to be very careful and be very sure that you want to do it and not that it is due to pressure.

If this man is too insistent and reckless about it, it is very likely that he is interested in you, but from the sexual field.

If it goes straight to the point and insists on this kind of content without the conversation having led to it, you should be alert and identify what men really want in these cases.

Remember that in the networks you can find many kinds of people with good and bad intentions, so be careful. Do not forget that it is your privacy that is at stake.

Constantly hints at inappropriate things

The next sign that can indicate a man’s intentions with you is inappropriate advances. Unfortunately, society still has people who have lacked the gift of prudence and respect.

And among these people many men are at the top of the list, so it is not uncommon to run into those who tell you inappropriate things.

Worst of all, they think they are flattering you or making you fall in love, when in reality they are exposing themselves in the most unpleasant way.

So this is when you must set off the alarms and realize that this boy he just wants sex with you.

Keep in mind that if a guy wants something serious with you, the last thing he would do would be to disrespect you or risk losing face with you. uncomfortable questions and inappropriate.

When a man likes you, he does his best to conquer you in the best way, so these insinuations leave a lot to think about.

Avoid serious relationship conversations

On the other hand, it can also happen that you are meeting a guy who flirts with you or with whom you have been talking for a long time.

However, you want to go a step further into something more serious, so you try to start a conversation about it. However, this guy prefers to avoid you and run away from this type of conversation that you want to propose to him.

Why does he take this attitude? One of the possible explanations is that his interest does not go beyond only desire intimacy with you therefore, manages not to promote moments beyond those fleeting encounters in which they share intimacy.

Believe me, if a man has serious intentions with you, he will seek to let you know in some way. On the contrary, as he told you, if he avoids those moments that favor transcending in the relationship, he is surely not interested in him.

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So, don’t let it go, discover its benefits and wonderful results.

When he only wants sex with you he dates you for solo meetings

he just wants sex with you

Well, this is another very strong sign that shows the true intentions of that guy you are dating. Not to mention that if it’s the first time you’re going to see each other, it’s an alarm factor that you should pay attention to.

Obviously I don’t mean to say that the blind dating are bad, rather, they are the conditions in which they occur, for example, the love online it wouldn’t be conducive to good conditions if you don’t know who that person is.

What is not very safe is daring to go out with someone you do not know on a date alone. Now, if they have already met, but every time they are intimate encounters that he always suggests, maybe he just wants sex with you.

It may seem hard to believe, but, as you read it, what I tell you can happen, if not, what would be his problem in advancing with you to a relationship?

Unless he has something to work out, like another relationship, there would be no apparent downside to being with you in a serious love relationship.

His compliments and flattery are always intimate

This signal is a bit controversial because it can be interpreted from two opposite points, that is, as harassment or as a compliment.

With this clarity, we will guide ourselves under the interpretation that they are compliments and flattery, or at least, that is how it is encouraged.

To understand it better I will give you the following example:

Let’s say you constantly chat with a boy you like and, apparently, he likes you too, so far normal.

The problem is that, without realizing it, he frequently pays you compliments that imply that wants to be intimate with you and does not know the benefit of self-control.

He never misses an opportunity to express compliments and phrases with double meanings that, in reality, camouflage his intentions to take you to bed.

It may happen that this does not bother you and it is fine, as long as you understand what is behind the boy’s words. That is, that you know and are aware of what he wants with you and you agree with it.

In these cases, questions for the boy you like They wouldn’t hurt, so you’ll find out what their intentions are.

His calls are with erotic intentions

Does he just want you to hang out?

Finally, among the signs that indicate that he he just wants sex with you there are the calls with erotic intentions.

Although it is very similar to the previous signals, this one consists of him calling you to try to promote an intimate moment with you through the phone or video call.

As I said before, this is not bad as long as it is consented by both of them, but if it is only him and, in addition, he is insistent, surely his plans are only to have sex with you.

Even if they have been interacting for a long time and he insists on this type of content, it is better to clarify the situation as soon as possible and thus know what he wants with you.

Don’t let this take you by surprise, take control and if you suspect something, better talk about it as soon as possible, take matters into your own hands and learn how to spot a lying man.

In addition to this, there is a sensitive issue that can appear in the midst of these conversations and interactions with that man. I am precisely referring to the sexual harassment that can occur and it is a fine line that should be clear.

As you can see, there are several signs exposed here, however, they are not the only ones that can indicate that he just wants sex with you.

In this case, I have only mentioned the most frequent and obvious ones that can help you identify the intentions of that boy.

Do not forget that a cautious woman is worth two, so it does not hurt to take all these signs into account when necessary.

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