Does he miss or think of me even though he doesn’t answer?

Does he miss or think of me even though he doesn't answer?
Does he miss or think of me even though he doesn’t answer?

Today we want to clarify the question of whether your crush is thinking of you even though he doesn’t get in touch with you.

I assume that every woman has found herself in the situation in which she stared uncertainly at the cell phone and waited longingly for it to finally answer.

In this article, we clarify the uncertainties and all the questions that come with this topic.

So let’s get started:

Does he miss or think of me even though he doesn’t answer?

If you mean something to him, he also thinks of you and misses you (even if he doesn’t contact you). They say: when a woman is in love, she thinks of him every single second. When a man is in love, he thinks of cars, football, work, his buddies, and, “besides,” the woman.

Is your dating partner the shy kind? It could be that he is either not yet sure what he wants or simply does not dare to take this next step.

There are many men who have little experience and may not even know how to properly deal with women.

Even if it seems like the world only depends on this one man, try to let go of that feeling. You are unique and special – whether he answers or not.

So that you can deal with this topic better and you don’t stumble into a sad phase, we want to clarify the following questions today:

  • Why is my dating partner ignoring me?
  • Does he miss or think of me – even if he doesn’t answer?
  • How do you deal with it and what can you do so that you can still live happily?

Why is my dating partner ignoring me?

There is no general answer to this question, but I would like to give you some of the possible reasons.

  • Is he so busy with his life that he may not have time for a girlfriend at all?
  • Did the date go bad and he didn’t feel good?
  • Weren’t the topics of conversation that you had interesting for him so that he doesn’t want any more dates and doesn’t see a future for you as a couple?
  • Could it be that he’s shy?
  • Maybe he needs time to think about what the future should look like between you?
  • Maybe he’s just afraid to go a step further? If he wrote to you, there could be another meeting and maybe that’s why he gets cold feet?
  • Maybe he wants to continue to live out his sexual freedom and therefore does not want to commit himself?

As you can see, there are several options. I just wanted to give you a little overview – questions that you can ask yourself and thereby gain a greater understanding of why the situation is now the way it is.

But I would like to anticipate one thing:

If you find yourself thinking that the topics of the conversation weren’t that good, you might have bored him, or you just aren’t interesting enough, it can make you feel sad or inferior.

Therefore I emphasize:

No matter how the date went, no matter whether you got along well or not. No matter what you said or forgot to say. You are always good the way you are and make it clear to yourself: you are not dependent on him.

Does he miss or think of me even if he doesn’t answer?

Thanks to today’s technology, it is possible to find out whether the other person is currently online or not.

Curse and blessing at the same time – so many make themselves dependent on it and focus their own life much more on the control of the other person instead of concentrating on their own life.

It can happen that you can see that he is online more often during the day and that you are constantly updating your messages. Even if you’ve updated it for the 100th time, nothing comes.

You become thoughtful and wonder more and more whether he’s thinking of you or maybe even missing you.

I cannot answer the question with certainty because I do not know your situation and of course, I cannot look into his head.

Theoretically, it is possible that he misses you and thinks of you too – even if he doesn’t answer.

But: what does this fact bring you?

What triggers this idea in you when he misses you and thinks of you?

Exactly, you feel valuable. You know the man thinks of you and that’s why you believe that you are good and lovable for this reason – otherwise, he wouldn’t miss you at all.

This feeling is beautiful when you get confirmation that he misses you, that you know he likes you, and that he thinks you are great.

You should avoid this dependence on a man and instead focus on yourself and your life.

How do you deal with it and what can you do so that you can still live happily?

In the first two sections, we looked at the questions of why your date might ignore you and whether he is thinking of you or missing you.

In this part, it should be about that I take you by the hand and give you strength for your further life.

Some may find it helpful to be told that the man is sure to think of them and miss them. But I think to myself that in this context it should not be about trying to interpret the situation as precisely as possible, but rather to focus on yourself again and not on the question of whether and how much he misses you now.

First of all: No matter what happened on the date, you said something funny, you were shy, too cranky, too quiet, had too much make-up on your face, or too little. No matter.

You are you and that is a good thing. You are unique and you have the perfect right to accept yourself for who you are and to bring people into your life who value your personality.

Some valuable tips that could help you in your current situation:

  • Focus on yourself: go out with friends, pursue a hobby, or go outdoors.
  • Put the smartphone on its side and do not check every minute whether he has answered. Try to let go of him mentally. Don’t focus on him anymore and realize that it’s okay if you don’t become a couple or if you don’t see each other again. It wouldn’t have done you anything. Either he likes you for who you are and takes care of your situation accordingly, or he doesn’t. But then it is not necessary to purely invest unnecessary energy. You would have always given him more than he did to you. That doesn’t make you happy in the long run.
  • Let go of the fear of losing him. Often times one tends to write for these reasons alone. If it fits between you, you don’t need to have any doubts that the path will lead you back together, if this is right for both of you.

Similar questions

When should I get back to you?

Give him the time to be clear about his own wants and needs. It can also be that he is unsure where your path is going. He needs time and you should admit it to him. Wait.

After a longer break, you could just write him a short message about how he is doing and whether everything is okay. For this, however, it is necessary to give him a time window and you yourself should be ready so that you – no matter what or whether he answers – do not get sad again if it does not work out.

What do I have to consider if I register?

Never put him under pressure and even if you write to him again after a long period of radio silence, do so without reproach. You can indicate to him that you have missed the contact, but don’t show him your emotional need – because he is not responsible for how you are doing.


In summary, I would like to emphasize that it is very difficult to give a correct answer for all possible situations. It is important to see individually what is going on at YOU.

The most important point in this context is that you never base your worth on a man. First of all, this does not do you any good, except that you are constantly in the heat when he doesn’t answer again and secondly, it is difficult for him to be constantly responsible for your mood.

Let go of the feeling that you are only worth something with him.

Does he miss or think of me even though he doesn’t answer? Do you get distracted when he doesn’t call you? If so, with what?

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