Equitable distribution of household responsibilities in the family!

Equitable distribution of household responsibilities in the family! The phrase that the love boat breaks into everyday life did not fit out of nowhere. Life is the cause of most divorces. To avoid quarrels, it is necessary to divide all household duties among all family members.

When both husband and wife clearly know what they have to do around the house, there will be fewer reasons for scandals and quarrels. Let’s talk about the fair distribution of household chores in the family.

Equitable distribution of household responsibilities in the family

First of all, one point should be taken into account: what one does better, he does it. Perhaps the husband is a good cook, then he is preparing dinner, and you are washing dishes.

The next moment, when distributing responsibilities, do not forget about their level of complexity.

Otherwise, you will be extremely unhappy if you take cooking and work, and m ear m m w and · and thrower.

It is also important to consider employment at work.

If the husband gets tired at work, stays there until late, then let him take on the duties that take time, but do not require much physical effort: do the children’s homework, walk the dog, read a book to the children before bedtime.

In addition, it is necessary to take into account the preferences and skills of each family member. Suppose the husband does not want to wash the dishes in any way, then offer him to wash the windows in the apartment or wash the laundry. Or you know that the husband will not be able to iron the linen. Let him at this time load the washing machine and hang the washed clothes on the clothesline.

Make a to-do list and post it where you can see it most. Let everyone mark who did what today. Soon uuto spend one little thing on one thing a busy day, and together or you right section with with fte

How to distribute household chores fairly?

  • Create family traditions

Each person lived in the parental family, from where he took on the experience of resolving issues of separation. But it happens that in one family, the mother carried everything on herself, while the father only went to work.

Therefore, it is not surprising that your husband, who has taken over this tradition, does not seek to help in any way. In order not to drag other people’s traditions into your family, create new ones.

Your family is not your parents’ family. Don’t forget about it. To avoid quarrels on this basis, be aware of the problem in a timely manner and react to it. If you do not know what to do with the drug that you want, you can do that.

  • Say no to gender discrimination

Not that it is obscure in terms of the male and female. In today’s reality, this is unfair. The woman also goes to work, only at home she still has cooking, cleaning, children. Not used in arguments: there were no washing machines before, the woman plowed, the children were born in the field, the house was in a leak.

Previously, and men had other responsibilities. No building to my planning in the primitive street. You don’t need to nail the shelf and change the light bulb in the house every day. In the case where the dog is in the dark.

What difference does it make who made dinner, as long as it’s delicious. Do not be guided by the opinion of your parents, other people around you. Do as you see fit, as you agree in your family.

  • Get the kids involved

Children must be involved in housework. Moreover, from childhood it is easier to do this than to oblige a teenager to clean his room. Even a baby is able to clean up a plate from the table, collect his toys, put dirty laundry in a basket.

To do this, you do not need to take a rag from a small child when he is still trying to help you. An older child is a complete helper. On and vacuum, and clean his room, and wash the dishes, and throw out the garbage, and go to the store. Feel free to give assignments to the children.

For children to take their responsibilities seriously, it is important that they take full responsibility for them. To it, no one else should do the job.

Suppose a family council decided that the child would buy milk. And he didn’t buy it. So everyone is left without milk. He will have to answer why it happened. And this is unpleasant. Next time he will take this matter more seriously.

General cleaning should be done by everyone together. Set aside a specific day of the week for this activity. In the future, just pay attention to maintaining cleanliness. Working together brings families together. And what you do with your own hands is valued much more than if you do everything around the house.

  • Don’t forget to thank

It is important to thank each other for the cooked food, clean dishes, made bed, cleaned room. You can say that it is so big that it is too late to say “Thank you”.

Your husband met you from work with fried chicken, sincerely praise him. no ironization. Let him know that you appreciate his concern. Say that he is the best, special, caring. Don’t joke that he got used to the role of “housewife”. You will offend him and in the future you may no longer count on help from his side.

If mubly took it upon himself to prepare a snow kennel, but be too lazy to take a day off, prepare a “yummy” that reports Thank you. Say in a way that you appreciate him. Your man will be pleased to care.

  • How to talk to family

As long as you are in the new tradition, it is possible to get to the subject, so it is not possible to understand it. Be patient. Be calm. No blame, do not swear, do not begin to feel sorry for yourself.

Do not start a conversation with the phrase: “We need to talk.” This is doomed to fail. Speak from “I-position”. Share your feelings and expectations. Tell me that it’s hard for you, you get tired.

Offer a result that will suit everyone. The name of the game is that you are not familiar with it. Ask your husband how he sees the situation, whether you really need help.

Solving the issue of household chores is a manifestation of mutual respect and revenue. Each of us does not always have the desire and strength to deal with everyday life. But, if you are mubly, and you are waiting to invest yourself, then there is a family atmosphere, there is $.

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