Everything you need to know about your partner: Find out

What secrets are hidden in the head of your loved one? I’ll tell you how to find out everything you need to know about your partner!

I will show you how you can know what your partner sees and looks for in you, his past, the plans he has in the relationship and how to ask questions naturally without making it feel like an interrogation.

Knowing your color and favorite food are things that come naturally

But there are things that are really important to know if you want to grow your relationship.

There is much you can discover about your partner that will make you appreciate the relationship and feel closer to him than ever.

By thoroughly knowing his way of thinking and seeing things, he will know that you know a little more about him, increasing that feeling of comfort that you feel so well with the special person.

So get ready, because you’re about to find out what every woman should know about her partner.


Everything you need to know about your partner and what he plans with you

If there is something very important that you should know about your partner, it is what he sees in you.

With that you can also discover what he is looking for in you; all those qualities that you can use to conquer him every day and be irresistible to him.

Knowing what your partner is looking for in you is essential to keeping your feet on the ground in the relationship.

By offering your partner just what they want, you will ensure that they will be more than happy by your side.

Think of all the qualities and purposes you wish your partner would see in you.

Questions like the following can be very helpful:

  • What fascinates you most about me?
  • Is there anything I do that you love?
  • What are the things you saw in me that made you want to be together?
  • Do you think I’m a good girlfriend/wife?
  • What do you feel when you see me?
  • How would you describe me?
  • How would you describe me as a couple?
  • What do you think is my best quality?

All the things you see in yourself and would like to know if your partner sees them too. Just ask!

For example: Depending on his response to “Do you like that I have a strong personality?”, you might be able to tell if he really senses that, likes you, or would like to see some changes in that regard.

As you begin to discover everything you need to know about your partner, you may be surprised to learn that they see you as the best in their world.

You may also discover that there are certain things that you could improve. Knowing how to acquire all those qualities that will make you irresistible is possible thanks to Magnetic Desire Method.

Also, you can read the biblat.unam.mx article where you will find information related to growth as a couple.


It is clear that each relationship is unique. Something you should never do is compare your relationship with past relationships or other couples; this will only make it difficult for you to fully enjoy and live yours in the present.

But taking reference of what we have experienced on our loving path can be very useful. The past is not there to cling to; just to learn.

Many of the experiences in our previous relationships allow us to recognize which experiences we find pleasant and which ones we would not like to live again as a couple.

The past is something that shapes us; Knowing your partner’s experiences in his past relationships and his opinion of them will help you know what things to do that will make him recognize that you are the right person and what things you should avoid if you do not want to drive him away from you.

Knowing the mistakes that his past partners made will help you not to fall into the same mistakes, even guiding you to exceed all the expectations that he has of you, driving him crazy for always being with you.

Making your partner feel that those bad experiences from their past relationships will not happen to you, you will see how trust and commitment in the relationship is present.

Making him feel that you can take those good experiences in his past relationships and take them to another level, you will melt his heart and watch him fall at your feet every day.

Learn a little more about his past love life with questions like:

  • What was it that ended your past relationship?
  • What bothered you the most about your ex?
  • Is there something your ex did that disappointed you?
  • Is there something that happened with your ex that you would never forgive?
  • What have you enjoyed most about your past relationships?
  • How was your first relationship?
  • Is there something nice that you never forget about any of your exes?
  • What is the most valuable thing you have done in a relationship?

This information will be very useful to know how to revive the flame of love as a couple.


Where is the relationship and where is it going? These are questions that we have all asked ourselves at some point.

After all, it’s nice to confirm that you’re investing your time and effort in a person who plans to stay by your side doing the same.

Everything you need to know about your partner, the plans he has for both of you, can give you a lot of information about how committed he is to the relationship, seeing how far into the future he sees himself with you.

It will also show you if their plans are like yours; There is nothing more beautiful than knowing that your partner is walking with you in the same direction.

Questions like these can help you learn what plans you have.

Someone who gives answers that describe things in the long term or in the future is most likely committed to the relationship.

  • What do you imagine we will be doing in a few months?
  • Would you like us to travel together soon?
  • Have you ever thought how long you would like to be with me?
  • What would you most like to do with me?
  • What would you like to see happen between the two of you?
  • How would you live your perfect relationship?
  • How would you like this relationship to be?

Depending on how far the relationship has progressed, you can ask questions more specific to your plans such as: what do you think about marriage, if you want to have a family or not, etc.

If you have an agreement on where things are going, that’s a great sign!

If with these questions you realize that there are certain things that are not compatible with what you expected. Now you have the knowledge to work on it and improve it!

There is even the article «truth or dare questions for my boyfriend“which will help you discover if he really wants to commit to you.


Everything you need to know about your partner without overwhelming him

Of course you are dying to know everything about your partner; now that you know how to ask and what to observe, you may want to spend the rest of the day on top of it getting to know every little detail.

But you need to be careful not to do that. Try to take a good time to get to know your partner, but do not neglect to take advantage of the present with him and enjoy the moments together.

Continual questioning can have a bad effect, even making it feel like an interrogation.

If so, he will probably feel uncomfortable and begin to shut himself off from responding. If that happens, take some time away from the questions and just enjoy it as a couple.

feel too many uncomfortable questions it can also cause him to think something is wrong, making him anxious enough to be an inconvenience between the two of you.

Take advantage of certain conversation topics that allow questions to be asked naturally and agree with what they talk about.

For example, talking about what they would like to accomplish on the day is a good topic to ask questions about future plans.

Speaking of those things so characteristic of his friends and acquaintances, it’s a good time to ask what he sees in you. So just ask in a casual and relaxed way; Getting to know your partner deeply is something that takes time.

Similarly, you can imagine funny questions for your boyfriend and soften a bit.

Questions can help, but living moments by his side defines everything.

In this case the role of healthy couple communication It is fundamental since it defines the understanding in the relationship.

For this reason, I recommend you read a little about communication and assertive behaviors in the article in magazines.ucr.ac.cr. Cheer up!


Everything you need to know about your partner while respecting their privacy

I know you want to know even the smallest detail

Perhaps even the darkest secret, everything you think can help you know who you really are and give you security in the relationship.

You will find that there are certain topics or questions that make your partner uncomfortable, so you must recognize things like the male body language the secret to conquer.

It is necessary to understand that even sharing life with someone, we all have the right to a little privacy. That personal space, unique to each person, is very important to maintain.

Even, when your partner walks away may be related to this.

If there is something very important that you should always keep in mind, it is this: respect the privacy of your partner.

There will be things that he will tell you at the moment that he feels is the right one; that degree of openness will change as the relationship advances and the state in which it finds itself.

A sense of open and honest communication will always put him at ease, so you’ll notice that sometimes he’ll say those hard-to-say things without you having to ask.

There will be things that he won’t tell you, with his personal and valid reasons that you will have to respect as a couple. All in the same way that you would like him to respect your privacy.

After all that, a lot of relationships are about understanding each other. Respect each other to make love grow.

Of all you need to know about your partner, never forget that he is a person just like you, with his own sunny days and storms.

The important thing for him to see you as the ideal person is not what you ask, it is the support you show.


Everything you need to know about your partner It will help you take your relationship to the next level.

There are things that you will be able to know simply by asking, others that you will discover through their decisions and actions.

Wanting to know everything you need to know about your partner is the destination we all want to reach, but never forget to enjoy the journey.

Really knowing your partner is something that takes time, participating and living the relationship to the fullest.

Never want to know by force, because you feel it belongs to you or want to calm your insecurities.

Meet your partner for love: For having a meaningful connection

These topics and questions will help you start that beautiful journey in the best possible way.

All this knowledge will be your support to work on your quality as a couple and in any detail that the relationship needs.

So take advantage of the connection you are creating. I wish you the best of trips with your partner.

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