Examples of how to intrigue a man by SMS?

Examples of how to intrigue a man by SMS – psychologist’s advice on what to write? The ability to hook, interest and intrigue a man in correspondence is a guarantee that the relationship will be boring. And even if this very relationship does not get any development, you will have fun, leading a playful correspondence.

Men also like beautiful words. And they are also very curious. Therefore, by sending the right phrase at the right time, you can get the undivided attention of your “victim”.

Rules for intriguing correspondence

Before moving on to practice, you need to know and theory. When you enter into a dialogue on social networks, you must adhere to certain rules. And then any conversation will be successful.

  • Show initiative.

A man can also have a bitter relationship experience. He is afraid to seem intrusive, although in fact he is an excellent conversationalist and sincere person. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with periodically writing first and being interested in him.

  • Be smart.

Illiterate messages repel immediately. No so long as there are points, no with it is better to be friends. Smartphones tend to correct certain words for incorrect ones. So please read before posting. Or fix it later.

  • Dose emoji.

Men are not very inclined to insert graphic emoticons. Their maximum is brackets. Try not to abuse them. Not recommended in the master’s own service in the Instagram.

Rarely, but aptly inserted into a message, a smile will interest you much more than their abundance in every correspondence.

  • Be tactical.

If you have just started to communicate, then leave aside the discussion of “acute” issues. These include: religion, politics, finance. Your interlocutor does not hear your intonation and does not see your facial expression. So be polite and don’t give a reason to misunderstand you.

  • Don’t forget about time.

Correspondence is best done after 10 am and before 11 pm. These are the rules of etiquette. Only if you agreed on something else, or the man himself made it clear that he can answer, this is the rule of atyak.

  • Don’t impose.

Find the middle ground between “taking the initiative” and not being intrusive. Men do not perceive a large number of messages well, and will respond to a maximum of two of them. Let him miss you a little, and not be eager to stop communicating with the obsessive lady.

  • Don’t think about the past.

Don’t talk about your ex. Let past relationships stay in the past. Moreover, do not talk badly about your ex-partner. Your interlocutor may think that in the event of your separation, you will also speak about him.

Your correspondence should remain light and casual. But the torpedoes of the event, it is in the only starts there are. He may not even be sure he wants to meet you yet. Let everything take its course.

If the correspondence is comfortable, then your relationship will reach a new level in a natural way. In the meantime, flirt and enjoy gradually.

TOP 50 primers how to intrigue a man by SMS

There are many ways to make a man want to find out what’s next. With intriguing messages, you can lead to the topic you need, hint at something interesting in your biography, or even provoke a date invitation.

The following message examples may help you:

  • If you could be anywhere right now, whereby were you?
  • It’s so cold in my apartment. Not even a blanket helps.
  • Hi, I’ve wanted to tell you this for a long time – I like one thing about you.
  • I have an interesting offer you can’t refuse!
  • Is it by my name?
  • When I eat something sweet, I think of you. I think your kisses are just as delicious.
  • I can’t wait to see you.
  • Today I was in a lingerie store. Guess what I bought myself?
  • I’m ready for everything for you: to go to bed on the couch.
  • I had an interesting dream. With you in the lead.
  • You have many talents, but there is one – the biggest.
  • See you today? I have a surprise for you.
  • You forgot something. Didn’t you notice it was missing?
  • I bought a charming, tight-fitting lace lingerie set. I need an outside perspective.
  • I go to bed and think, should I take off my lace stockings from my slender legs?
  • Just watched the series and thought of you.
  • Today I have a day off, I’m alone. I want to spend this day completely without clothes. what do you think about it?
  • I know everything about you.
  • I want you… to ask for help.
  • Are you interested in culture and non-cultural programs in these foreign countries?
  • Guess what I’m hiding under the covers?
  • Keep in mind that the longer you answer messages, the more interest “drops”.
  • Were there scenes in the films that you wanted to repeat in real life?
  • Today I’ll put on your favorite “nothing” under the dress.
  • Is this what you want?
  • I have an offer for you that you can’t refuse.
  • Our meeting today may be unusual.
  • Do you know what could be better than a Friday night? And I know! This is an evening spent in fellowship with you!
  • I am so happy now! Because I look at your photo and understand how lucky I am!
  • You need to be listed in the Red Book, do you know why? It’s rare to meet someone like you!
  • If you are ponytailed, is it by your side?
  • And I thought differently about you … You turned out to be better than I thought!
  • The hotel will be there for you, and for a while, you will not have to worry about two people.
  • What do you think I’m doing now that you would like to join?
  • I want to confess something to you, but I still can’t decide.
  • If you are in the middle of nowhere, and you will not be able to see it.
  • What song do you think I associate with you?
  • They brought me flowers this morning. Is it from you? Or have I got another fan?
  • I think it’s time to tell you about my secret passion. But I want to know about yours.
  • I would like to try something. Will you join?
  • A certain word that you often say makes me literally go crazy. No one wants to hear it, so that it is polite.
  • I’m sure that when you see me in a new dress, you will only have certain thoughts.
  • I read one interesting ERO novel. One scene really intrigued me.
  • I bought a new perfume, and it turns out that it contains a powerful aphrodisiac.
  • I want to make an appointment with you, but I’m afraid you’ll be embarrassed by the place.
  • I sleep in bed with a toy, but I would like not with a toy.
  • What would you say if I asked you to come right now?
  • Is it possible for you to drive away?
  • If you’ve been looking forward to Friday like I have, we can’t miss this chance.
  • Just heard a song that perfectly describes our relationship.

Not with the frames and with the projects that are universal. It all depends on the degree of your relationship, your character and the man who is corresponding with you.

Therefore, choose what suits you best and feel confident in the world of Internet flirting.

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