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If you remember quite recently, when instead of SMS, a man who you like had to write letters or postcards, he begins to jar a little from discomfort. It’s like – sent a letter and sit languishing? Got it – didn’t get it, who got it, when? Now with messages it is much easier – you press the buttons that you need, and sit, wait for an answer. Therefore, at the present time, SMS messages are so common.

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However, a new problem arises – what exactly to write to your loved one. After all, you need to hook a man with something, while you can’t be very smart and force, but you don’t even dream of showing yourself like a fool.

It is in order not to particularly puzzle over such a question that this article is proposed.

SMS from a secret admirer

If you like a man for a long time and strongly, then most likely the girl already has his phone number where you can send SMS (otherwise, what will we discuss here).

You can play with your loved one. No, the game will not be cat and mouse, and no one will offend the feelings of a lover. Just here it will be possible to play on male weakness.

So. No matter what anyone says, men love compliments much more than women. If a woman received a compliment, she just shook her curls, smiled, and her mood cheered up, then with a man everything is more serious. If a young man heard “You are so smart, and this look …”, then he will definitely decide for himself for the rest of his life – I am smart! And he will diligently goggle his eyes, keeping “this look.”

Therefore, it will be very productive to write an SMS that would raise a man in his own eyes.

“I always dreamed of having a strong, handsome and smart guy as a friend. Such as you. Do you think dreams come true?

“Hi! You are so witty, doctors prescribed you for me to increase my IQ. Are you free tomorrow evening? »

“Which gym do you go to? You have the perfect figure. I need a coach like that too.”

Pay attention – SMS consists of a compliment and a question. The question is necessary to continue the conversation. That is, the SMS should receive a response. This is how an acquaintance is made.

sms with humor

Humor is an indicator of the mind, so many respected people believe. And it really is. Therefore, when a girl sends a sms to a guy with humor, it cannot go unnoticed. As a rule, such SMS messages are always answered very quickly. Moreover, with the person who sends them, I want to make friends, get to know each other better. True, the quality of humor plays a big role here. All the humor that is “below the belt” is incorrect, and it’s not entirely decent for a girl to write it.

“Well, how not ashamed to be so cool? Now I had to fall in love! Then, probably, you will have to suffer more!

“My neighbor got a dog. But a dog won’t suit you, you need to turn me on – both beautiful and stylish, and I don’t rush to cats ”

“You’re so cool! Before, I only had my head blown off, and now you also broke my heart. And who will need me so broken? Now take it for yourself!”

Request for help

This is called a forbidden hold. You can send such an SMS to a man you like if you already know each other. Asking a young man for help is a win-win. The beauty is that in most cases, in order to provide assistance, a man will have to meet with you. Well, the attitude towards this person is veiled. You simply chose him to help, as he is an expert in this matter.

“I know you have a dog, can you tell me what breed I should choose? I don’t understand anything at all, but I really want a true friend. Help me figure it out. Please”

“You are very good at blueprints, and I just had a problem. Can’t you help me? No, if necessary, I can pay for your services.

“I noticed a long time ago that you are wonderfully versed in computers. Could you help me choose a new computer. The purchase is serious, but I’m the only one who’s afraid”

“I’m sorry, can you help me? It’s my brother’s birthday, what would you, as a man, advise him to take?


You can come up with a legend with which you should boldly write SMS.

“My boss told me to ask you how this report is written. He says you’re doing great.”

“I was assigned to conduct a survey of employees, could you answer some questions?”

“Tell me, where are you today? I was instructed to deliver a package to you…”

Frankness at a price

Yes, Tatyana’s letter to Onegin is relevant to this day. Why did girls decide that confessing their love is bad? Yes, being intrusive when you’ve already been rejected is ugly. But it’s worthy to talk about your feelings, it will be nice for any man.

A lot of young people do not even know that they like a certain girl. And after she herself admits this, the guy’s eyes “open”. He involuntarily begins to pay more attention to this lady, when she appears, his back involuntarily straightens, he tries to be even better, and if the young lady who confessed her feelings to him begins to communicate with another man, real jealousy begins – how is it? I’m all so beautiful here, I’m standing, you know, smelling of toilet water, and she looks, who knows who!

Therefore, SMS with recognition can be safely sent to your loved one.

“For several months I have not been able to find a place for myself. I think I love you. Tell me what should I do about it?”

“I made an amazing discovery – I love you! Think about it, maybe you are brewing a similar discovery? That would be great!”

“An interesting, hard-working smart girl – a beauty (that is, me), fell in love with a smart, attractive, charming guy (that is, with you). The question is – why don’t these two wonderful people (that is, us) go to the cinema tonight?

Event for two

If the man you love is very familiar to you, but there is no relationship between you, you can come up with some kind of event for the two of you and discuss it in SMS. For example, invite a young man to the dacha to go skiing.

Of course, first you need to find out if the guy somehow keeps on skis or has seen them only in sporting goods? If you are not a fan of skiing, think of another activity. If everything is in order with this, you can start the discussion.

“Hi. Remind me, please, do you have your own skis or will I have to look for a rental?”

“If you have a dog, we can take it with us. Do you think she won’t bite me if I skate worse than you?”

“What are we going to do to keep warm? I have a wonderful fireplace (stove) in my country house. What do you think, maybe mulled wine?

Just hello

There are also ordinary SMS messages when a woman simply wishes a good day to her beloved man. Only such SMS should be interesting.

“Good day! I am sending you the sun so that the day is sunny … Although, it’s better to come myself (I’ll also bring buns).

“It’s raining. Probably because you went on a business trip. Come back quickly, or we’ll be washed away.”

SMS can be anything, it is important that they be friendly and have a response. And yet, it is unacceptable to be intrusive. Then the situation can simply be ruined.

More humor and you will succeed!

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