Expression of Love to a Girl: 21 Best Ways

Expression of Love to a Girl: 21 Best Ways! How to reveal to a beloved woman the secret that she is not indifferent? It is difficult to say right away which method will impress or please her more. And what if nothing interesting enough comes to mind? This list will save the day. He will tell you what a declaration of love to a girl can be, diversify the choice by describing several different methods. The guy will only have to choose the option that he likes best, is suitable for his chosen one, and it’s time to get down to business.

1. The inscription on the asphalt.

One of the classic, reliable ways to please a girl and at the same time confess her feelings to her. To avoid misunderstanding, it is better to stand next to the inscription “I love you” and call your beloved so that she looks out of the window. Otherwise, she may doubt that the phrase is intended for her, or not understand who this line was written by.

However, you will have to be careful. This method will not work if the young lady has strict neighbors or parents who do not approve of such publicity or damage to the asphalt. Then it is advisable to try to lay out a confession with something, and not draw it. In winter, a good replacement would be an inscription on the snow, which is better to trample down well or write using a spray can of paint so that it is better visible.

Expression of Love to a Girl: 21 Best Ways!

2. In an amusement park.

If the chosen one loves to ride rides and have fun, this is a great method. You can spend a day in such a park along with cotton candy, toys, keyrings, souvenirs from the shooting range. And the confession itself will have to be left in the end, as a final surprise.

The most romantic is the discovery of your feelings in the cabin of the Ferris wheel at the highest point of the ascent. This will give a little privacy, the opportunity to freely share mutual joy. However, there are risks. For example, if the lady of the heart is not sure of her feelings or they are not mutual, the entire descent will take place in awkward silence. The same is likely to happen if she is very afraid of heights. Either she will refuse the trip altogether, or she will clearly not be up to confessions.

3. Video recording.

Recording a video is another good way to impress your woman. There are enough free online video editors on the Internet that will help you make your video beautiful and original. Otherwise, it all depends on the imagination of the man. For example, he can create videos like this:

  • “dumb”, where he does not have to say anything, and all the phrases will be written;
  • with a share of good humor, it will defuse embarrassment;
  • with a plot where the main character goes in search of love;
  • with special effects to show the power of feelings.

It would be nice to come up with a beautiful intro or put a joint photo instead. They can also complete the video confession. The main message will concern the love experiences themselves, when and why they arose, how they influenced the guy.

4. Song or verse.

Songs or poems about falling in love of your own composition show that there is romance in a man, he is ready to invest in relationships, and not get off with trifles.

It is better to tell poems in a slightly quiet soft voice, looking into the girl’s eyes, holding her hand. This will create a more intimate atmosphere, an inextricable connection, since the attention of the young lady will be concentrated only on the words, the look of her admirer.

For the song, you can include some kind of musical minus, but it is better that it sounds with a guitar. However, if the guy doesn’t know how to play this instrument, it’s best not to ask someone else to do it for him. Let the couple stay alone, then the girl will feel close and the guy will not be so embarrassed to sing for her.

5. Poster.

A neat poster with the words “I love you” in the center will later become a good reminder of the revelation, a symbol of romantic feelings. So that it does not look empty, in addition to the phrase, you can add more:

  • 10, 50 or 100 reasons why, why a guy likes a girl, compliments to her;
  • her portrait, if the young man knows how to draw or is ready to order a drawing;
  • funny comparisons of feelings (“I love you more than sweets”, “I love you so that volcanoes wake up”);
  • just beautiful pictures of couples in love (not photos, but sketches, comics, etc.);
  • a caricature of the fan himself with a heart popping out of his chest.

To show such a poster in the middle of a crowded street or in a secluded home environment, the man himself decides, depending on his self-confidence, the preferences of his companion.

Expression of Love to a Girl: 21 Best Ways!

6. Photo collage.

If a couple has several photos together, it will be great to combine them into a beautiful collage. Ideally, print it out and hand it in person, and not attach it to the wall in a social network.

It is better to place the recognition itself either on the back of the photo card, or under the photos themselves, at the same time adding a few nice words under each of the illustrations. The background of a glossy sheet for photos is also desirable to choose in accordance with the event. Hearts, cute couples, red, kissing or in love emojis, and similar pictures are usually associated with this theme. However, not all girls like them. If the chosen one belongs to this particular type, it is better to put something on the background that will make her smile, although it will not be connected with a love theme.

7. Help friends.

It is advisable to involve friends not only in order to arrange a larger recognition, but also to get support from them. Friends will help reduce nervousness, feel more confident.

You can distribute a rose to each of your comrades and ask them to take turns approaching the woman, handing the flower, and saying that Tolya / Petya / Vasya loves her. Then it is better for them to retire so that the partners are left alone and discuss everything. If the girl does not know the guy’s friends, they can approach the couple during their walk and talk about the sympathy of her boyfriend to make everything even more unexpected.

A problem may arise if the girl does not like publicity, is categorically against the presence of a third party in personal matters. In a relationship with such a lady, it is better to refuse the help of friends.

8. At dinner.

It can be a conversation at a table in a secluded corner of a cozy cafe. A picnic in nature outside the city or in the park is suitable. If the couple is very familiar or even at the stage of trusting friendship, you can arrange dinner at home.

Candles, dim lights, or romantic music are optional. It is better that the atmosphere allows partners to relax, to avoid awkwardness or excessive embarrassment. Although tasty, not the most standard dishes are welcome. The same goes for the type of alcohol, because declaring one’s love while drinking granny’s liquor or beer from a dubious stall is somehow strange. In all other respects, only the taste of the couple itself is important. Also, when opening feelings, you can give some small, non-binding gift.

9. Crossword.

If a young lady likes word puzzles, this type of recognition is just right for her. The man will have to make a crossword puzzle with simple questions (horizontally), to which the girl will know exactly the answers. In this case, the first or some middle selected letters will form vertically “I love you” or a similar phrase.

Neatness, legibility of handwriting, or legibility of printing are required. Otherwise, the whole process may bore the lady, then she will not want to continue to solve the crossword puzzle.

10. Letter.

This is a romantic, slightly conservative way, so it will not suit everyone. But he is very sweet, thin, less nervous for a couple. The guy will not need to say everything out loud, and the girl will have the opportunity to think everything over. Mandatory conditions:

  • write a confession by hand, and not print on a printer;
  • hand it over personally;
  • ask him to read after the meeting.

You can, of course, watch the girl’s reaction while she studies the letter in the presence of a guy. However, sometimes this leads to the fact that the guy does not know how to behave, what to say while silence hangs, and the girl is too embarrassed.

11. Certificate.

A method that literally helps to “give love.” In Photoshop, Microsoft Publisher, or a similar program, you can create a layout for a certificate, gift card, or even a diploma. They will indicate the opportunity to get the feelings of a fan or that the young lady has already won them.

Add a drop of humor, a couple of gentle phrases – and you get a great recognition gift. The leaflet is also handed in person, without tossing it in the mailbox, sending it via the Internet, or transferring it through another person. This way will express the guy’s creativity, his sincerity, courage.

12. Mini-quest.

Suitable for gambling, who love to think, solve the riddles of women. However, the guy will have to try to come up with an interesting task for his chosen one. What types of quests are suitable:

  • hide notes on the street / at home with indirect clues or even riddles about the location of the following notes. The girl will find the inscription-confession at the very end;
  • highlight the letters in the book/magazine that will sequentially make up the phrase “I love you” or similar, ask the young lady to find all the marks, put them together;
  • come up with any kind of competition in which the girl will definitely win (you can succumb a little), and put up a box or package with contents unknown to the girl as a prize. Of course, there will be recognition, although it is better to add at least a chocolate bar to it so that there is still a prize.

The winner will receive a double charge of emotions from the fact that she won, and from understanding the feelings of her fan.

13. Clothing or accessory.

For this method, you will have to make a print on any kind of your clothes, where it will be written “(boyfriend’s name) loves (girl’s name)”. All that remains is to appear in such an outfit in front of your beloved and draw her attention to this picture or phrase.

The same can be done with accessories – bracelets, pendants, headphones, for example. However, it will most likely be difficult to organize everything so that the young lady notices such a small engraving or inscription. Still, it is better to get by with a print on a T-shirt, hoodie, sweater, or similar piece of clothing.

For especially original ones who want to combine recognition with a gift, you can buy clothes by making a print on it not for yourself, but for the chosen one. The main thing is to guess with the sizes and its tastes. The phrase will be similar to “Beloved Dima / Sasha / Andrey”, although you can also add a drop of your creativity here.

Expression of Love to a Girl: 21 Best Ways!

14. Bouquet with a postcard.

You can confess your feelings with the words written on the card. However, it will look strange on its own, so it is better to hide it between the flowers in the bouquet. This is one of the few ways for which a guy does not have to be there, handing everything in person. It is enough to order delivery by courier service.

Risks – not to please with the appearance of flowers or frankly fail, because the girl, it turns out, is allergic to flower pollen. You will have to worry about such things in advance, find out about her preferences through mutual friends, and even better – with direct communication with her.

15. Radio.

Suitable for cases when the couple is left alone, but the guy can leave for a while to call and, unnoticed by his chosen one, order a song with recognition on the radio.

The second difficulty is to focus the girl’s attention on what the announcer says. Music usually fades into the background after a while, everyone stops noticing it, unless they turned it on purposefully to make out the words. You can quickly persuade a girl to listen at the right time with such phrases:

  • “The DJ has a good voice, doesn’t he?” ;
  • “Now will be my favorite song” ;
  • “Do you like this track? »;
  • “I think they said your name on the radio”.

When the song starts playing after the confession, it is advisable to invite the girl to dance.

16. Game.

A specific option is a game with questions for frankness. You can write some interesting or personal (without frank faux pas) questions on pieces of paper, mix them in a hat, drawer, or something similar. The task of the players is to take turns pulling the pieces and answering the questions.

The guy will have to adjust the situation so that he gets the question “Who do you love?”. You can make a barely noticeable mark on paper or bend one corner of it. A trick with a piece of paper with the desired phrase hidden in a pocket or sleeve is also suitable. In extreme cases, you can pull out any “phantom” and, without showing it to the girl, “read” a question that is beneficial to yourself, and not actually written.

17. Fairy tale.

A fairy tale is an approach from afar. For example, the story that 1000 years ago two flowers fell in love, but they grew far away, so their only desire was to hug. And when the sun burned their petals for the last time, they swore that in exactly 1000 years they would meet in the guise of people and never part. And then it is enough to name these flowers with the names of the couple, add the phrase “Finally, I found you”, confess your feelings.

The plot can be anything, even include a thriller or action – as the inventor himself wants. The more creativity, romance, or laughter, the better. The main thing is that in the end everything comes down to a love theme, the discovery of one’s feelings.

18. “My friend …”.

Some guys find it difficult to start self-confession. Embarrassment, fear of rejection, inseparability of feelings, fear of confusing words make them hesitate, or even completely refuse to talk heart to heart.

For these guys, there is a separate, quite reasonable from a psychological point of view, method. It consists in speaking not in the first person, but in the third. For example, to say that the main character knows one young man who is secretly, but very much in love with this girl. In the end, it will be easier to clarify the truth that the mysterious admirer is the lady’s interlocutor.

At the same time, it will turn out to find out how she will react in case of refusal. To do this, it is enough to say that this “friend” is very shy to open up to her, as he is not sure of her reaction. Then it remains to ask how she will react if he does it.

19. Graffiti.

The main thing is not on the walls of her house, although choosing abandoned construction sites for drawing, dark nooks under the bridge, and other frightening unromantic places is also not a five-star idea. Instead, large stones, roofs of high-rise buildings, abandoned concrete slabs on the outskirts of the city will do.

You don’t have to be an artist yourself. An easier option is to find ready-made love-themed graffiti. Then it remains to show it to the girl, saying that this drawing reflects real feelings for her. Even easier is to take a picture of yourself against the background of graffiti, forwarding it to a girl with compliments, a story about the inner feelings that she causes.

20. Talking toy.

Soft toys that have built-in mini-devices that sound the phrase “I love you” can be in place in such a difficult exciting business. This gift will hint the young lady at the true emotions of her gentleman. However, therein lies the main problem. One will understand the implication immediately, the other will think that she was just given a gift in a friendly way.

To avoid misunderstanding or embarrassment, it is advisable to say love words along with the toy or combine this gift with any of the above methods. In this case, a soft friend will later remind you of pleasant emotions, the day when the couple started a relationship or simply (again) explained to each other.

21. Direct recognition.

Sometimes the beauty of recognition is hidden in its directness, simplicity. Not all girls appreciate external tinsel, intricacy, or loud deeds. Some focus on the essence, a simple conversation about love is enough for them. In this case, it is important:

  • stay alone, without strangers;
  • prepare yourself mentally for the event;
  • think over the order of words, their meaning in advance;
  • to mention that this recognition does not oblige her to anything;
  • in any case, thank the woman for her attention, time;
  • understand for yourself whether you want to continue communication in case of non-reciprocity.

A declaration of love to a girl is an exciting, touching moment. And of course, I want to make it beautiful, unforgettable, increasing my chances of reciprocity. This list allows you to notice a variety of ways. Knowing his beloved, her tastes, preferences, the guy will not see a super-difficult task in choosing the right option. And someone may want to combine several points, making their revelation even more original and sensual. Expression of Love to a Girl: 21 Best Ways!

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