Feature films about the betrayal of a wife to her husband with a young man

Feature films about the betrayal of a wife to her husband with a young man. The cinematographer is pre-painted against the grain of the Czech Republic. If you want to better understand why wives cheat on their husbands, what it leads to and how to deal with the consequences of it, there are TOP 10 films that will help you with this.

Films per video

Painted veil, 2006

Photo taken with the original artists

Original name – The Painted Veil.

Charming, but a little spoiled Kitty (Naomi Watts) Married to a smart, reasonable, but emotionally dry Walter (Edward Norton).

Because of the different personalities, the misunderstanding of how differently one person expresses love, Kitty doesn’t feel like herself. Toska by yarkym vpechatleniyam and emotziany tolkaet ee na izmenu muzhu. The plot focuses on how people try to cope with this, understand themselves, their feelings and achieve nion.

This is a subtle, deep story about how a betrayal experienced by spouses can help get closer, get to know each other again, rekindle passion, and feel emotional and spiritual closeness.

And the stunning landscapes of China and the entourage of the 20s give the picture sophistication and sensuality of perception.

Anna Karenina

Photo taken with the original artists

Leo Tolstoy’s novel has many adaptations and a person can find one that will appeal to him, because each of them has its pros and cons. However, no matter which by you choose, the plot is unchanged and has long become a classic.

Anna falls in love with another man and, at some point, decides to give up family happiness in favor of living with her lover. Probably, there is no such person who did not know how it would end, but this story does not stop beating, captivating, captivating

The novel very subtly shows the experiences of each of the characters, their attempts to cope with their impulses and the complexity of the decisions they make. Topics are raised not only of betrayal, but also of jealousy, misunderstanding, self-doubt.

Nevernaya, 2002

Photo taken with the original artists

Original title: Unfaithful.

Connie (Diane Lane) lives a perfect average life: she has a beautiful house, a faithful and caring husband (Richard Gere), a son who is already 8 and even a dog. A sort of embodiment of the American dream.

However, all this can be crossed out by a chance meeting with a passionate young Frenchman who gives her attention, reveals her femininity, and makes her feel alive.

The film raises a serious question. After all, the point is not at all that a lover appears in a woman’s life. In fact, her betrayal is an escape from the monotony, formal communication with her husband.

And although Connie’s husband had always been a devoted, gentle man, she felt that he did not appreciate her and did not notice her. However, her act can even move a gentle person to rash actions.

Deep blue sea, 2011

Photo taken with the original artists

Original Name – The Deep Blue Sea.

Great Britain, middle of the last century. Hester (Rachel Weisz) is married to a respected judge, she is rich, her life is measured. At least she was until Chester met a former Air Force pilot (Tom Hiddleston).

The film has a special Atmosphere, Depth, Slowness, Thanks to which the characters’ characters are revealed, their feelings and experiences are conveyed. This is a film about true love, for which people have to sacrifice a lot.

Proshloy Nosh in Nyu-Orke, 2010

Photo taken with the original artists

Original name – Last Night.

Joanna (Keira Knightley) seems to be happily married. However, her husband (Sam Worthington) has to communicate closely with his colleague, who is attractive and interesting. Joanna feels jealousy that she can’t handle.

One day changes everything – the husband leaves with a colleague for Philadelphia, and Joanna meets her friend while in New York.

The film is about to come, you need it, you need it, you need it. And it shows how all 4 characters are trying to cope with their experiences, passions and secret desires.

This stupid love, 2011

Photo taken with the original artists

Original title – Crazy, Stupid, Love.

This is a bright comedy story that raises the topic of not only betrayal, but also asks questions – what is true love, how to find it and not miss it in a series of random meetings and intrigues.

The plot is not so much about the experiences of the wife (Julianne Moore), who informs her husband that she cheated on memenyl p. More attention is paid to how the husband (Steve Carell), being a faithful and “correct” family man, who is already over 40, finds out that all his family life collapses in an instant.

He goes through a difficult crisis period, trying to find himself in a new relationship, not to lose contact m and de. But most importantly, he realizes what is really important to him and tries to find ways to keep it.

And the self-confident charming bachelor and womanizer Jacob (Ryan Gosling) helps him in this.

Mosty okruga Madison 1995

Photo taken with the original artists

Original name – The Bridges of Madison County.

Beautiful, sensual story of Francesca (Meryl Streep) and Robert (Clint Eastwood). For this role, the strip was nominated for an Oscar and a Golden Globe, and the film itself entered the top 100 most passionate American films of the last 100 years.

This story explores the theme of betrayal in a slightly different way than previous films. And raises the issue of missed opportunities, Ignoring Your desires, Regrets, fear of listening to yourself and your heart.

Attraction, 2009

Photo taken with the original artists

The original name is Partir.

Suzanne has a husband and children, but she languishes as a housewife and decides to return to work. There she runs into Ivan – a simple worker who helps her with the repair of the office. Passion flares up between them.

This picture well emphasizes how often people confuse love with passion, giving preference to the latter, and what consequences everyone close has to face.

It is especially well reflected how much children suffer from the fact that adults cannot understand themselves and their feelings. The film is written on the subject, it is written on the screen and it is not written on it.

Nevernaya, 2000

Photo taken with the original artists

Original name – Trolösa, (Sweden).

The uniqueness of the film is that it is based on the biography of the famous Director Ingmar Bergman, who himself wrote the script for this film.

This is a subtle spiritual drama about what the betrayal of his wife (Lena Endre) can lead to, who begins an affair with a friend of this.

An original, slightly theatrical production, beautiful music, interesting dialogues helped the film not become an ordinary story of base passions.

Lady Chatterley’s lover, 2015

Photo taken with the original artists

Original name – Lady Chatterley’s Lover.

A war-injured husband, a young beautiful wife, an attractive forester. The story is based on Lawrence’s controversial novel, not as banal as it might seem.

It raises the question of how important passion and physical intimacy is in a person’s life and how it sometimes causes internal conflict if it begins to contradict conscience and morality.

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