Fell in love with two guys – How to choose from two men?

A big problem for women is not only loneliness, but also the presence of two partners at the same time. Then you ask yourself the logical question, is it possible to love two men at the same time. It is impossible to answer this question unambiguously. You need to work to deal with your feelings.

Possibility of slowing down in one of the two parts

It is easiest to make a choice when the relationship between you has not yet strengthened, until the attachment to the knizbm has arisen. If the process has already dragged on, then it will not be easy to make a decision. And every day it becomes more and more difficult to make a choice.

Due to the following reasons, it is not easy to choose in favor of any of the guys:

  • Both of them are considered perfect.
  • If one of the pars is given to the children, the other two will be aware of it and the name.
  • Both young men treat you well, it is a pity for you to offend any of them.
  • There is a big age difference between partners.
  • Men have status in society.
  • Both chosen ones, together with each other, form your image of an ideal man.
  • One partner is expected to be in a small country and finish the day. The other sets himself the goal of succeeding in his career. And you want to marry a second, for whom a career is important.
  • You get the feeling that you treat men the same way.

And this list can be endless. But one thing is clear that it is difficult for you to make a choice in favor of any of the men, you do not want to leave the comfort that these two people have created for you.

No, you should not cover up your egoism with love. However, it is comfortable to use one-stop. You take care and attention from them. And your plans do not include depriving yourself of such pleasure.

It is not necessary to say that it is necessary to say that it is not necessary. You meet with another boyfriend, when you meet the first one, then your feelings flare up again. And you are already entering a stupor, not understanding for yourself who you really love.

How to choose between two men?

I want to say right away that there is no easy way out of this situation.

  • You don’t have to choose right now.

You can continue to communicate with both: Chat, go on a date, but do not allow any of them to have a closer relationship. If you really fall in love with someone, you will stop noticing other men. If this does not happen, then everything is not serious enough. Just watch and see. You will make a choice, but not right now.

  • If it is not possible to do this in Poland, one day it is not necessary.

What to do if you like two guys at the same time?

Therefore, it may not be necessary to make a choice in favor of anyone. Leave everything as it is.

  • Analyze them. Take a piece of paper, a pen. Make a list of the advantages and disadvantages of each.

So it will be easier and you will clearly make a choice in favor of one of the men. No need to wait until the 30–40 points are reached. 5-6 moments will be enough.

  • No obligations. Give preference to the man you like more.

After all, you can choose one of them, while with the other you just maintain friendly relations, correspond in time. There will be nothing bad in this. Most importantly, do not promise anything to anyone. So that later there would be no tears, accusations of treason.

  • If you have a relationship with one guy at a distance, and at that time you met another, then understand that there is nothing supernatural in this. Long distance relationships rarely work out. They need to be worked on. Don’t make life difficult for yourself.

Date the guy next to you. Your union cannot develop if there is a large distance between you. Just do not deceive the young man with whom you correspond. Let him know, tell him about your new boyfriend.

  • There is an opinion that if you like both guys at the same time, and you can’t make a choice in favor of one of them, then choose the second one.

If you truly fell in love with the first, then the second would definitely not have appeared.

Listen to your heart: who comes to your mind during a call, with which of the men you feel like yourself, and with whom you have to control yourself, monitor your behavior, when you say goodbye, which of the guys you remember more often.

How to analyze which guy is right for you?

If you can’t make a choice in favor of one of the guys, then conduct an analysis of their qualities, during which focus on the priority features for you. Don’t forget that the word is in your name, not before that.

When analyzing, consider the following qualities:

  • Humor. The pluses include the moment that a person can cheer you up in a bad mood. He will pull you out of depression. With a cheerful person it is easier to go through life.
  • Guy’s attitude towards people. See how he treats not you, but other people, especially those in need. If he helps them, then he will not leave his woman in trouble either.
  • Having a purpose in life. Pay attention to the moment if the guy has plans for life. How he looks at the family, children. Does he spend his life in bars. At the same time, of course, one should compare his goals with his own. If you like free time to go to clubs, and the young man is a potential family man, then choosing him as a partner would be a mistake. Nothing good will come of it.
  • Financial side. And it does not matter here that the guy should have a book with a tidy sum in a Swiss bank. Put emphasis on his purposefulness. Pay attention to how enterprising, quick-witted he is.
  • Look how the guy treats his mother. And it is not necessary for this to go to visit them. Pay attention to his style of conversation with his mother, how he speaks of her, whether her opinion is important to him. If he treats his mother with due respect and care, then you can expect a similar attitude towards yourself.

Proved to analise and drugs in the kitchen, with the water in the back. It is necessary to be aware of the fact that it is safe to do so.

When conducting an analysis, pay attention not only to the positive STORons of guys. Look and for their bad qualities.

  • Irritability. Understand that this quality will increase year by year.
  • Jealousy. It only at first glance seems that jealousy is an indicator of love. On the other hand, this is the case in the future.
  • manipulating. If a man is prone to manipulation, then dictatorship is not the best assistant in building relationships.
  • How much a man admits he is wrong.
  • Pay attention to the moment when a young man speaks about his ex-girlfriend.

It is not necessary in the project, so that it is one in the par. If you are unable to make a single decision, then consider that perhaps none of them is your vamrianto. Trying to choose one of them, you make life difficult for yourself and for young people. There are many other guys in the world.

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