Female cheating in marriage – consequences for women and causes

Female cheating in marriage – consequences for women and causes. Despite the fact that there is a stereotype in society that men cheat more often than women, there is no scientific evidence for this, or the difference is insignificant. Do you think it’s okay to see it on the brake?

TOP 7 real inventors of the female infidelity and its causes

Mary was initially not happy with everything in marriage. She admitted that her husband often put pressure on her, tried to control her, was jealous, and “bent under himself.” If something did not go the way he wanted, he threw a tantrum.

She cheated on him with a man she met in a cafe. The reason for the betrayal was the need to feel desired, loved, and to hear compliments. It was only once, with that person she stopped communicating.

Maria remained in the marriage, her husband did not know anything.

However, after this incident, Maria admitted that she gained more confidence in communicating with her husband, she began to “bend” him herself, and for a while she felt more comfortable.

No this is private to the bigger body, and it is up to you, it is not possible to control it, then it is disassembled. Later, Maria realized that her marriage was original with the wrong person, and betrayal could not solve this problem.

Olesya had a good marriage. However, she cheated on her husband when she was at a meeting with classmates. This was the man she had once been in love with. Olesya said that she immediately regretted her actions, and, returning home, confessed everything to her husband.

For some time he tried to reconcile, to forgive, but she noticed that it became unpleasant for him even to look at her, not to look at her, not to look at her. They became very distant from each other and, in the end, He filed for divorce, despite the fact that Olesya tried in every way to improve relations.

He admitted that he simply could not forgive her. Since then, 5 years have passed, and Olesya has not yet started a new relationship and regrets that she broke up with a good lot.

Vadim always trusted his wife, did not check, and did not control. She was a quiet modest girl. One day, a friend of his wife told him that she had cheated on him at the last New Year’s celebration. Vadim did not believe at first, putting pressure on his wife.

On where it was written, it was said that it was there. She said that she did not understand how it happened, that it did not mean anything, it was a thoughtless impulse. Vadim could not forgive her, and they divorced.

5 questions about female infidelity

He admitted that for him the biggest blow was not the very fact of infidelity, but the fact that his wife had been deceiving him for a whole year, and their mutual acquaintances knew about it. It seemed to him that all year they were laughing behind his back, considering him to be a failed man.

Her husband was on constant long-term business trips, but even when he returned, she lacked his empathy, walking. While he was away, she cheated on him with a work colleague who was always partial to her.

There was an acute sense of guilt that she could not live with. She told her husband everything. He was ready to continue the relationship, but Vera could no longer communicate with him because every time she felt sid. She felt uncomfortable being around him.

She filed for divorce, and went to a colleague. Now they have been together for 4 years, raising a common child. No guilt before the ex-husband has not disappeared.

They were married for more than 5 years, there were many quarrels, and there was constant irritation that arose from scratch. Oleg suggested taking a break in the relationship to let each other cool down and think everything over, for a couple of weeks.

Once he had to go home for things, but, despite the late hour, his wife was not there. Then he came a few more times and the result was the same. I decided to have a frank conversation with her. She admitted that she lives with her lover.

This was a heavy blow for Oleg because he hoped to save the marriage and tried to improve relations. If you do that, you may not be able to afford it, after you have been depressed. Now it has become easier, but he still avoids a serious relationship.

Oleg admitted that now it is difficult for him to trust people, open up to them, share something personal, and he doubts that he will ever decide to enter into a new marriage.

The betrayal was not spontaneous, Irina planned everything from the very beginning. She had been married for 7 years already, she was bored, life seemed endless and tedious, it seemed that she was ready for her husband.

I chose a “safe” person who was also married and did not pretend to be in another relationship. There was only one change. Irina could not remain silent about this and confessed everything to her husband. For a long time, they tried to cope with everything and went to a family psychologist.

They managed to save the marriage, now they have been together for almost 12 years. Irina admitted that this was only because they learned to be frank with each other, talk about feelings, and stop looking for the guilty or blaming themselves for something.

They talked a lot about why the betrayal happened, what led to it, where their relationship turned “wrong”, shared experiences, and learned to forgive and accept each other not ideal, but with weaknesses and mistakes.

Irina admitted that she was grateful to her husband for the fact that he found the strength to forgive her. Since then, she has always been faithful to him, they became so close that she did not even think about other men, she was not happy.

She had a good, faithful husband who always came home on time and took care of her. Anna admitted that they did not have any extravaganza of emotions, but they loved each other, and marriage made them feel secure.

However, Anna still went for treason. At first, it happened by chance when she met her ex. Then Anna registered on a dating site under a false name and began to communicate with other men.

Anna said that her husband never made scenes, did not “catch her red-handed”, but she was sure that deep down he knew everything, preferring to turn a blind eye to it. Once he told that he had cheated on his friend’s wife and confessed everything to him.

A friend forgave her, but Anna’s husband said that it would be better if she did not do this, because it would cross out all the good that exists between them and he, in the place of a friend, would not forgive her. It was this story that made Anna realize how much pain people can inflict on each other.

She didn’t say anything to her husband and turned to a psychologist for help.

In the process of working, Anna realized that she was cheating because she did not feel love. No to her husband, but to herself. She did not love and respect herself, and the attention of other men was an opportunity to increase her self-esteem. Anna is a drug that can be as comfortable as possible.

Almost 20 years have passed since then, and all these years she remained faithful to her husband and felt a sense of gratitude for the fact that at that moment he closed his eyes to everything and did not raise this topic.

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