First Date At Her Apartment – Ultimate Guide

First Date At Her Apartment – Ultimate Guide. If you are genuinely interested, the very first date in your acquaintance story should – according to a survey by – be harmless and take place in a public place.

You can get to know each other and do not take any risks with someone who has been a stranger to you. However, once you’ve done a few out-of-home dates, the question of a more intimate environment comes up at some point.

Where would that apply more than to your own apartment? Today we want to take a detailed look at everything that has to be considered in our home date guide. Because as a woman I know what is particularly important to us on a date in our home and what you as a man can learn about us.

The first date at her apartment

You’ve got to know each other a little, the chemistry is right, and you both feel that an environment with more space for privacy would be very nice.

Basically, it’s a very exciting dating experience for both of them. The first invitation to a woman’s apartment does not necessarily mean that there will be intimacies. Even if that is often associated with it.😉

Women express themselves with the design of their home. The invitation to visit means first of all that she likes you very much. She feels very comfortable with the thought of welcoming you to her private area – her home. What the date ultimately entails depends on the one hand on how far you have met and on the other hand, of course, on both parties involved.

Now I’ll tell you what basic things you should keep in mind, how to stay relaxed, what the woman’s apartment tells you and how you could organize such a date.

A glass of wine can also help to make the date relaxed.

The general conditions – time and outfit


First Date At Her Apartment - Ultimate Guide
First Date At Her Apartment – Ultimate Guide

1. The time

The first indication of a possible intention of the woman is the time of the date. Does she invite you to coffee and tea in the afternoon? Then you can assume with great certainty that she actually just wants to chat with you in a relaxed manner on the couch – of course, more is not excluded in this constellation.

Is it an evening date and she announces that she wants to combine the whole thing with a romantic meal? She may then have the feeling that she wants to intensify your getting to know each other and not just chat.

With both variants, it is of course crucial to interpreting the woman’s very individual signals. You can be sure that just like you, she has thought about the meeting in advance.

2. The outfit

The outfit should always be seen in connection with the time. She greets you in the afternoon in jeans and a T-shirt? You can assume that she feels comfortable with you and just wants to spend relaxing time together.

Is it an evening date in a chic dress by candlelight? Then the intention could well be to get closer to you not just in conversation.

But here, too, it is important to respond to the woman and simply accept the situation. Don’t rush into things or go out on the date overzealously. In the worst case, that could ruin the mood. This brings us to the next important point:

Your behavior – be yourself!

Clear! The first date in the woman’s apartment is exciting. For the woman but also for you. You know each other well enough to know that you like each other, but still too little to know the other person’s quirks and quirks. You may not have gotten very close physically either.

But even then – or especially then – it is important to always remain as authentic as possible. For the woman, it is often much more exciting because of the personal environment.

Things that apply to dates, in general, should therefore of course also apply to the first date at home. But we would like to briefly refresh these dos and don’ts in a small selection.

First Date At Her Apartment – Ultimate Guide.

Date behavior tips

Compliment her. Women are particularly impressed when they notice little things
Be attentive and responsive to the topics she addresses.
You also show interest by asking questions.
Be polite and courteous. Hold the door for her or offer to help.
Tell about yourself too. She also wants to know more about you.
Bring a little something to the date.
Playing on the mobile phone, tweeting, using Facebook, or even leaving the sound on is not possible at all.
Nagging and complaining never go down well with women.
It is not wise to give little or no attention to what they say.
Don’t make fun of them or their home or furnishings.
Don’t talk about your ex.
Don’t get lost in lengthy monologues about yourself and your

If you take these tips to heart, nothing stands in the way of a relaxed meeting in your apartment. So now is the time to think about what your apartment tells you about YOU. Because that is certainly a lot.

A woman’s apartment – a new level of getting to know each other

At no other point in your meeting can you learn so much about a person as when you visit their home. Therefore, we are now going into a few important points that should make it easier for you to filter out what is crucial for you.

Because an apartment also tells an incredible amount about the character of women, we will first introduce you to the most important types of apartments and their owners:

Apartment types and their owners

1. Clinically pure and sorted – the orderly one

The apartment looks clinically clean and you can see little personal information. Then the following comes into question: Either there was excessive cleaning and tidying away before the date for fear of revealing too much, or that is the actual permanent state. Now at the latest, you have to ask yourself where your own need for order and cleanliness lies. Do you feel good or would it be strange to always live in complete purity? If you are rather chaotic yourself, it would certainly be difficult to agree on living styles in the long term.

In this context, it is also important to think about whether the woman is also rather reserved and reserved in character – that is, reveals little about herself. In a relationship at the latest, this could become a problem.

2. cozy and open – the relaxed one

The apartment radiates warmth and invites you to sit comfortably on the couch. Maybe it’s not perfectly clean. But you immediately feel good. It is tidy and yet there is room for personal – perhaps chaotic – accents.

A cozy apartment is not only inviting for guests, but it also shows that the apartment owners are very likely to feel very comfortable there, be independent, and have no problem with being alone there from time to time.

3. chaotic and motley – the Chaotin

Screaming yellow walls, piano, and parrot in the kitchen, bicycle in the living room next to the easel. Certainly presented a little exaggerated. But this type of apartment tells us this:

The resident has varied interests, but maybe too many? She can’t focus, possibly in the relationship too? It is more chaotic and erratic than you could imagine before.

But maybe it also tells you that she is open to new things and keen to experiment, or that she is very adventurous and has already gained a lot of experience. If you are of course similarly knitted yourself and love versatility, this could be the perfect type of apartment.

Often it is the mix that makes it, of course, but maybe you can get some key clues from this.

Try to think about what type of apartment the potential partner might belong to before your date. Maybe you will be surprised and it will turn out to be the complete opposite.

What to look out for in the apartment

First Date At Her Apartment – Ultimate Guide.

1. Basics

As with people, the following applies to the apartment:

 “The first impression counts”.

The area and the house alone provide initial clues. Dirty and in a rather ugly neighborhood or maybe in a nice location near a park? Both radiate completely different things. Do you like to come to this area or do you have to overcome yourself? This is the question you should ask yourself.

When you finally enter the apartment, you often know within a few minutes whether you are comfortable or would rather go back quickly.

Order and cleanliness play a decisive role here. Odors and rubbish are likely to be a deterrent. No apartment has to look like it is uninhabited. Because those who overdo it often only try to keep up appearances. But a basic order is at least as inviting as basic comfort.

Perhaps the woman has already provided drinks or switched on soft music? That will certainly improve the mood and show that she has thought about it.

In addition, it is always worth taking a look at the bookshelf or the photos hung up. On the one hand, you have topics of conversation and you also notice whether there are other similarities that unite you. What is absolutely forbidden, however, is snooping in drawers and cupboards to track down personal items. If you’re caught, you’re more of a stalker than a potential lover.

2. Personal memories

A warning signal is definitely photos or objects that are still too reminiscent of the ex-partner. Of course, memorabilia are ok. You can also safely tolerate a photo of a holiday together.

But if there is a veritable flood of relationship relics and the toothbrush is possibly still in the bathroom, you should ask yourself whether the separation process for the two was far enough back.

3. Pets

No matter if dog, cat, or hamster. You should definitely find out beforehand whether she shares her apartment with an animal resident. Especially if you had a problem with that. Nothing would be more uncomfortable for you than having to go on the date with a runny nose and puffy eyes or not trusting the toilet for fear of the giant dog.

In contrast, you could also score particularly well if, in addition to a small present for the woman, you also have a treat for your favorite pet.

So it’s always worth being well prepared. Of course, this also and especially applies when looking into the bedroom.😉

4th bedroom

Of course, you should never just aim for the date to end in the bedroom. But of course, there is a possibility. It doesn’t matter whether you enter the bedroom during a tour of the apartment or with a clear goal. It says a lot.

First and foremost, it is a good sign if – like the rest of the apartment – it looks neat and inviting. A freshly made bed always looks pleasant. Ultimately, however, you have to decide for yourself what the absolute no-gos and wishes are for you.

Do you love mountains of cuddly toys or s@x toys? Then it’s great if one of the two is perhaps even decorative. 😉If you think that’s absolutely horrible, it’s more of a turnoff.

5. Kitchen and bathroom

The kitchen and bathroom are the most frequently used and therefore no less important. As for the rest of the apartment, both rooms should be at least thoroughly clean. Masses of dirty dishes, leftover food, empty (alcohol) bottles, and, in the worst case, mold in the kitchen do not make you want to cook together.

As for the bathroom, stinky toilets, piles of dirty laundry, and fancy hair in the sink are certainly not pleasant. Because sometime in the evening or in the afternoon you will go to the bathroom.

Since you now know exactly what to look out for in the apartment, we now come to the date itself and the corresponding entertainment program.

The real date – what can you do?

First Date At Her Apartment – Ultimate Guide.

These activities are ideal for apartment dates

If you meet in the apartment for the first time, it is wise to have a rough plan and not go on the date completely unprepared. The following activities will help you to have a successful meeting:

Cook or bake together

Cooking or baking together is much nicer than leaving all the work to the woman. You will surely be delighted with this idea. Not only is she not completely stressed out from the preparations before the start of the date, but you can also get closer to each other in a relaxed manner and always have a wealth of topics to talk about.

You mustn’t brag too much about (possibly nonexistent) cooking skills in advance. Also, state clearly what you like and what you don’t and, more importantly, whether you have allergies. Also, discuss who will get which ingredients.

If you set yourself too high goals that you cannot implement, in the worst case you will end up without dinner. That might be funny in hindsight. But if you can look each other deeply in the eye while eating together, there are of course advantages.

So you better not do experiments. Even if you choose pasta and pesto, the focus is on a common activity.

Watch a movie

The classic par excellence. What better way to get closer than by watching a movie together. You should of course leave the choice of films to the woman of the house. This will teach you about her taste in films and you won’t take the risk of picking a film that she finds absolutely cruel. Then it is more likely not to be with the relaxation.

If you don’t plan on cooking, offer to provide snacks or drinks. This shows that you are paying attention and want to do something good for her.

Talk to each other

The topics of conversation are of course also very important at an apartment date. You have much less distraction in this context than with dates in public places and you can deal with each other much more or discuss more personal topics.

Therefore, in the following section, we give you an overview of particularly successful topics of conversation for dates in the woman’s apartment. However, it is always important that the conversation is balanced. Don’t just talk about yourself, ask a lot and show interest in her and her life.

Topics of conversation for apartment dates

Since you’ve already got to know each other a little, you already know a lot about your date. You should definitely use that and build on it. Nothing is more uncomfortable than long silence. Here we would like to give you an overview of which topics are particularly suitable to deepen your relationship and let the conversation flow.

  • Family (mother, father, brother, sister, own family plans?)
  • (House) animals (former, current, …)
  • Preferences (drinks, food, sex, …)
  • “Do you like to … eat out, in clubs, in bars, to the cinema, to the hardware store, to go shopping?” And “Why?”
  • Destinations (visited and planned)
  • Hobbies and leisure activities (never forget to tell about your own hobbies)
  • Talk about things you see in photos, books on the shelf or the record collection, or preferred genre of movies

Don’t try to pretend to Engage with the partner and you’ll have a great date in her apartment.

Similar questions

The first date in his / her apartment. Is It All About Sex?

It’s not always all about sex. However, if it works for both, it shouldn’t be ruled out. No other place offers more privacy and time for togetherness.

What is important to men on a first date in your apartment?

If he’s interested in a real relationship, he’ll be just as excited as she is. It is important to him that both of them feel good and can enjoy the evening.

What can you do in the introductory phase?

Do what you both enjoy. In the beginning, public places are more suitable. Later, you might want to meet up at home and talk, cook, watch a movie, or kiss.


First Date At Her Apartment – Ultimate Guide. Even on a date in the woman’s apartment, you should always be open to your counterpart. Treat them the way you would like to be treated. She grants you access to her private living area, which is always a great vote of confidence.

Of course, you should deal with it accordingly. So be yourself, but do think about it beforehand. Do not plunge into the situation naively but be prepared and you can look forward to the date in a relaxed manner.

The calmer and more positive you go on the date, the more pleasant it will be for both of you and if you use our tips to help, you are on the best way to the dream date.

What do you think a woman would think of your apartment when she first walked into it?

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