First date with a girl and mistakes on it!

First date with a girl and mistakes on it! What kind of tricks men do not throw out at the first meetings.

Soon it will be possible to write a book “Dating – the road to nowhere and back.”

Well, it would seem!
Going on a date with a girl: what is the difficulty in this?

I remember my excitement when I was defending a qualifying thesis in graduate school. Here is where you can understand. Experience, strict unfamiliar professors in anticipation, directors of large companies, and before that – sleepless nights and a complete lack of understanding, why do I need all this, why did I fit into this? M-yes…

But, as it turns out, for some men it is easier to pass the exam than to have a pleasant and worthy first date.

Men amaze with their ingenuity and creativity of mistakes on the first date

Read and make sure you don’t. First date with a girl and mistakes on it!

Rudeness for causticity

The girl says some provocative phrase to you, and you are immediately offended and stand in a pose.

Well, of course! Display of the male ego.

“I’m a man! So what is she talking about? Yes, I already had a hundred like her. Now I’ll show her who’s the man here!

Oh, how I want to say something unpleasant in response too. But hold back. It’s too early to rush into battle, no one is at war with you. For the most part, girls “insert hairpins” to see just your reaction. Do you control yourself, how much you control yourself, how you relate to extremes, and whether you know how to bring counterparts to the wave of conversation you need.

Girls don’t care what you answer and how. Do you want to be a winner? Show that you understand her provocation with a condescending smile.

Shall we touch?

The guy is filled with a story about his life and other interesting events on a planetary scale or country for about 2 hours.

And then, suddenly, unexpectedly (well, how unexpectedly, exactly 2 hours after the meeting), he begins to touch the girl by the knee.
Let’s burn out all her desire.

It’s so consistent and logical: to sit for several hours to snuggle up to her! Sexual transition, yes.

How else? Girls, on the other hand, love cool and unpredictable machos – that’s who you are.

You put your hand on your shoulders, then lower, lower, stroking, and with a straight face, you tell about how you were chosen as a member of the delegation to the sandpit in the neighboring region.

And what is the result?
What’s with the girl’s face?

She’s in a nasty mood and you think, “Come on, smile! You and the alpha are on a date!” – you heard about dominance at a fashion webinar, it should work.

All women are…

Who asked her to ask a question about the former?
Well, everyone, let’s go! Do not hold back, express all your grievances against women!

Tell us what your past love really turned out to be, and how she masterfully endured the brain.
The girl will be interested.

She will especially like your conclusions that there are no more normal girls left.

First date with a girl and mistakes on it!

It’s hard for a man to live in Russia, you have to take care of them

And that people around are mercantile and deceitful, don’t forget about that either.
That they don’t appreciate it at work, that they are loaded with meaningless tasks at school, that only a computer is interesting to friends, that they cheat in stores and inflate prices, they wind it up in a car service for nothing.

In short, life is hard.
It’s all the government’s fault! Or Putin. Or Americans, whatever. Or all together.

Do you think this characterizes you as an interesting man? More like a suffering man. From which you want to run away.

Everything should be easy

On a date, drag her to a nearby cafe.
Why all these troubles with the place, sofas, atmosphere?

The subway has a good cheburek opposite, and that’s enough. First date anyway. And if things don’t go further, and you spend money?

Everyone knows that if a girl has feelings for you, then the surroundings are not important to her, as long as she is next to you. Well, yes, you read it, you know.
And if she shows dissatisfaction or offers another more difficult option, then it is of poor quality, we cross it out.

And in general – everything should be easy!
Difficulties say that these girls are not yours. Or girls in general.

hero in bed

“Do you know that some ex-girlfriends still call me, invite me to their place for the night? Although we broke up a few years ago and they have another boyfriend.”

“If we go to my place, tomorrow you won’t be able to walk normally”

“Masha has been married for a long time, but she keeps telling me how she can’t forget our stormy nights.”

And the girl sits so stupid and does not understand what happiness has fallen to her. Dear men, almost 95% of your brother under 60 is quite good fellows and can please the woman they like. But to hear about how you elevate this ability to the rank of a feat is vulgar and absurd.

My woman

The first meeting and you must immediately put all the points over i. Voice it to your lady right from the doorstep. Your woman:

– I do not smoke;
– does not swear;
– does not drink;
Don’t raise your voice to a man…

As you unroll your scroll of parchment to read out the complete list, you can see the girl leaving from the corner of your eye.

That’s where she belongs. A woman should know her rights and obligations, otherwise, how can one build such an independent relationship with her? First date with a girl and mistakes on it!

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