First date with a man – advice from a psychologist on how to behave?

First date with a man – advice from a psychologist on how to behave? You love dating so much that you can’t wait to meet. But the behavior of a man on a date makes you think a lot.

Do you really like him? Does he want to continue? Does he take your relationship seriously? These and many other questions may be spinning in your head. Let’s try to figure it out.

Suspicious behavior

What is it about? Certain behavior may indicate that you are not very interested in a man or he does not have a desire to prod. Some behavior may indicate the characteristics of his character and personality type. What is this behavior?

  • He invited me to the cheapest cafe

Maybe you’re used to a different level. And when I met a man, I didn’t assume that he was greedy or not secure. No, such behavior of a man may also indicate that he decided to test you. How important is the financial component in a relationship to you? Be careful.

  • Asking about ex

This behavior can be viewed in different ways. On the one hand, he is interested in you and your past. For him, it may be important how you feel about men, whether you consider the former scoundrels or whether you treat senivazh senivazh. No, it’s drug storage, but it’s not necessary to know where it is and some of the space is there.

If a man invited himself and your meeting does not involve business communication, then he must pay. But some men believe that if they share the bill, then by doing so you will not owe them anything. To the extent that the building is divided into two parts of the world. No, that’s what it’s worth.

And it’s good if a friend, not a mother or girlfriend. But in any case, this is wrong. And either the man is not confident in himself, or your meeting is not important for him. Or maybe he already regretted inviting you, but it was difficult for him to call and cancel the meeting.

  • Compulsively touches you

He is so attracted to you. No button is in front of the window and it is not necessary for the touchpad of the tactile contact. For you, hugging may be the next stage of your communication, but first, you would like to get to know each other.

What does a man think about on a first date?

Any of these situations can be awkward for you. Or maybe you want to run away. No how else can you react on a date with a man when you don’t like something.

Your reaction to the man’s behavior

Definitely, the behavior of a man can be very different. But if his behavior is intrusive, you may not like it. Then it’s better:

  • Be open about what makes you uncomfortable
  • Express a desire to stop a particular topic of conversation
  • Remove the man’s hand if not ready for tactile contact
  • If you don’t like the division of the score, you can openly say it, and not hush up or leave the goy
  • Leave in the middle of a date and not think about his feelings

At first glance, these tips may seem very rude, but on the other hand, when your personal boundaries are violated, you need to respond to them. You can always express your dissatisfaction delicately, but talking about what you don’t like is very important.

Can you think of a way to project on a project?

  • He dressed funny

A man may try so hard to impress that he decides to dress in his best and more. No postage by taking it to the requested location, and to the extent that it is on the other hand. After all, perhaps he likes you so much that he could not control his feelings and decided in this way to show off.

  • He can’t say a word

In this case, there are two options. Either te emu nravashishshi, or so sem not, and one wants to end your meeting quickly. If he likes you, then he is simply afraid to say an extra word that will upset you or put him in a bad light. He’s just worried. You can help him relax and build a confidential conversation.

  • He won’t let you say anything

You just can’t get your word in. He talks incessantly about himself, about life, and about how this world works. And he doesn’t ask anything about you. In this case, too, do not rush to conclude. Either he’s too worried, or he’s a narcissist.

In the latter case, it is up to you to decide whether this type of man suits you. But If You don’t like the way He talks about everything Except you or You, You can stop Him and talk about What’s bothering you.

  • No need to provoke it

He may think that you are so independent, that you will not like such a gesture on his part. He may just forget about doing it or just get confused.

Therefore, if you would like to be escorted home, you can offer this option yourself. And if after that the man refuses, then most likely he does not consider your relationship a continuation.

A little about you and him

Whatever your date, it is very important to tell each other about what worked and what did not. That is what you want in most countries, so you can buy it now, in the available box.

So, you can no longer make the mistakes that happened on this date. To be able to distribute what is needed in the production, to the extent that the blood must be used. Be frank. No matter how your communication develops, you will feel that you did everything you could.

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