100 Flirty Text Messages To Make Him Think About You

100 Flirty Text Messages To Make Him Think About You
100 Flirty Text Messages To Make Him Think About You

Catching SMS to a man that will make him think of you or flirty text messages to make him think about you. Contrary to the cynical opinion, men love tenderness and sentiment no less than romantic ladies. Whisper an affectionate word in his ear, show your care and desire to wrap you in warmth. Lure in a secret or offer an unintelligible riddle – and the man will definitely invite you on the next date in order to stay close forever.

Without wasting any of your time anymore, we present 100 flirty text messages to send a guy you like to make him think about you that will be remembered by the future partner.

Best Flirty Text Messages To Make Him Think About You

1. My day becomes special when you are near;

2. Strange, but I remember you when it rains outside the window;

3. Plain coffee has never tasted so good;

4. Your words have comforted me – now I want to become your consolation;

5. You are the first person with whom I like to be silent;

6. Love or not, I only want to watch movies with you;

7. Without you, the world turns into a black and white film, and even without subtitles;

8. You have opened up a feeling in me that is difficult to define;

9. We have not known each other for long, but I already trust you;

10. I like that next to you I feel peace;

11. You can tell about your problems – I am a good listener and advisor;

12. Stop being so cool, I can’t resist;

13. Did you know that your eyes sparkle in the sun?

14. I do not believe in eternal love, but I would try with you;

15. You are incredibly attractive when you work on your laptop;

16. What do you say if I start taking care of you?

17. I drew in my head our next meeting. Guess what she is?

18. I miss. Maybe the rain is to blame, or maybe you;

19. Let’s make yesterday’s cafe our secret bunker to hide from trouble together?

20. I didn’t know that your smile would take me so far…

Texts to Make Him Think About You All Day

21. I love your SMS, but only at a personal meeting I can touch and see the eyes;

22. I dreamed of what you will do about it?

23. I’m in a good mood, and it’s all thanks to you;

24. You know, you are far from a gentle person, but I like it;

25. You know, your lips are so …

26. You are good in this suit, and my thoughts go to the wrong place …

27. You are space. And we have not reached bed yet;

28. You helped me, and I want to fulfill your desire … any;

29. I get goosebumps from your voice, stop parading the horror maniacs;

30. I like it when a fortress is taken by storm, and not awaited under siege …

31. I love our meetings. I’ll arrange the next one;

32. I will keep this memory for a long time, and I hope that it also became important for you;

33. I admire your gallantry, before only my father was as gentle with me;

34. You are incredibly attractive when you frown;

35. Your humor conquers me, and at the same time knocks me off my feet;

36. You keep me warm on cold days, and I’m not talking about a borrowed jacket that I won’t return;

37. You have something that many men lack. I was waiting for this …

38. I think I know who I’m going on a date with today. And with whom will you go;

39. I want to kidnap you for the evening, and perhaps not for one;

40. There is something that I think about all day … but it would be worthwhile about work;

Flirty Texts for Him: Fun, Cute Text Messages He’ll Love

41. I know what to do to make you smile;

42. Suddenly I remembered how tempting your big hands look;

43. I can get fired because one person doesn’t get out of my head;

44. I saw you in a dream … a pervert;

45. Coffee doesn’t warm me at all. Can meet?

46. The days before we meet are turning into hell. Maybe because I work on weekdays?

47. I do not want to share you with work, so promise that you will come to your thoughts only in the evening;

48. I’m jealous … How can you eat so much and not get fat?

49. Do you want me to reveal a secret? But you have to ask hard;

50. Your touches make you tremble … My hands are very cold;

51. I am sure you are a gift sent from above to drag me out of work and take me to the sea;

52. I wouldn’t mind having lunch with someone every day. And have supper;

53. I miss your company, I seem to become addicted to these stupid jokes;

54. I don’t know why, but now I really want to hug you;

55. I love the way you overcome difficulties. I want to learn from you;

56. Remember me when you want a serious relationship … Well, there, beer, chicken, and TV;

57. I didn’t think that an evening with you would bring me so many miracles;

58. I almost believed you were a magician, because the day was wonderful;

59. You make my life more fun even at a distance … I constantly remember that stupid situation;

60. Lately, I’ve been thinking about you and feeling like a pervert;

Flirty Texts for Him to Make Him Want You

61. You will succeed … You will succeed in snatching me today on a date from the clutches of a fire-breathing deadline;

62. You are the first to whom I showed my favorite place. I hope you will love him as I once did;

63. Next to you I see a new meaning in life … another victim of my sarcasm;

64. You seem to guess my desires. May I try it too?

65. Only you can make me laugh when I’m sad;

66. You are so similar to my ideal that I advise you to run away from me as quickly as possible;

67. You have a kind heart, but I want to get to know your soul better;

68. You are very charming, I am already afraid to look at you;

69. I’m glad I met you. Life before you was pretty boring and predictable;

70. You make you feel weak. This is dangerous for you …

71. Can I lean on your strong shoulder? I just want to lie down, take a break from the hustle and bustle;

72. You are the only one next to whom I do not pretend to be different;

73. You excite me … I have never chosen a dress for a date for more than three hours;

74. I want you to myself … to choose good films;

75. You have broad shoulders. I wonder if they are comfortable to sleep on?

76. If I go to the sea, I will only take you with me … and a bottle of wine, of course;

77. Your shrewdness annoys me … but go on;

78. I didn’t know you had “those” talents;

79. I can’t forget our night together … the stars were as bright as your eyes;

80. Near you, even an old cafe looks like something new and mysterious;

Flirty Text Messages to Make Him Miss You Like Crazy!

81. If you go on a journey, where will you take me?

82. It looks like we both love books. Do you want to guess your favorite?

83. I bet you were a prankster as a child … and now you haven’t changed at all;

84. It’s always fun with you. Can kidnap you at your leisure?

85. Seeing you makes me feel hot … or I want to laugh, and sometimes hit;

86. My day was better when I saw you. Appear before me more often;

87. When you smile, my worries fade into the background. I wonder what will happen if you look at yourself constantly?

88. I learned something indecent about you, I will sell information for a great price;

89. It’s not easy for me to say this … but you owe me coffee, thief;

90. With your appearance, I have many more desires, and not all of them are innocent;

91. When I eat something sweet, I always remember you;

92. I’m ready to get close to you right now … it’s so cold outside;

93. I was lucky to meet you … at heart he is still a maniac, of course, but you look decent;

94. Only you will quench my thirst … for evening walks and ice cream;

95. It’s autumn now, and without your humor, I quickly fade away;

96. I want to fulfill your wish, so that later you will fulfill mine. Chur, only I make obscenities;

97. I got scolded at work. But here’s the strangeness, remembering you, I calmed down;

98. Let’s meet to cheer each other up;

99. Spring has come, we ought to meet to wipe the nose of these sugary couples.

Flirty Text Messages for Him


The main thing is to remember that you always need to remain yourself: talk about important things, even if they may seem stupid to others, and not be ashamed of the most immodest desires – most men will only be delighted with the cute “tigress”. In return for honesty, you will either get your man or find someone even more valuable. Using our templates, combine with your own thoughts and get the perfect SMS or text messages that will suit you 100%.

You should not impose on a man and try to occupy all of his personal space. It is necessary to be able to distinguish between different areas of life. Catching or flirting SMS to a man is a good way to remind you of yourself, but you don’t need to abuse it. Many guys are not in vain so afraid to enter into a relationship: they vitally need the opportunity to rest from their partner, while many girls forget about it. Therefore, typing another catchy text message to a man – think about whether you sent too many of them in a day. Sometimes silence and prolonged intrigue is the best way to make a man think of you.

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