Forget your ex girlfriend! 7 tips to help you

Forget your ex-girlfriend! 7 tips to help you. Life is complex and unpredictable. She especially exercises wit over relationships. Surprises in the form of unexpected breakups are her favorite feature. In the evening, you eat pizza, and the next day, “love has passed – the tomatoes have withered.” Well, the “breakup survivor” quest is the apotheosis of all her entertainment.

Forget your ex girlfriend! 7 tips to help you.

loss fever

You know, you’re not the first, and you won’t be the last. Millions of people are breaking up. And they do it more than once. Even if you laid far-reaching plans on her, you will have to come to terms with the fact that you are in flight. And before you start to decompose on the couch and lose the remnants of your mind, think about this: everything that is not done is for the better! Think for yourself what your life will turn into if there is a person nearby who can hardly stand you. And if there is another hussar in her heart? Will you endure? Of course not! Therefore, we begin to forget …

People have long ago developed an algorithm of actions. We will act like this:

  • Getting rid of the past
  • Changing attitude to what is happening
  • We clean the mind
  • We take the ass in a handful
  • Upgrading ourselves

To begin with, be prepared for the fact that no one will give you a “magic pill”. But the “magic pendal” with pleasure. You fell in love, of course, in 6 seconds, it will take longer to amputate the love. But enough talk, let’s get started.

Getting rid of the past

No matter how the toad strangles you, you will have to remove everything that may remind you of your former passion. The hand does not rise, the heart aches, the tears choke, and the throat intercepts. Yes, the classic symptoms of loss. Delete everything: photos, sets of panties and socks that you received on February 23 and other gifts, all phone numbers. Block all contacts in social networks, in the phone book. You will have to go through all the friends, delete the common ones if their loss is not a disaster and close access to your page.

As soon as you have performed administrative actions, proceed to economic ones. Rag, water, vacuum cleaner. You must do a general cleaning. To lick the apartment so that not a single hair of the former is left. And wash all the linen to get rid of the smell of perfume. Believe me, while you are furiously scrubbing your deck, taking out boxes with its “tails” and burning memorable waste paper, the first pain will begin to dull. You can’t do it in one day anyway. And the longer you are in a distracted state, the better for you.

Changing attitude to what is happening

Popular wisdom says: “You can’t change the situation, change your attitude towards it.” Take a pencil and a sheet of paper and start to remember. Just not the positives. Start with the negative. Write everything you remember. All her grievances, all her quirks and tantrums. Write down everything that you didn’t like about her, annoyed, infuriated. Right on the points, starting from the first day of acquaintance. Just don’t say she was perfect. Was not. Nobody is perfect, everyone has flaws.

When you’re done, listen to yourself. What emotions did you have when you wrote your essay? Hardly rosy… And now write down the positive qualities. But there is one caveat: you have to record really powerful moments. Well, for example, you say that she is incredibly kind and sympathetic and consider this quality one of the most important. And if at the same time she has the figure of Dunya the tramwoman, would this quality be important to you? Knows how to cook? Well, every second can wave a ladle, that’s not it. Understood? Well? How many points did you get? Yeah, much less than the negative ones. Do you catch what monster fate has saved you from? So say “thank you” for being alive! And one more little moment. In less than a week, you will see that your wallet is still full of money. A very important point, very.

We clean the mind

There are a lot of thoughts in your head right now. And they are all related to your madam. You need to get rid of them. Remember what you could not do lately due to the distraction of attention in her direction? Maybe your session hangs or the quarterly report does not converge? Well, get down to business. Otherwise, your ex will lower you even deeper to the bottom. If there is nothing like that, go through all the pending tasks in your memory and start doing them. Want to learn Japanese? Teach! Dreamed of going to America? Start collecting documents. The more you load yourself, the less time will be left to indulge in melancholy. And try not to be alone with your thoughts. He is such a brain, he loves to “turn on the fool” and slip the next nasty things in the form of “rotten” memories.

Stay calm and carry on

The most important thing in the process of forgetting is not to give yourself time for moral decay. As much as you don’t want to go with the guys to the nearest bar and pick up the “light” girl, you should not do this. No, in principle, you can go into the lead at some point. But not at the very beginning of the breakup. I’ll explain why.

The thing is that in the first days, complete devastation reigns in the head. And you think that such behavior will help you forget your ex. But it is not. The brain needs time to rethink and realize what is happening. And as long as you create a smoke screen of clubs, girls, football and beer, you cannot go through this stage of partial recovery. Then you will run out of opportunities and time to have fun like that, and at least a month will pass, and you will fall into depression.

Calculate for yourself: it takes about a week to realize, no more. For parties for almost a month, or even more. In the first case, you spend no more than two weeks on everything about everything. In the second – 2 months, or even more. I think that you yourself are not interested in spending so much time on psychological abysses. A little “hairpin”: does the toad not press you on the topic of the fact that you gave her some period of your life, she did not appreciate it, and finally grabbed a couple of months? Agree that in general garbage is unhealthy.

Upgrading ourselves

For the most part, this point somewhat repeats everything that was said above. But let’s take a closer look.

So, you need to delve into yourself and remember all your desires and dreams. Your hobbies, your goals. Admit that you gave up a lot when you tied yourself hand and foot with this relationship. It’s time to return to them. Stomp into the hall, because most likely, you added five kilograms from your heels while you lived with her. It’s time to get yourself back in shape. Buy yourself what you’ve been putting off for so long. It’s a paradox, but when a man or woman counts only on themselves, they have enough finances.

As soon as they decide to start a joint household, they fall under the influence of a strange illusion: there are two salaries, but no money. And if the mamzel doesn’t work? You, as a man, take on its maintenance. As a result, money is melting at a catastrophic rate. Moreover, there are practically no favorite nishtyakov left for themselves. Sadness … But as soon as the girl disappears, oh, a miracle, the money is back in place!


All your hobbies require financial costs. The money is back, so nothing prevents you from doing interesting things. Yes, and still time wagon and a small cart!

We put an end

If you have diligently applied all the rules that have just been described, you can put an end to the “i”. Say a huge thank you to your ex for making you a better person. I’ll explain now. When we are in a relationship with someone, we unconsciously nurture each other. But for another person!

Look what happens: all people are different, everyone has their own cockroaches. Our partner starts talking about mistakes and manages to prove that this is so. Plus, we become wiser and more experienced as we go through a series of conflicts. This is how we educate a partner and educate ourselves. When a couple breaks up, after some time, each enters into a new relationship. And he comes to them with the experience and baggage that he acquired in the previous ones. And you know what the new partner says? He does not understand how it was possible to throw such a “sun”. For this, thank the former, for the fact that you have become the “sunshine” for someone.

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